Superhero Math

Elementary math school assembly grabs attention of students and sparks their imaginations.

In-Person School Assembly!

Age Range: K-6

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Be a Math Superhero! Imagine learning math from a Superhero… What do you get when all the fun stuff that’s included with a TV game show—zany games, super cool stunts and hilarious jokes—combines with K-6th grade math terms and lessons? You get “Superhero Math,” an elementary math school assembly that will grab your students’ attention and spark their imaginations.

In this Math School Assembly for Elementary Schools, your K-6 students will meet an actual Superhero who shrinks down to just eight inches tall as your students participate in measurement games.  The spandex-wearing Superhero will also divide into ninths as your students learn about fractions.  Finally, this funny superhero sidekick will geometrically vanish into a shape-filled puzzle!

Plus, after 14 students participate live in front of the entire audience, every student in the crowd will take home a super-secret instruction sheet. Using this set of instructions and the fun math lessons they learned, students will have the ability to show their families that the actual mathematics superhero is living with them!

Jammed with Learning…For Younger Students: Patterns, shapes, topological puzzles | Odd and even numbers | Sorting and estimating | Standard and non-standard forms of measurement | Introduction to fractions

For Older Students: Area, volume, and perimeter | Probability, possibility and odds | Fractions and symmetry | Simple logic and reasoning | Tangrams and geometry | Mental math

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