Gym classes and nutrition classes are well and good, but associating being healthy with another thing to learn probably won’t gear the students towards health and fitness habits. On the other hand, fun school assemblies or health and fitness workshops can make learning about a healthy lifestyle fun. Learning while being entertained is far easier for a kid than sitting and taking an exam. While health and gym classes are necessary to make sure our community grows up healthy, don’t forget the positive impact of school assemblies. 

Let’s take a look at 3 of our health and fitness school assemblies to get your students top-notch!

The bFit Show

Nothing gets students engaged in health and fitness school assemblies quite like Brian Richards. He uses magic, comedy, and audience participation to teach students about wellness. His show is broken up into parts like the bFueled segment, where students learn about nutrient and the importance of whole grains, water, fruits, and vegetables. Following that, Brian begins bActive where he teaches kids how the body needs 60 minutes of exercise every day. Don’t worry, he doesn’t mean a solid hour, why not break it up into fun activities? 

The program itself lasts 45 minutes and encourages creative fitness, coming up with new ways to keep our bodies healthy and in tip-top shape. A great way to reach kids instead of teaching “how many push-ups can you do?”. Break-up the regiment with fun health and fitness school assemblies.  

If you’re looking for a holistic approach to health and fitness school assemblies, The bFit Show may be for you. 

BMX Stunt Show

Nothing wrong with getting the kids riled up during health and fitness school assemblies, the excitement can get them enthralled with exercise. This outdoor program discusses a drug and tobacco-free life, anti-bullying, bicycle safety, and of course, healthy living. At the end of the show, the BMX crew does a series of freestyle BMX performances to further demonstrate what healthy living can help students achieve. 

Different riders switch between speaking about wellness and bring in their own ramps for stunts that will blow the student’s minds. It’s an incredible show filled with high-flying tricks that impart health and fitness wisdom.

If you’re looking for exciting and thrill-filled health and fitness school assemblies with a myriad of messages, try the BMX Stunt Show!

Magic of 5-A-Day

Needing health and fitness school assemblies that shows how wellness works in every day? Look no further than 5-A-Day! A 45-minute elementary school assembly that teaches younger students what they need to know to get a head start in being healthy all their life. This program features a 5-A-Day challenge and pledge as well as a Nutrition Magician that shows the importance of taking care of one’s body.  Using colors, magic, comedy, and easy to explain wellness knowledge, Brian Richards gives a great show that can shape the health of our youngsters.

A well-rounded program, the 5-A-Day teaches that being healthy is about the right foods as well as getting enough exercise. Going through the five healthy foods that benefit bones and teeth, eyes and the immune system, from good digestion to a better brain, Brian covers it all. 

If you’re looking for health and fitness school assembles that speaks to elementary schools, then this is the show for you!

Health and Fitness School Assemblies that Work!

While Academic Entertainment has a myriad of health and fitness school assemblies, the three above are a well-rounded sample of how you can educate students on wellness at school. From magic shows to exciting BMX performances, it comes down to the age group and what kind of students you’re educating. You know your community best and we trust that no matter what health and fitness school assemblies you choose, it’ll be a life-saving event for your students.

Make sure to explore our other health and fitness school assembly programs to find the right choice for your students. If you can’t decide, perhaps different programs for different age groups. We all know how refreshers are needed throughout life. 

Health and wellness are an important and lifelong lesson but, that doesn’t mean it can’t be a fun one!