School Assembly Ideas for Spring, Summer and Winter Breaks

School Assembly Ideas for Spring, Summer and Winter Breaks

You may think coming up with school assemblies ideas before a break isn't the right time. It can be difficult to get kids to continue focusing on their studies when a break is approaching and you may think it's the wrong time. More times than not, they've already checked out and are just punching the clock until vacation. It seems counter-intuitive but, this is exactly the time to plan out school assembly ideas for a summer or winter break

If the goal is to get students to refocus in school instead of concentrating on the break, school assemblies ideas can be built around that. Here are 3 reasons why having some school assemblies ideas before a break can help achieve that ever-elusive student focus.

1: Lets out that pent up energy and excitement

You remember how it is just before summer or winter break, you're full of energy and ready to enjoy the time off. The student's anticipation is coming out via ignoring their studies or disrupting classes. If these are middle school or high school students, then they don't have the advantage of recess to let it out. 

That is where some school assemblies ideas for summer break come in. Since summer is all about being outside, high-energy days, and a long time off, you can plan your assembly around similar activities. Why not some health and fitness school assemblies ideas? 

Programs like Zonda Kids Dance will quickly expel all that pent-up energy and teach the students about their wellness too. It's fun, geared towards the energetic, and will quickly get them to forget that winter or summer break is around the corner. 

2: Opportunity for Acknowledgement

School assemblies ideas for summer break are a good time to acknowledge all the hard work your students have done this year. Part of the reason kids get excited to be out of school for all those months is so they don't have to work. Part of the solution for that is to show the students their efforts and success will be rewarded.  

This is also a good framework for some school assemblies for winter break too. A reminder that if they keep paying attention, studying, and doing the homework that they'll continue succeeding. Sometimes you need to remind people that they are getting somewhere so they don't focus on not working.

Try an award show, pick different categories beyond who got the highest scores. You want to reach as many students as possible and get them all to focus back on school.

3: A Lesson without Class

Another tactic to use while formulating school assemblies' ideas is if the kids are too excited to learn, have them learn without knowing it. A lot of school assemblies are lessons in action, for example, there is the Music Technology School show. Students can learn about music, create some of their own, and learn about the technology behind it. 

By the time of a winter or summer break, students feel burned out and partially because they know a vacation is coming. So, give them a break while continuing a lesson. It can be a hard science like chemistry, such as the Crystal Clear Science assembly. The show tackles subjects from steam power to climate change and references things students find fun and familiar, like the Star Wars franchise. 

Learning isn't always done in a classroom and that is your opportunity to start a list of school assemblies ideas.

No Matter the Season

The only thing that changes between school assemblies ideas for winter break or summer break is the weather. Either way, the students think learning and working time is over. Let them think that while you sneak more education into their day. You remember how it was when you were a student, getting a very long weekend. Excited and eager, unable to focus on the lesson at hand because you knew you had time to figure it out. As an adult, you know they won't get to it over the break and so a school assembly can mitigate the lack of class. 

Go ahead and plan a sit down to discuss school assemblies ideas, it doesn't have to be put off like tests are about to be. Education isn't purely homework and classes anyways. Who knows, maybe one of the ideas you have spark a lifelong interest in a student or have them change their health habits. 

If you need any help planning a school assembly or choosing one appropriate for your students, we're always happy to help figure out what is best for you and the school. 

Enjoy the vacation! You need it too.