The Wacky Science Show

Helps elementary, middle, and junior high school students learn the Scientific Method while having fun at the same time!

Virtual/Online or In-Person for Schools and Summer Camps!

Age Range

The Wacky Science Show is Crazy! Zany!


More than just whiz, bang, poof and pop, the virtual version of The Wacky Science Show focuses on science with everyday objects and makes the Scientific Method easy to understand! This interactive and engaging 45-minute online show features all the great science experiments included in The Wacky Science Show, plus a live Q&A with students. FUN!

  • Zoom preferred
  • Up to 300 screens max recommended


The Wacky Science Show takes the magic of theatre, attention-grabbing comedy, and scientific truths to your students in a fun-filled way!

More than twelve students will participate on stage, putting science in their hands! In this school assembly with a focus on science, the wacky and zany presenter, Dr. Science, helps students learn about the Scientific Method in a fun and straightforward way with lots of magic tricks and some comedy too!

The Wacky Science Show is the only school assembly program that has been honored with the Touch-Tech Award from Dow Chemical. The award was given for the science show being an excellent example of how to integrate hands-on science in education!

Your students will crack-up at the craziness, but your staff and teachers will really enjoy the lessons. Our science show includes learning the Scientific Method, Physical Sciences, Math, Life Sciences, Air Pressure, Acids/Bases, Levers/Machines, Dinosaurs, States of Matter, Safety in the Lab, Bernoulli, Reactions between Chemicals, and more. Additionally, older students in middle school will learn Centripal/Centrifugal forces, kinetic energy, potential energy, inertia, connections in technology, and using chemicals in observations. The Wacky Science Show has exercises for students at different levels of scientific discovery!

And it’s Packed with Learning too! Not only has The Wacky Science Show been ranked nationally for hands-on science education, but it’s also one of the best ways to help your students learn the scientific method. Students will engage in kooky hands-on experiments and nutty tricks while learning lessons hands-on. They will find out which everyday household things can be used in some cool science stunts while learning all about the Scientific Method at the same time.

Science shows are a great way to take a break without abandoning learning. Fusing comedy with knowledge and science with theatre, your students will look at their science lessons in a whole new light. Even the teachers and administrators will laugh, seeing the host, Dr. Science, of The Wacky Science Show spell-bind students with ridiculous magic tricks.

A good science show engages students so that they can absorb the lessons without feeling like listlessly memorizing facts. Dr. Science demonstrates why these science lessons are useful, important, and super cool. Getting kids engaged makes it easier for them to learn about the different topics in the science show and easier for teachers to keep the students wanting to learn.

Another part of why our science show is ranked nationally is due to getting the students involved in the presentation. No one wants to sit down and listen to someone talk when they've been doing that most of their day. It gets boring. Dr. Science gets the kids up and involved, letting them figure out why science is so cool, and give them a sense of accomplishment. Everything is better when you can experience why science works and it's cooler when you do it yourself.

Take a minute and explore the details of our science show in the Datasheet tab. Watch some of the videos of Dr. Science working his lab magic on the students, and read the feedback from teachers who brought their class to the show. The Wacky Science Show is also available for virtual presentations for schools that can't have an in-person science show or online schools.

Learn why The Wacky Science Show is award-winning and consistently ranked well nationally. It's one of the best science school shows your elementary and middle school students will ever experience!


Doug Scheer is the creator and proprietor of The Wacky Science Show. Doug has performed educational programs throughout the state of Michigan and across the US since 1987,  touring as a featured act in trade shows for the automaker, Chevrolet. Doug has been praised and highly sought for his experience as a performing artist, teacher and coach with a unique expertise in combining educational experiences with educational content.  His school assembly programs and summer camp shows have graced the stages more than eight thousand elementary schools, as well as countless trade shows, corporate training seminars, and even state fairs! 

The Wacky Science Show throughout various locations in the US. Your school may have a different person as your presenter, or varied backdrops and props depending on your area. 

Doug Scheer is widely recognized as a national and international leader in youth entertainment.  He has lectured at Kidabra the International Conference; MagicLive in Las Vegas; The Society of Magicians in Tel Aviv, and the SAM/IBM national convention in St Louis. His work has been published in "MAGIC", a national trade magazine, is the author of "Scripts & Clips, Educational Routines for School Performers," and recently published the Diversity Circus magic and comic book DVD set.

*Presenter/Backdrop/Props may vary depending on your location.

The Wacky Science Show Virtual/Online Set-up

Audience: K-8    Capacity: 300 screens
Presentation Time: 45 minutes
Platform:  Zoom preferred, others available if school sets-up and hosts
Presenter will: set-up and email Zoom link as late as the week prior to your show date. Please anticipate meeting presenter in the Zoom meeting 15-minutes prior to your start time so they may enable you/school representative as a co-host, and accommodate any last minute details/instructions. 

The Wacky Science Show In-Person Datasheet

Audience: PreK-8   Capacity: 400
Presentation Time: 40 to 45 minutes 
Set-Up Time: 45 minutes. Please ensure performance space is clear and empty of classes during set-up time. 
Take-Down Time: 45 minutes

Presentation Area: Brightly lit performance space; minimum area of 8 ft. x 20 ft. Performance space can be stage or floor-level; floor level is preferred. If performance space is floor level, please seat students on the floor and not in chairs. If the performance area is a stage please make sure there are stairs for easy volunteer access to the performance area.

Assembly Requirements: One large table. Access to a sink before and after the performance. Depending on your location, you may be asked to provide a PA system with RCA-jack input.
*Presenter/Backdrop/Props may vary depending on your location.

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More than just wiz, bang, poof and pop!

The Wacky Science Show puts science in the hands of more than a dozen onstage volunteers. With a focus on science with everyday objects, Dr. Science makes the Scientific Method easy to understand. This is the only show to ever win Dow Chemical's Touch-Tech Award for excellence in hands-on science education! 

Kooky? Yup. Nutty? A lot. Educational? Yeah, it’s that too!

While the students cheer the crazy antics, the teachers love these lessons: The Scientific Method | Physical, Mathematical & Life Sciences | Air Pressure | Acid/Base Indicators | Levers & Simple Machines | Everyday Science | Stinky Dinosaurs | Liquids, Solids, Gases | Science Safety | Bernoulli’s Principle | Chemical Reactions. Additional Topics Covered for Middle Schools: Centripetal & Centrifugal Forces | Kinetic & Potential Energy | Inertia | Connections between Science & Technology | Use of Chemicals in Gathering Evidence. 

Guaranteed to “Bring the Funny”!

But The Wacky Science Show is a no holds barred laugh riot that makes science easy to understand. Students participate on stage in wacky and off-the-wall, hands-on lessons while discovering that simple household items can be used to perform quirky & crazy science experiments. Loads of surprises, comedy & goofy sound effects combine in this perfect complement to learning The Scientific Method.

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Download a Printable PDF of this Datasheet

  • We really enjoyed the show! The presenter did a good job. The kids were laughing the whole time! I would like to thank you for helping me on the cost of the show. It was truly an answered prayer, since I had to raise the money myself. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!
    Paula Weston - Teacher
    North Harrison ES
    Ramsey, IN

  • Awesome job!  We had 2 assemblies (grades K-2 and then grades 3-5) and in both age groups the kids were engaged and entertained.  His program was educational about the types of sciences and the scientific process.  The students enjoyed the experiments and there were lots of laughs!
    Angela Kennedy - PTA 
    Tuckahoe ES
    Richmond, VA

  • The greatest observation made by my teachers and I was that the children in the audience were learning about Science without even knowing it, because they were having so much fun!
    Carl Boburka - Principal
    Immanuel Lutheran School
    Riverside, CA

  • On the day that you entertained us, we had children ranging in age from pre-school through 6th grade. There was something for everyone. This show was most entertaining and the children loved it.  
    Mrs. Valerie Walsh 
    St. Rose of Lima School
    Threshold, NJ

  • Tim was able to captivate both students and adults and kept us laughing and engaged throughout the entire performance. He was very prepared and professional and was an excellent addition to our science fair. We would highly recommend him to any school and will hire him again in the future. Thank you so much Tim, you are one talented scientist and performer.
    Erika Chapa - Director of Educational Technology & Admissions
    Marin Preparatory School
    San Francisco, CA

  • ALL the kids and TEACHERS loved him!!!! One teacher even said it was the best science assembly show she ever saw! He explained everything in a very clear way for all ages, made them lough and be engaged the whole time!!! 
    Limor Kovar - PTA
    EH Bryan School
    Cresskill, NJ 

  • Ken Scott was phenomenal! He had our students in the palm of his hand! They were entertained, and they learned science! His crowd management skills were among the best I'd ever seen! We would love to have him back at our school again next year! Wow!
    Debbie Parks - Principal
    Stowers ES
    Fort Benning, GA

  • Our audience were children from ages 2 through adults. The children were very attentive and really enjoyed the show. Tim Mannix was very entertaining even for the adults.
    Charlotte Ferree - Executive Assistant
    San Carlos, CA

  • Great variety of science demos and audience participation! Both kids and teachers loved it!
    Whitney McCann - Teacher
    Ferndale Early Education Center
    Glen Burnie, MD

  • This was a great assembly! It was educational, engaging and entertaining. Tim was a pleasure to work with! He brought everything he needed to the show and was very friendly. He was great with the kids. You can tell he was very experienced. The students had a great assembly. Thank you!
    Mary Carroll - PTA
    Golden View ES
    San Ramon, CA

  • Dr. Science put on two wonderful shows. The kids were totally engaged and interacted throughout. Very high energy! I would totally recommend this show to other schools.
    Brenda Ringer - Guidance Counselor
    Shoemaker School
    Macungie, PA

  • I received a lot of positive feedback from the school faculty, as well as my kindergartener and third grader. Both loved the cup on the triangle and fire balloon experiments. They were excited to tell me all about it when they got home from school. Thank you for a wonderful show!
    Melissa Gutierrez - Assembly Coordinator
    Uwchlan Hills ES
    Downingtown, PA

  • The presenter was excellent. He engaged both students and adults equally, was very professional, and even interacted with our community before his show while we had our dinner time.
    Sarah Kimmell - Principal
    Sam Boardman ES
    Boardman, OR

  • Great academic information and entertaining!
    Cassandra Sotelo - Vice Principal
    Borchardt ES
    Stockton, CA

  • This was our first experience with Academic Entertainment and we all loved it! Dr Science was a huge hit with the kids & teachers. He was funny, entertaining & informative. Such a great educational show that the kids were able to enjoy! It was a fantastic way to kick off our Catholic Schools Week & Celebrate Student Appreciation. Thank you to everyone!
    Lisa Landano - HAA
    St. Athanasius Catholic Academy
    Brooklyn, NY

  • Our scientist was so much fun to listen to and watch. He genuinely loved to work with kids. I am definitely spreading the word about his show. Thanks!
    Michelle Well - Supt./Principal
    Anne Carlsen Center
    Jamestown, ND

  • Oh, the show was great and the kids loved it!
    Lori Rowden - PTO
    Hunter ES
    Franklin, OH

  • Presenter was on time, self sufficient in setting up, engaging, and aware of the audience. We had two groups of kids ranging from Pre-K-3 through 8th grade, and everyone had a great time. It was interactive and interesting, and parents told me their children came home talking about the show! Thank you!
    Cheryl Mango - Assembly Coordinator
    St. Joseph's School - Yorkville
    New York, NY 

  • He does a great job of entertaining the students and making science fun for them. They laughed the whole show!
    Catherine Pamer - Supervisor
    MCOE After School Program
    Merced, CA

  • Thank you greatly for taking the time and coming out to perform and entertain our elementary kids. It was amazingly fun and "wacky"! We greatly enjoyed you letting the kids get involved, and be able to interact with the performance. The children sincerely loved it. You could say it's the "talk of the week." Thank you for working with our honor society to set this up. Love to speak with you again about coming out next year.  
    Hayley Hawkins - Honors Society
    Wilson Creek School
    Wilson Creek, WA

  • The Wacky Science Show school assembly was AWESOME! Doug was so entertaining, the kids were enthralled, and the teachers were so impressed. Great job!
    Sara Cinotti - PTO Secretary
    St. Timothy Catholic School
    Chantilly, VA

  • The presenter did an excellent job of keeping our students engaged!
    Joanne Dupl - Secretary
    Coyle Ave ES
    Carmichael, CA

  • Great for our Family STEM Kick Off Night Event. Mike engaged with the audience perfectly and made science fun! The adult humor was much appreciated as well!
    Emily Flaherty - PTO
    Cove School
    Beverly, MA

  • The presenter did a good job of engaging the audience. All of the students were really excited about the various scientific experiments. He included a lot of detailed scientific information, but presented the information in such a manner that it was understandable for all students. He also did a good job of managing the crowd and bringing the kids back when they started to get over excited to ensure they were still paying attention.
    Chelsea Nohle - Administrative Assistant
    Sackets Harbor Central School
    Sackets Harbor, NY 

  • Our students were highly engaged, and loved the wackiness of the show!
    Pam Ratliff - ES Principal
    Copenhagen Central School
    Copenhagen, NY

  • Lots of energy and enthusiasm, great crowd control, lots of laughs!
    Candace Connell - Enrichment Coordinator
    Dunbarton ES
    Dunbarton, NH

  • 5 out of 5!
    Mara Powell - PTA
    Huntington Jewish Center
    Huntington, NY

  • The show was educational and entertaining. Students PK-5 enjoyed it, and they loved the audience participation.
    Judith Pequeno-Lopez - Counselor
    Lamar ES
    Baytown, TX

  • Great show! Kids were super into it. Mike was great with them.
    Kimberly Brisbois - Cultural Enrichment Coordinator
    Riverside ES
    Danvers, MA

  • Nuckols Farm students and staff greatly enjoyed the show. It was high-energy, engaging, and fun for all! Overall, it was a great show!
    Crystal Metzger - Principal
    Nuckols Farm ES
    Richmond, VA

  • We really enjoyed the show! A lot of laughter from both staff and students. We will definitely have to do it again! Thank you so much for working with us and making this possible for our students.
    Amor Kirkman - Program Assistant
    Fresno County Office of the Superintendent of Schools
    Reedley, CA

  • Dr. Science and the Wacky Science Show were a huge hit with my students and staff! My school supports students with intellectual disabilities and Dr. Science engaged with the students and gave a wonderful show to enhance our theme of chemistry. Thank you so much for coming to Monte Vista!!!!
    Darla Beeson - Principal II
    Monte Vista ES
    Reedley, CA

  • Faculty and students alike thoroughly enjoyed Mike's performance at Mater Dolorosa School. It was entertaining to all and to many of the younger students some tasks were magical!
    Linda Rex - Principal
    Mater Dolorosa School
    Holyoke, MA

  • We loved the Wacky Science Show! It was a hit!
    Liannea McQuade - Enrichment Coordinator
    Centerville ES
    Beverly, MA

  • The Wacky Science Show engaged all of our students, K-6. Students were laughing and participating. At the end of the show, the presenter dismissed the students himself and required silence. Some of the students actually tiptoed out of the gym.
    Patty Drobny - Principal
    Daniel ES
    Kent, WA

  • Thank you! The show was great today! Mike's Wacky Science was awesome!
    Anne Sullivan - PTO
    Hopedale Memorial ES
    Hopedale, MA

  • This was an engaging show for all ages. I loved it & hope the children understood that science can be fun! Our principal said it was the best one yet! Steve was wonderful with the kids - Great start to our Science Week! We really enjoyed his show! The kids were so engaged and our principal said it was wonderful. I loved it too (these kids are so lucky...I never saw science as that fun!) Thanks!
    Lisa Becherer - PTA
    Spear ES
    Port Jefferson, NY

  • The Presenter was very engaging! Complimented how well behaved the students were. Pre K-4th grade loved the show. Several other teachers stopped to tell me how much they liked it. We would definitely have him back again. 
    Lisa Sager - Teacher
    North Collins ES
    North Collins, NY

  • He did an awesome job!
    Jessica Homan - Administrator
    Brooklyn ES
    Brooklyn, WI 

  • The show was awesome! The kids were engaged and learned so much science-related content. The 4th-grade teachers were so excited to see all of the science vocabulary that was used. 
    Tiffany Carpenter - Library Media Specialist
    Palermo ES
    Fulton, NY

  • The Wacky Science Assembly was fantastic! Tim was wonderful and kept all of our students from Tk to 6th engaged and laughing. Parents have called to thank us for bringing this assembly to our school. The students are still talking about it!
    Katie Werdel - Parent Club President
    Stockdale ES
    Bakersfield, CA

  • My daughter’s school had the “Wacky Science Show” tonight and I just wanted to send a message because I was impressed. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we parents were laughing too. My daughter usually has trouble sitting still during things like that but it held her attention and she couldn’t wait to get on the stage to participate. Thank you!
    Melissa Hagman - Parent
    Faber ES
    Dunellen, NJ

  • The Wacky Science Show was great! The kids loved it and it was very interactive. The presenter did great with performance and keeping the audience engaged. 
    Suraiea Hussain - HR Intern
    Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.
    Basking Ridge, NJ

  • The kids loved the show. The presenter did a wonderful job keeping the children engaged. 
    Joseph Malanga - Principal
    Wilson ES
    Westfield, NJ

  • He was great with the kids... even involved our kids with special needs... he is so prepared and organized!!! Was absolutely wonderful and well received by all the kids... young and old!!!
    Idil Bilgin-Ozkuzey - PTA 
    Watchung ES
    Montclair, NJ 

  • Very energetic performance!! All the kids enjoyed it, as well as the adults in the room! 
    Gabriela Vidana - PTA
    Charles J. Sahs School
    Chicago, IL

  • Steve did a wonderful job modifying the show so that it was accessible and enjoyable for all of our different learners. He was able to recognize our students who were willing and able to participate in the interactive elements, and was sensitive to the special needs of other students in the crowd. Thank you for bringing such a fun learning activity to our school, the kids will never forget it!
    Maryann McEvoy - Principal/Director
    Merakey Education and Autism Center
    Philadelphia, PA

  • The show was a hit...and Tim is great!
    Shannon Anders - Administrative Assistant
    Mineral King ES
    Visalia, CA

  • We just got to watch the Wacky Science Show and let me tell you it was phenomenal! We all know that the best way to engage kids in Science is to get things in a hands-on context with lots of visuals and sensory stimulation, and THIS show did it ALL. The kids were engaged, the kids were participating, they were clapping and I think they actually learned a few things. So, thank you Wacky Science!
    Sarah Christy - 6th Grade Science Teacher
    Mineral King Elementary
    Visalia, CA

  • The presenter was fantastic. The kids had a blast! He had all the kids completely engaged in the program. Plus, they learned a lot too. I would 100% recommend him. 
    Casey Livingston - Parent
    Cossitt School
    La Grange, IL

  • Tim Mannix was absolutely fantastic and was a pleasure to work with. He engaged the kids the entire time throughout all 3 assemblies. I know that's not an easy feat and he did it with great energy. Our staff and students raved about the show and so many parents thanked us for bringing him in after hearing their children beam about it. He exposed them to difference scientific concepts, blew their minds and hopefully inspired many to think about things differently. The auditorium was filled with WOW's and WHOA's and A LOT of cheering. He is truly great. I am happy to be quoted on that for a testimonial and I thank you for your help through this process.
    Juliana Cho - PTA
    Emerson ES
    Burbank, CA

  • We just got finished with a whole day of the Wacky Science Show. It was incredible. They did EVERYTHING for our classes, from kindergarten all the way up to 5th grade….and they sort of adjusted it so that it pertained to each of those grade levels. The kids laughed, they cried and they want to see it again, so I would highly recommend it!
    Cathy Biermann - PTA President
    Emerson Elementary
    Burbank, CA

  • You won over every teacher and student in our school!! Congratulations!! We want you back!! We would like to book you again for Wednesday, January 15th.
    Dr. Venus Mixson - Principal
    Ballington Academy of Arts and Sciences
    San Bernardino, CA

  • I’m the science teacher for kindergarten through 5th grade and today we had the Wacky Science guy here for an assembly and he was awesome! The kids were engaged in learning science and technology. It was really a fun show and I would highly recommend it!
    Paula Jones - Science Teacher
    Ballington Academy of Arts and Sciences
    San Bernardino, CA

  • Thank you and your team for coming in on Saturday. We had a great turnout and our community loved it. 
    Anotonio Garza - Principal
    IDEA College Preparatory - Elsa
    Elsa, TX

  • The assembly on January 16th was excellent. I was very impressed with the performer. He showed up early and was very organized, very professional , and related well with the students, who ages ranged from 8-18. It was a pleasure working with your company and him. Excellent performance, performer was professional and highly entertaining with appropriate content for our students.
    Lynne Naeve - Program Director for Las Candelas
    Hillsides School
    Pasadena, CA

  • Everyone really enjoyed the show!
    Angela Foskett - Catholic Schools Week
    St. Joseph School
    Downers Grove, IL

  • Thank you so much to Academic Entertainment for this AMAZING experience! Whitney was so very helpful! This was my first assembly, and she went above and beyond. Xachary was exceptional, absolutely AWESOME! He was engaging, funny, and educationally stimulating! The students LOVED it, were SO VERY thrilled, and are still talking about the assembly! Thank you so much to all involved! I am so impressed!
    Carrie Newton - Math Specialist
    Marshall ES
    Vancouver, WA


  • Wacky Science was a wonderful presentation. The students really enjoyed it.
    Trisha Bobowski - Principal
    Kingsborough School
    Gloversville, NY

  • We just had The Wacky Science Show and he was amazing! The whole school really enjoyed his act, and he even commented on how well-behaved they are!
    Holly Slack - PTO
    Oak Hill ES
    Severna Park, MD

  • Our presenter was entertaining and knowledgeable. Our kids really liked the show, especially the elementary students. Thank you for coming out!
    Nicole Wellard - PTO 
    Grangeville ES/MS
    Grangeville, ID

  • The show as wonderful!
    Lisa Ortengren - Bookeeper
    Pinewoods ES
    Esotero, FL

  • It was a nice program and all grades seemed to really enjoy it. It was great!
    Bonnie Biggins - Marketing Director
    Carroll Lutheran School
    Westminster, MD

  • We had a fantastic time with our in-person Wacky Scientist today!! My 8 yr old starred 3-4 times during and after the show said, “he was amazing!!”. One little guy said during the show, “ I just can’t believe it!”. He was on time, friendly and cleaned up his area well! I will definitely be interested in having him again in the fall. 
    Monica Sanguinetti – Parent
    Hudson’s Journey Homeschool
    Gap, PA