Video Showcase


Academic Entertainment Showcase #2 09/21/2021 & 09/22/2021

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Watch the BEST Virtual and In-Person School Assembly Shows available Nationwide! Academic Entertainment’s Second Annual VIrtual Showcase for the 2021-2022 School year took place over the course of two nights. In this video you can watch the entire showcase from start to finish, or use the chapters at the bottom of the video to jump to specific performers you’d like to preview!

Academic Entertainment Virtual Showcase Line-up

00:00:00 AE Showcase Night One – Introduction
00:01:50 Virtual Music Technology with Brent Daniels
00:09:45 Wacky Science, Side-by-Side Science
00:18:01 Tales From A Bicycle Seat
00:25:30 Corey The Dribbler
00:30:52 Adventures in Reading
00:35:44 Unique Game Shows
00:43:45 Zonda Dance
00:52:16 The Laugh Factory
00:59:05 The Paper Airplane Guy
01:05:07 Diversity Circus, Mystery of the Character Surprise, etc.
01:13:45 Virtual Music For Movie Trailers
01:21:31 Audience Q & A (Night One)

01:34:01 AE Showcase Night Two – Introduction
01:35:34 Dare to Draw with Mark Kistler
01:44:16 Math Magical
01:51:44 123 Andrés
02:00:28 Art of Inspiration with Richard Hight
02:05:29 The bGreat Show / The Magic of Reading
02:15:05 Crystal Clear Science
02:26:57 Diversity of Dance
02:33:49 The bFit Show / The Magic of 5-A-Day
02:41:58 The Physics Experience
02:54:03 The Funny Magic Show
03:03:24 Audience Q & A (Night Two)

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