Side by Side Science

Premier Virtual/Online Assembly is full of exciting experiments from two of our most popular assembly programs, Wacky Science & SuperMarket Science, have become hands-on lessons kids do under the virtual and side-by-side aid of our wacky scientist, Doug Scheer.


Age Range

Side-by-Side Science - Hands-on Virtual Science Assembly

Side-by-Side Science (Hands On!) is a brand new virtual show created for just for school age kids.

This newly designed virtual show gets students engaged and excited to experience amazing principles of science while they share safe experiments in front of their computers. Exciting experiments from two of our most popular assembly programs, Wacky Science & SuperMarket Science, have become hands-on lessons kids do under the virtual and side-by-side aid of our wacky scientist, Doug Scheer.

It's easy.
It's your choice. We can use zoom, Google Meet, Facebook live or something else. It's up to your school to choose the platform that's best. We work together to choose a date and time for the presentation then your youngsters will follow along as experiments using easy to find items are performed.

Likely, families already have these items at home.
A week before the event we will provide you with a list of items needed so your students will be ready to go. These props are commonly found in any house. There is nothing to purchase and every experiment is chosen for visibility, educational content, ease to follow, and safety.

Here's a list of some of the items used:
-styrofoam cups and a dish sponge
-pencils, a plastic bowl & balloons
-coffee mugs and a water bottle
-paper, scissors & a penny
-cooking oil, water and food coloring
-fingernail polish remover
-a straw and a pingpong ball
-string and a coffee cup
-playing cards and tape

This online show is a proven success!

Side-by-Side Science was designed as a hands-on program for virtual learners during this past summer. Currently, it has a following in schools that are using learn from home platforms. Students get excited about science, particularly when the lessons look like incredible magic tricks. These carefully chosen demonstrations light up the creativity of a child but they also instill confidence and build self esteem. Ready to schedule this for your school? See our video promo on the next tab of these exciting and fun lessons!


Doug Scheer is the creator and proprietor of The Wacky Science Show. Doug has performed educational programs throughout the state of Michigan and across the US since 1987,  touring as a featured act in trade shows for the automaker, Chevrolet. Doug has been praised and highly sought for his experience as a performing artist, teacher and coach with a unique expertise in combining educational experiences with educational content.  His school assembly programs and summer camp shows have graced the stages more than eight thousand elementary schools, as well as countless trade shows, corporate training seminars, and even state fairs! 

The Wacky Science Show throughout various locations in the US. Your school may have a different person as your presenter, or varied backdrops and props depending on your area. 

Doug Scheer is widely recognized as a national and international leader in youth entertainment.  He has lectured at Kidabra the International Conference; MagicLive in Las Vegas; The Society of Magicians in Tel Aviv, and the SAM/IBM national convention in St Louis. His work has been published in "MAGIC", a national trade magazine, is the author of "Scripts & Clips, Educational Routines for School Performers," and recently published the Diversity Circus magic and comic book DVD set.


*Presenter/Backdrop/Props may vary depending on your location.

  • Show was great - had good feedback from families. Doug was very responsive before the presentation as well.
    Jeannie MacDonough - Principal
    Saint Mary School
    Shrewsbury, MA

  • You were AMAZING!!!!!! A Great Show!!!! Thank you!!!!!
    Jonathan Beckman - Assistant Head of School
    Los Encinos School
    Encino, CA

  • Thank you so much for bringing your energy, enthusiasm, and clear love of science to the school today! You probably saw me logged in and watching. I had only planned on staying for about 15 minutes for each, but I was so entertained and so engaged in learning that I ended up staying for the entire first show and a little more than half of the second. 

    With a new format for you and not having that direct feedback and interaction with the kids, I think you really did a great job. I’m sure each student learned something and many will probably go home and take the time to try to replicate some of these experiments. 
    Joy Cabrera - Parent
    The Nativity School
    Rancho Santa Fe, CA

  • The kids had a great time with the hands-on activities. Definitely a break from the normal virtual learning and much appreciated.
    Jason Rose - Principal
    La Rosa School
    Temple City, CA

  • Doug Scheer did a fantastic job engaging our families through a virtual STEM night. We received really positive feedback from our community and the students who were able to join with their families had a great experience. We had a lot of fun together. He was very engaging and entertaining and everyone had a great time! It was very entertaining!
    Jeff Shirley - Principal
    Mount Mahogany ES
    Pleasant Grove, UT

  • Thank you for two wonderful virtual shows today! I don't know if you can see while presenting but there were a couple of "Whoa" reactions from the kids during your shows. I've heard from a couple of parents how fun the show was. At our home, my daughter loved it. She wants to do all the experiments for her dad tonight. Overall we've had positive feedback. It was a great event and the kids had such a fun time!
    Linda Nikravan - PTA
    Rancho Vista ES
    Rolling Hills Estates, CA

  • The students and staff LOVED Virtual Side-by-Side Science. Everyone was saying how much fun they were having, how engaging Doug was, and how simple the experiments were even for our youngest students. Would highly recommend!
    Cierra Elzey - PreK Teacher
    Beaver Run ES - Robert Street Campus
    Salisbury, MD


  • We had a great virtual assembly with Doug Scheer. It was a great night for our kids who have been in virtual school for nearly a year. Having a high energy virtual performance was a nice change of pace for them. Thank you! 
    Libby Minarik - PTA
    Stevenson ES
    Burbank, CA

  • That was fantastic! Thank you. Our kids had so much fun doing science with you (and so did I!) I've already got some emails from kids telling me how much fun they had. It takes a lot of energy to do that three times back to back!
    Mindy Shelton - Principal
    Arroyo Upper ES
    San Carlos, CA

  • This show was wonderful and engaging for our students. He was energetic and knowledgeable. 
    Anne Knowles - Principal
    OLM Prep
    Madison, CT

  • That was awesome! The kids had lots of fun. I went around and checked on everyone and the kids were super engaged!
    Laura McDonald - Counselor
    AP Beutel ES
    Lake Jackson, TX

  • Thank you so much!! Your "Side-by-Side Science" presentation today totally exceeded our expectations, and the kids LOVED it!! 
    Deena Kay - Teacher
    Wenonah ES
    Lake Grove, NY

  • Wonderful.  Thank you, Doug!  I've received some amazing feedback from parents, and know that my own kids loved it.  Thank you again!
    Anne Rucker - PTA
    Chesterbrook ES
    McLean, VA

  • Doug was amazing!  His enthusiasm, content knowledge and showmanship are  highly engaging.  My students enjoyed the assembly and participated in the experiments.  Thank you!
    Ana Gutierrez - Principal
    Lakeside MS
    Norwalk, CA

  • Thanks so much for a really fun evening of science for our families. It was such a great way to bring the district together virtually.
    Kimberly D'Angelo and Wendy Mo - Family Coordinators
    District 26
    Bayside, NY

  • Doug was AMAZING! Interactive, fun, and patient with our kids. Will definitely recommend! 
    Stephanie Yosh - VP of Assemblies
    Providencia ES
    Burbank, CA

  • Thank you so much! What an awesome show. The kids really enjoyed it. So many moms are texting me saying their kids wished it was even longer. Hopefully we can do this again next year!
    Keriann Hespeler - PTA
    Harding Ave ES
    Lindenhurst, NY

  • It was AWESOME! I received amazing feedback from my daughter, teachers and the principal. They LOVED it. Thank you!!
    Vanessa Laverdiere - Arts in Ed Chair
    Schwarting ES
    North Massapequa, NY

  • Fun show. Love how he "pinned" students to have them do the experiments with him. Great time for all our students. 
    Jeffrey Maljian - Principal
    Willard ES
    Rosemead, CA

  • Thanks for a great virtual experience. Staff and students enjoyed the show. Doug was engaging and "edutaining." The experiments were perfect for our budding kindergarten through fourth graders! Timing was perfect, too. This will definitely be a "Covid-keeper" activity for our school! 
    Nichole Freeman - Teacher
    Teaticket ES
    East Falmouth, MA