The Physics Experience

EXPERIENCE Physics like never before! The Physics Experience school assembly shows students how things move, how they push and pull on each other, and how they exchange energy in a fun and engaging way.

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Age Range: K-12

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K-12 Virtual Physics Assembly

EXPERIENCE Physics like never before! Physics is the science that studies how the natural world works. The Physics Experience school assembly will study how things move, how they push and pull on each other, and how they exchange energy. The Physics Experience is a fast-paced, engaging, and educational physics assembly, filled with demonstrations that help youth better understand the physics in the world around them, while having fun at the same time!  Topics include Newton’s Laws, Energy, Heat, Light, Magnetism, Lenz’ Law, Electricity, why understanding physics is important, and more!

During The Physics Experience assembly show, demonstrations are presented that cover the six main areas of classical science. Motion, Heat, Sound, Electricity, Magnetism and Light.

The Physics Experience is based on a popular travelling presentation from the physics department at UW-Madison called Wonders of Physics. Since 1984, Wonders of Physics has performed for, entertained, and educated tens of thousands of students, families, and people within the general public.  It’s great for any age group and works well with a variety of different age ranges.

Every Physics Experience science school assembly includes engaging, educational, and entertaining demonstrations of light, motion, heat, sound, electricity, modern physics, plasma, magnetism, and much more. Educational content includes:

  • Hovercraft experiment demonstration of Newton’s Laws
  • Sports Physics – movement and motion
  • Air Cannon using Liquid Nitrogen
  • Transfer of Heat, Transfer of Energy, and The Atom Dance
  • The Lighting Match
  • Parabolic Reflectors
  • Properties of Light, of Energy, and Energy versus Color using a Prism
  • Safety with Science, Lasers, and Physics
  • Uses of Physics today with glow screen and laser painting
  • Magnets and Magnetism
  • Electricity experiments with Tesla coils and an Ethanol cannon
  • Lenz’s Law demonstrations with a Ring Launcher
  • PLUS: Why the understanding of physics studies are so important!

Inspire, Educate and Entertain your Students with The Physics Experience! A Fantastic Physics Assembly for elementary, middle, and even high schools!

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