National Virtual Game Showdown

A National Competition that combines team spirit, character education, and curriculum enforcement into one program!


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In this challenging time for education, we know how it important it is to be able to bring school communities together to laugh, play, compete, and enjoy connections.

That’s why we’re bringing you the National Virtual Game Showdown! It’s similar to the school-based Virtual Game Show, but the National Showdown will be different in a few ways.

  • This is a national competition, so your school will be competing with 15 other schools from around the country!
  • The 16 schools will fill a “Sweet 16” style bracket, with eight first round games, two second round games, two semi-final games, and finally, the Showdown Championship!

The grand prize will be a FREE Virtual Game Show for your school, OR, the return of your entry fee, AND a trophy for your school (regardless of which prize you pick). Here’s how it works:

Your elementary school will compete against one other elementary school in a virtual game show. Each school will be assigned a team color, Red or Blue. Each school will select 10 students from each grade to be the contestants.

  • Contestants will log-in to the Zoom Meeting provided by The Virtual Game Show Host.
  • The rest of each schools students will watch the Virtual Game Showdown on an unlisted, private YouTube link.
  • As your school advances through the Tournament, you may select 10 new students from each grade to be contestants.
  • Zoom only. The tournament cannot run on an alternate platform.

Each Game Showdown will be 45 minutes.

  • There will be eight (8) rounds of five (5) questions per round. Questions will be a mix of curriculum, audio, video, puzzles, etc.
  • Schools will be asked to provide three (3) curriculum based questions per grade, which will be mixed in throughout each Showdown by the Game Show host.
  • Physical challenges will be a part of the Showdown

Tournament Dates will be assigned as we’re able to sign up Schools to compete. Tentative dates will be:

  • First Round – February 23, 25 and March 2, 4 (4 schools each date. AM/AM, PM/PM.) (We will do our best to begin by matching competing schools in similar Time Zones. As your school progresses, Showdown Times will be set to be most accommodating to both schools, during the school day, even if in different time zones (i.e. 10am Pacific = 1pm Eastern).)
  • Second Round – March 9, 11 (4 schools each date, AM/AM, PM/PM.)
  • Third Round – March 16 (4 schools, either AM and/or PM)
  • Final Round – March 23

Schools will be required to contribute a single entry fee that will cover your school throughout the entire tournament. The Winner has the option to have their entry fee returned, or to schedule a Virtual Game Show for all students in their school.

Contact us to inquire about the entry fee and to REGISTER YOUR SCHOOL NOW!

Game Tourney Bracket March 2021