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Brandon Lee White delivers a high-energy, entertaining, and effective anti-bullying and character education program for youth!

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Youth Mover - Facing Fear

Youth Mover, Brandon Lee White, delivers a high-energy, entertaining, and effective anti-bullying and character education program for youth. Any of Brandon’s assembly speeches, leadership trainings, and workshops can be modified to online/skype (with the exception of the dance workshop). A Skype-talk with Student Council leadership, etc. New--Facing Fear! A student’s ability to face fear and develop resilience in times of crisis largely impacts their overall health and success in life. Facing Fear teaches students the following:

- Develop a positive mindset for negative circumstances.
- Build confidence through action in times of uncertainty.
- Utilize resources around you and within you to overcome.
- Learn to respond rather than react. - Develop a plan for future adversity.
- Become a leader in times of crisis to help others.
(All students will receive a free summary PDF at the end of each presentation.)

• Zoom
• Up to 400 students
• Please divide large schools of students into split grades, ex. K-2, 3-5, so the presenter may target content and delivery to the appropriate age group

Youth Mover, Brandon Lee White, delivers a high-energy, entertaining, and effective anti-bullying and character education program for youth across the country. As a professional ballroom dance instructor and motivational youth speaker, Brandon incorporates "teamwork, courage, character, self-discipline, exercise, and anti-bullying" into his leadership school assemblies and workshops. Brandon's full-package motivational presentation will make your students laugh, think, and grow!

Choose from two versions for Motivational Assembly Speeches: Super Students for elementary grades or Own It! for middle/high school. Or ask about Brandon's In-School Activities: Dance workshops, personality tests, leadership training or Own It Day.

Get your students up and participating!

For nearly a decade, Brandon has received top reviews from K-12 schools for his character-based leadership and anti-bullying presentations, which include dancing, acting, storytelling, and behavior-changing results. Brandon's motivational leadership programs will inspire your students to take ownership of who they are and equip them to respond to difficult situations.

Motivational Assemblies for Elementary Schools

"Super Students" Motivational and Anti-bullying Assembly for Elementary Schools (approx. 45 mins.)

Every student loves the idea of becoming a super hero, but most students are not sure how to apply those character traits in their everyday lives. Brandon's anti-bullying and leadership assembly for elementary schools teaches students that they do not have to have special powers to become Super Students, they just have to make smart choices. Brandon will show your students what it takes to have courage and integrity to battle bullying, engage in leadership, and to make healthy and positive choices. Youth Mover Brandon Lee White will bring humor and opportunities for student interaction that will leave a lasting impact. Every student in your school, including the teachers, will adore Brandon's elementary leadership assembly.

Super Students Topics:  Character, Courage, Responsibility and Leadership.

Assemblies/Workshops/Leadership Training/Own-It Day for MS/HS

"Own It!" Motivational, Anti-bullying, and Leadership Assemblies for Middle/High Schools (approx. 45 to 50 minutes)

Own It: It’s not what you want, it’s what you DO about what you want (WYDAWYW). Brandon helps youth own who they are, what they want, and what holds them back. In Brandon's motivational, anti-bullying, and leadership assemblies for Middle School and High Schools, you will see many opportunities for comical interactions with the audience, empowering and inspirational stories, real-life examples that will provoke deep thought and conversation, as well as an engaging keynote presentation that will leave a lasting impact. Your students walk away after the "Own It" school assembly with a new and inspired drive to act upon their ideas and a renewed senses of "ownership" of their actions and lives. Brandon will cover topics including self-identity, responsibility, character, leadership and anti-bullying.

Motivational Workshop in Ballroom Dance for High School and Middle School (approx. 60 to 90 mins.)

In addition to his background as motivational youth speaker, Brandon Lee White is also a professional dancer and dance instructor. He's worked with pop dance stars whom have appeared on "Dancing with the Stars."  During the Ballroom Dance Workshop, students will learn about leadership through actively engaging in ballroom dance lessons. Students actively engage in practicing discipline, taking risks, working together, setting goals, and communicating positively. Through practice, students begin to retain these important life skills. Brandon's motivational dance workshop is also a unique and fun way to get your students moving. Plus, it makes a fun icebreaker activity!  Depending on space and availability, your school can request "total audience participation" or ask to work with just some of the audience volunteers throughout the workshop. Max. capacity dependent upon your school's sound equipment and space requirements. 

Own-It Personality Survey Test (approx. 60 mins.)

Many teen students are wondering more about themselves and how they interact with their peers. Students thirst to learn why they clash with some people but click with others. In Brandon's Test Survey presentation, students will be guided through taking the Own-It Personality Test, enabling them to see who they are with more clarity and understanding. Students participate in skits and re-enactments of their own real world situations. And, they will learn how to use their own unique and strong personality traits to their benefit and to help relate to and lead their peers.

Training with Student Leadership (approx. 1 to 3 hrs.)

Engage your student council or student leadership group with an introduction to the Youth Mover's Own-It Curriculum. Students will get a copy of Brandon's published book, Don't Be A Lame Sauce.  Your student leaders will join together in their own SWOT analysis, taking an assessment of their strengths and weaknesses, what challenges they face, and what opportunities are ahead.  Your student leadership group will also work with Brandon to define roles of the organization, goals, and participate in fun activities that will strengthen and energize their leadership abilities and skills.  Your student council will finish the leadership training with their own action plan to implement their own Own-It program.  

Youth Mover's Own-It Day for Middle and High Schools (approx 4 to 6 hrs.) 

Youth Mover's Own-it Day focuses on students taking ownership and entire schools being changed starting with an assembly speech that gets the school going, a school activity to put the message into practice, and STUCO leadership training to steer the momentum. If you want a longer and more lasting impact, this is it. This program addresses student involvement, bullying, leadership, team building and morale.


  • Keynote Assembly Speech (45 minutes) 

Guaranteed to inspire students to make more positive choices by first helping them look at themselves (and others) in a positive way. This motivational keynote speech makes an impact.

  • School Activity (45-60 minutes) (Adequate space needed)

The entire school, or a select group of students, learn a ballroom dance, such as swing dance, as a way to put the message learned in the speech to practice. Students practice risk-taking, teamwork, problem-solving, and more.

  • Student Leadership Workshop (60 minutes) and Own-It Student Leadership Curriculum (45 minutes)

Takes the message beyond the stage to the student council members and teaches them skills to be change agents within their school.  Includes e-file curriculum and up to 15 hard copies of Brandon's student leadership book.

  • Post Day Follow-Up (Optional)

Skype, email, or phone call session with student leaders to follow-up with questions and next steps.

Youth Mover Set-up Datasheet

Audience: K-12   Capacity: 400
Presentation Time: 45 minutes 
Set-Up Time: 30 to 45 minutes. Please ensure performance space is clear and empty of classes during set-up time. 
Take-Down Time: 15 minutes

Presentation Area: Brightly lit performance space; minimum area 8-feet x 14-feet. Performance space can be stage or floor-level; elevated is preferred. If performance space is floor level, please seat students on the floor and not in chairs. If the performance area is a stage, please ensure there are stairs for easy-volunteer access to the performance area.

Arrival & Assistance: If presentation area is not directly accessible, please provide 3 to 4 student assistants who can help carry-in and carry-out equipment.

Assembly Requirements: Please provide an extension cord and access to an electrical outlet; a PA system with a microphone and ability to play CDs over the system; and a projector and projection screen for PowerPoint slideshow. If two or more presentations are scheduled, please divide students by grade level for each presentation – K-3, 4-6, etc. 

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Motivational Youth Speaker

Youth Mover, Brandon Lee White, delivers a high-energy, entertaining, and effective program for youth across the country. As a professional ballroom dance instructor and motivational youth speaker, Brandon incorporates "teamwork, courage, character, self-discipline, exercise, and anti-bullying". Teachers comment on how students that are usually reluctant to interact open up during this program. In addition, Brandon uses examples from sports, dance, and pop culture to relate to the students and make a connection. Students enjoy the high-energy and humor that Brandon brings all while mixing in powerful messages that leave a lasting impact.

Customized Message

Brandon pulls students from the audience to interact in dance examples, stories, and demonstrations. Other times, he has everyone standup in place to participate. In just 45 minutes, students laugh, shout, dance, and are deeply moved while learning about becoming Super Students and Owning IT!

Energetic, Humorous, Impactful!

This presentation helps move students on the inside so that they move towards success on the outside. It can be customized to meet the needs of any age K-12.

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Download a Printable PDF of this Datasheet

  • Brandon Lee White was incredible! All of our students from PreK through 8th grade were inspired by his motivation, honesty, and captivating presence. "Own It!" is a phrase we hear commonly through the school halls since his visit. We have nothing but praise for Brandon and hope to have him back next year!
    Stephani Katechis - HSA Co-President
    Harrington Park School
    Harrington Park, NJ

  • Every age group---from Early Childhood, to Lower School through our Middle School LOVED their time with Brandon Lee White.  He is not only entertaining, kind-hearted, witty, and clever, but inspirational, as well.  His message was heard and understood.
    Barbara Haney - Head of Lower School
    Grace Church School
    New York, NY

  • We have a wide range of student ages and engagement-this assembly was appropriate for all and imparted both human and meaningful moments of reflection. Bravo! We will certainly have this program back again.
    Allison Pech - Teacher
    Saint Thomas More School
    Portland, OR

  • Brandon White was absolutely fabulous!  Everyone, the students, the teachers and even the principal LOVED him!  He really made an impression on the children.  They went home telling their families about positive energy and a new perspective on fear.  The school would love to have him back next year! 
    Dorothy Chan - PTA Treasurer
    I.S. 187 Christa McAulifee Intermediate School
    Brooklyn, NY

  • WE LOVED THE SHOW!!!!!! Brandon held the attention of all the ages (6-11)! The adults love the message, "be Brave, be kind". The kids loved the dancing examples. I am so grateful that I stumbled upon your website years ago. Before then our end of year programs were blah! But now, WOW! Everyone loves them.
    Leslie Rye - AR Coordinator
    Southland Academy
    Americus, GA

  • "Hi Brandon, I am a teacher at Polk Street School and saw your assembly today. I didn't have the opportunity to speak to you after, but I wanted to tell you how amazing you were. I think what you said was so important and done so in a way that could really and truly reach children. I've been to a few youth motivational assemblies before, and yours was truly outstanding. You and your words were both moving and inspiring! Keep doing what you're doing. You're awesome at it!"  Mr. White truly did an amazing job! 
    Milena Curra - Teacher
    Polk Street School
    Franklin Square, NY

  • The show was an absolute blast! I have heard only positive remarks from teachers and students. Thank you!
    Susan Wilson - PTA
    John B Dey ES
    Virginia Beach, VA

  • He was great! Interactive and engaging for the kids. He had a great message in his performance! Loved him!
    Cyrena DiCio - Reading Teacher/Performance Planner
    Cooke School
    Monticello, NY 

  • The students were engaged and the message was powerful!
    Barbara Sessoms - Principal
    Linkhorn Park ES
    Virginia Beach, VA

  • Brandon had every single student and staff member engaged from the moment they walked in the door. He shared an inspiring message that fit perfectly with the culture we are fostering at our school. We had so many compliments after the show from students and staff. We continue to use his messages across the school, especially the message "Be Brave. Be Nice."
    Megan Flohr - Principal
    Eagle ES
    Eagle, NE

  • Brandon White was entertaining while he delivered important life lessons to our students. He encouraged kids to not let fear keep them from trying new and challenging things. He talked to kids about not giving up and 'being the light' for other people. He also helped them realize mistakes are okay if you keep going and learn from them!! Great message for kids and adults!!
    Jill Corner - PBIS Coach and Teacher
    Fred Hill ES
    Brockport, NY

  • Nailed it! Simple, clear message that our youngest K students can relate to, but also met  our High School seniors!
    Mark Opsahl - Principal
    Goodhue ES
    Goodhue, MN

  • The Youth Mover assembly was so much fun for the Students and Staff! Everyone loved the dancing, excitement and message...Own It! Our 1st grade class has incorporated the concepts Be Strong. Be Kind, into their daily routine.
    Samantha Olson - Counselor
    Empowering Possibilities International Charter School
    Sacramento, CA

  • Brandon Lee White was amazing!  He connected with students, created a fun atmosphere, and taught important life lessons to our students. 
    Dara Weiss - School Counselor
    Hillside ES
    Closter, NJ 

  • Brandon was great!  Our middle school has been fantastic with supporting him and his message. I am getting tons of positive feedback. So much so, that I believe our out of town/merged town high school may try to book him too! We're also thinking about an evening adult workshop for parents. I find that when kids really like an assembly, they are the ones that can push their parents to go. Our middle school kids and adults thought Brandon was great and they loved his message and delivery. Our elementary school kids also loved Brandon! It was great that he allowed us to separate all of our grades. That was a big positive that the principals from both of our schools commented on. To personalize each grade through the same assembly was spot on.
    Erin Szonyi - Arts in Ed VP
    Brooklake ES and Ridgedale MS
    Florham Park, NJ 

  • Students and teachers are raving about the Youth Mover school assembly. They loved it and they are OWNING IT!!!! Brandon was outstanding! Awesome! Great! We will re-book and we would like to bring him back for workshops for our next school event!
    Stephanie Garcia - Drug and Alcohol Counselor
    Seneca MS
    Holbrook, NY

  • Brandon Lee White spent an entire day with our staff and students. His message was inspiring, educational, and given in an entertaining fashion that included everyone. Students could be heard the following week exclaiming "Own It". He truly had a positive impact on our children. Our oldest students who will be graduating this year expressed that they were happy to know that his message was given to the younger members of our school community because they will still be here to spread the positivity that he inspired in everyone.
    JaclynCitro - Assistant Principal
    Joyce Kilmer School
    Milltown, NJ

  • Brandon Lee White was AMAZING! His message, his delivery, and his stories spoke to our students on many levels. We truly appreciate his efforts.
    William Veit - Principal
    Joyce Kilmer School
    Milltown, NJ

  • Brandon conducted two presentations - both very different and age appropriate and were well received by parents and students. He engaged the students while delivering his important messages. I would recommend him to other schools!
    Kelley McCarthy Kane - Assembly Chair
    Holy Cross School
    Rumson, NJ 

  • Brandon Lee White was fabulous, he interacted with the student body and made them part of his message. He did several presentations for Grades 4-6; 7-8 and 9-12. At every grade level students were engaged and understood his message; it was quite eye opening to students his experiences when he was their age and through to adulthood. Brandon Lee White is a wonderful speaker, he is animated in his presentations and keeps the audience captive. Highly recommend for students of all ages, faculty and staff. Thank you!
    Lisa Sibirtzeff - Secretary to Superintendent
    Eldred CSD
    Eldred, NY

  • We would rate Brandon a 20 on a scale of 1-5! His positive energy, performance & ability to capture our kids’ attention was phenomenal! We would highly recommend him and are fortunate we had the opportunity to welcome him into our school!  This is the second time we have used Academic Entertainment and it won't be our last!  You'll be the first place for sure we go to when planning an assembly!  Thanks again, we truly appreciate it!
    Nicole D'Ambrosio - Teacher
    Bon Meade ES
    Moon Township, PA

  • Brandon White has been great! He is so inspiring to the kids and he really helps encourage change!
    Stephanie Garcia - Counselor
    Seneca MS
    Holbrook, NY

  • The school was thrilled to welcome Brandon. Since our school population is so young (PreK-2) the presenters always have their job cut out for them. Brandon was wonderful. The kids, staff, and teachers all had a great time learning about teamwork and friendship while dancing and having fun. He kept them engaged and entertained throughout the assembly, which is no easy task. I have received a lot of positive feedback from parents and school staff about this assembly. Thank you, Brandon, for bringing your energy and enthusiasm to our school!!
    Alina Ioshpa - PTA
    Walton ES
    Springfield, NJ

  • Brandon was AWESOME! Everyone, including the teachers, really enjoyed the show. It was unending compliments of how good he was!
    Heidi Holub - PTA
    Trinity West ES
    Washington, PA

  • Brandon Lee White has been getting rave reviews from our students and staff. He did two different assemblies for our younger and older students. He tweaked his presentation to fit the audience. He actively involved students and staff while conveying an important message. Top notch, we hope to bring back!
    Eric Vaillancourt - Principal
    North Street School
    Geneva, NY

  • Awesome show. Highly recommend.
    Brian Sutton - Administrator
    Batavia MS
    Batavia, NY

  • One of the best assemblies in my 15 years of educating. Character is by far the most important topic to teach in schools and the better social-emotional skills students have the more they get educated in the other subjects. 
    Peter Supko - Principal
    Susquehanna Community SD
    Susquehanna, PA

  • We loved having Brandon work with students in our anti-bullying assembly. He had a great attitude and was easy to work with. Thanks for bringing your program to our school!
    Stephanie Nolen - PTA/Teacher
    Sequoia ES
    Santa Rosa, CA

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