Music Technology

A unique blend of audience participation, high energy music, information and humor. Brent creates an exciting, one-of-a-kind performance that will capture the imaginations of your audience (and your faculty, too)!

Age Range

Music Technology School Show

Brent Daniels is an award-winning composer, producer, sound designer and recording artist who uses the latest in music technology to sculpt sound and create music. This program is an excellent STEM/STEAM School Assembly!

Music Technology is a fantastic way to deliver various messages to your students! Using a digital sampling keyboard workstation, master-level musicianship and a blend of high energy music, audience participation, information and humor, Brent Daniels creates an exciting, one-of-a-kind performance that will capture the imaginations of your elementary, middle or high school audience (and your faculty, too)!

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Music Technology with Brent Daniels shows students the important relationship between the technology they have in their classrooms or at home and the creation of the music and sounds they hear on their iPods and on TV, in movies and video games. Student volunteers will participate in the program to help Brent create unique on-the-spot sounds and by the end of the show, an original song that will raise the roof! You will be amazed at the way Brent relates to students by bringing out the eager musician in each of them.

A passionate advocate for education, Brent uses his Music Technology program as a vehicle for delivering an important character education message: how important a student's education, great study habits and positive decision-making are for his or her success in life and any career. Educators across all subjects, from music, to science, math, history and more will return to the classroom from Brent's show with a wealth of material for discussion with their students.

Music Technology Movie Trailer Workshops/Residencies

Brent Daniels brings the techniques and technology he uses to produce and compose music for some of Hollywood’s biggest movie trailers (such as Marvel’s Black Panther & Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time) to your school’s music room.

Program content is variable depending on grade and experience level, making this workshop suitable for grades 3 - 12, accommodating students with no musical background all the way up to experienced musicians, budding music producers or composers interested in a career in music. (K-2 students workshop is a more intimate version of his regular presentation.)

In a typical workshop for students with little or no musical training, Brent will:

  1. Show students one or more of the trailers in which his music is used, and play the original music composed and produced for the trailer(s).
  2. Break down sonic and musical components from his music which are synced by trailer editors with the film’s visuals.
  3. Introduce the students to (or expand upon*) the concepts in sound design, composition and music production necessary for trailer music production and allow them to participate in creating some of the elements typically used in movies and their trailers.
  4. Combine those elements to create a short example of a trailer-style music cue with student input.

*Having Brent’s Music Technology program at your school prior to, or along with the workshops helps lay the groundwork for concepts discussed and applied in the workshops, and is not required, but recommended.

Middle and High School music student audiences with some experience in music technology and production may benefit from a more customized or in-depth form of the workshop, which Brent can provide. They also may have advanced questions about the process of music production or careers in the music industry. Brent’s workshops are an excellent place to find answers and insight.

Works best with a normal classroom size group (15-30 students), in the band or music room. Gymnasium is not ideal!


Brent Daniels’ music producer, composer and sound designer whose unique sonic signature is sought after for an ever-growing list of trailers for movies (Marvel’s Black Panther, Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time) TV (Hulu’s “Castle Rock,” Netflix’s “Narcos: Mexico”) and video games (Call Of Duty: Black Ops, Middle-earth: Shadow of War). A 25-year music industry veteran, Brent’s music can also be heard in TV shows such as “Shameless” and “Mad Men,” and feature films including The Lake House and Charlie’s Angels. A passionate advocate for education and a music technology evangelist, Brent has hosted his Music Technology program at thousands of schools across the United States, consistently garnering rave reviews from well over a million students, parents and faculty.

Students ALWAYS Ask: Where can I get a keyboard like Brents?

The digital sampler Brent uses in his Music Technology assembly is a customized device which is unavailable for purchase anywhere. However, everything Brent demonstrates in the assembly can be accomplished with Garageband for iOS, which Brent says is the best music-making application available for any mobile device. Brent recommends that students use an iPad to begin making music, because it has the largest screen, can be used for other creative tasks, and comes with Garageband for free. Garageband is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), which is the type of software used by music professionals to create and record most music today and is capable of doing everything Brent does in his assembly. It has a Sampler (among its many instruments available to play), which will allow students to record and manipulate their own sounds, just like Brent did, in addition to multitrack recording, loop recording, mixing, arranging a song and much more. There are also countless free video tutorials available online for first-time users, in addition to affordable paid instruction and free support from Apple. (Brent says to Google Search "Garageband iOS Tutorials” for a good place to start!)

Click here for the printable PDF of this datasheet.

Music Technology Set-up Datasheet

Audience: PreK-12    Capacity: 400
Presentation Time: 50 minutes 
Set-Up Time: 10 minutes 
Take-Down Time: 10 minutes

Presentation Area: Any size area with access to an electrical outlet.

Arrival: Brent will arrive around 30 minutes prior to show time to allow for set up and accommodation to any last-minute details.

Assistance: If presentation area is not directly accessible, please provide 3 to 4 student assistants who can help carry-in and carry-out equipment.

Assembly Requirements: NO VIDEO RECORDING OF ENTIRE PROGRAM (small segments are acceptable with prior notification).  If two or more presentations are scheduled, please divide students by grade level for each presentations: K-3, 4-6, etc.

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Learn how music is composed in today’s entertainment industry.

Using his keyboard, recording microphone, and digital sampler, Brent will teach students how music is composed using computers and digital technology for albums, movie soundtracks, television shows, video games, and more, in the entertainment industry today. 

Create a unique song composition just like the professionals.

Students will participate in the program to help Brent create a one-of-a-kind, on-the-spot sound creation and song composition that will raise the roof!

Education and positive decision-making are important to success in every profession.

You will be amazed at the way Brent relates to students by bringing out the eager musician in each of them. Brent is an avid advocate for education and will demonstrate for students how education – even Math and English – and positive decision making are important contributors to success in every professional career.

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Download a Printable PDF of this Datasheet

  • Brent Daniels was AMAZING!! Kids, and teachers alike, absolutely loved the assembly and workshops. He has a great rapport with the kids. We will definitely invite him back! Best assembly ever!
    Renee Soccodato-Dutka - Music Teacher
    Warnsdorfer ES
    East Brunswick, NJ

  • Wonderful presentation - age appropriate - interactive - awesome presenter - pleasant personality - would recommend!
    Gina Ioviero - Secretary
    Hillside ES
    Livingston, NJ

  • This assembly was one of the best assemblies we have had at our school. Brent Daniels captivated an audience of 600+ students showing them how music technology is fun and can be easily done by anyone. He shared apps that are accessible for students and families. Brent sent an important message to students relating music technology to science, math, reading, etc. At the end of the show Brent involved everyone in the audience so the entire student body felt as though they had a part in making the song. Thanks again! We hope to have the Music Technology show back at our school in the future.
    Linda Lane - Teacher
    Jack Jackter IM
    Colchester, CT

  • Kids and teachers both loved this assembly!
    Christina Becker - Principal
    Centralia Jr. High School
    Centralia, IL

  • Several staff members came up to me saying this was the best Main Event they have seen at our program in 4 years. It was beyond anything we could have hoped for. All of the staff and students alike were up and dancing, participating, and engaged in the performance the entire time. Brent was great with the students on stage and had an appropriate sense of humor with them. He was kind and professional with me and the other staff members as well. I would definitely hire him again next summer. Thank you for the show!
    Rachael O'Neill - Director of Programming
    Explo at Wheaton
    Norton, MA

  • Thank you, again, for two great shows. I’ve gotten wonderful feedback. Our students and staff enjoyed your high energy performance. We also appreciated the message and the role that education plays into your success. It was great for our students to hear!
    Tiffany Drain - Counselor
    Churchville ES
    Churchville, PA

  • Brent Daniels did a phenomenal job last week at the assembly, kids and faculty alike were applauding and thoroughly enjoyed him! Thank you for the recommendation.
    Lisa Baker - Cultural Arts
    Wolftrap ES
    Vienna, VA

  • Thanks again for this morning's awesome shows. The kids, the staff, everyone had a blast. As I left the building, several teachers congratulated me profusely for my choice. This was all due to your great talent and we (I) really appreciated your sharing it!  Warmest wishes for continued success in all your artistic efforts. Thanks to you too Whitney for organizing it all.
    Antonella Ligotino – Cultural Arts 
    Asher Holmes ES

    Morganville, NJ

  • The nature of the program leaves children wanting more. He respected our students and seemed to really enjoy their actions and reactions. He was encouraging and motivated for our students. After his visits MANY students told stories of actually using Garage Band and creating their own sound mixes.
    Kim Smith - Teacher/Assembly Coordinator
    Delta-Peach Bottom ES
    Delta, PA

  • Brent Daniels was energetic, engaging, and highly knowledgeable. The assembly was action packed from start to finish! Mr. Daniels has a great presentation style and sense of humor. He really got the students involved and held their attention. "Put your hands up!" if you had a blast with Brent Daniels and Music Technology! 
    Janine Wettstone - Special Education Paraeducator
    Delta-Peach Bottom ES
    Delta, PA

  • Mr. Daniels was very entertaining. The students were very focused on him and what he had to say the entire time. I thought he spoke appropriately that every student would be able to understand what he was presenting. I know the students enjoyed the assembly! Thank you for visiting our school.
    Ashley Glover - Teacher
    Delta-Peach Bottom ES
    Delta, PA

  • Excellent program.  A lot of students told me that they considered this program their best assembly this year.  Would recommend this program for other schools to consider.
    James Withrow - Music Teacher
    Delta-Peach Bottom ES
    Delta, PA

  • I just wanted to personally thank you for coming out to our school today. This is actually my first year teaching, and to say I've been struggling with motivating the kids in music (especially the 6th grade boys) would be an understatement. But to see the way all of my students were so engaged with your program this afternoon practically brought tears to my eyes. Now hopefully they don't expect a performance like that every music class, but I think they will be a little more inspired to do well. So thank you, for not only motivating my students, but also re-energizing my love and passion for teaching children music.
    Kiera Kradzinski - Music Teacher
    Octorara Intermediate School
    Atglen, PA

  • Brent's Show is probably the best show we've ever had here. I've been planning assemblies for 20 years. He engages the audience and creates a unique piece of art every time. The students love it and the staff are always amazed by it. Thanks Brent and Academic Entertainment.
    Carolyn Vierkorn - Music Therapist
    Genesee ISD
    Flushing, MI

  • Wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed you today. The kids and staff were raving about you and all you did. I posted on our school page to share with the parents.
    Jennifer Hughes - Teacher/PTO
    Elizabeth Avenue School
    Somerset, NJ

  • I wish I could have Brent Daniels come every year. The kids love him, the show is engaging, and it is so obvious how passionate he is about his work. The show introduces kids to a new way to think about music.
    Linda Trainor - Assembly Coordinator
    West Freehold School
    Freehold, NJ

  • Students and teachers loved this show, which was both educational and entertaining. All of the teachers want Brent back next year.
    Elissa Germaine - PTA
    Bedford Road School
    Pleasantville, NY

  • Brent Daniels is a true professional, from set-up to tear-down, his one-man presentation is the best -- efficient, reasonable-cost, relative to students, entertaining, engaging, and educational. Would love to have him return in five years (for a new set of students), and I would recommend him to any school administrator.
    Bruce Jennings - Principal 
    Bremen HS
    Bremen, IN

  • Brent Daniels of Music Technology, yet again, delivered a high energy, interactive, humorous and educational experience for our students!
    Dana Santarella - Cultural Arts Chair
    Glenwood ES
    Short Hills, NJ 

  • Thank you for an outstanding presentation. Your high energy and great talent with music managed to have every student and teacher engaged and enjoying the show. Your red ribbon message was perfect to celebrate our week long celebration of “Your Future Is Key, So Stay Drug Free”! I enjoyed working with you and Academic Entertainment. Working with Academic Entertainment was easy and would definitely recommend! Thank you.
    Donna Zinn - School Nurse
    South Lebanon ES
    Lebanon, PA

  • We had an amazing time and he was great! The students were engaged and had lots of fun. Looking forward to next years performance, Brent was amazing! We at I.S. 281 were so impressed at what one keyboard could do and the sound was incredible. Thank you so much!
    Christine DiMatteo - Parent Coordinator
    IS 281
    Brooklyn, NY

  • Brent did a great job explaining how sounds and words can become music. It was a fun, informative assembly which the students and staff enjoyed!
    Cynthia Hoenes-Saindon - PTO
    Stony Brook ES
    Pennington, NJ

  • We LOVED Brent Daniels. All the kids LOVED Brent Daniels. I highly recommend him. He really is amazing and positive with the kids and is great at explaining what he is teaching. All the kids were blown away and some thought it was the best assembly they had ever seen. So very pleased to have him come. Thank you for finding great talent.
    Susan Wagner - Assembly Chair
    Willard ES
    Concord, MA

  • Thank you for visiting our school this afternoon. The students will be talking about you and your show for a long time. You kept our teachers entertained with your talent and humor. Your name is buzzing right now and I wish I knew how many kids went home to play Garage Band after school. We really appreciate the fun program. You are the best assembly we have had here!
    Lynne Kylish
    Tamaques ES
    Westfield, NJ 

  • Thank you for taking part in our Science Day. The afternoon assembly is always our grand finale and you certainly fulfilled that role. Every staff member, student and parent that watched your performances were impressed!
    Anna Montaquila - PTA
    Woodcrest ES
    Cherry Hill, NJ  

  • What a fantastic school assembly program. Brent is amazing!!! We bring him back every other year!!!  This is the third time we've had him at our school and our students are so inspired by him!!!  Our students and staff absolutely love his presentation. He opens up students' eyes to possibilities they may never have considered were possible for their future. His message is great, his talents are unbelievable and he gets our students moving, laughing and singing. Thank you again for making the difference in the lives of our students!
    Patti Sotero - Principal
    Center Street ES
    Horseheads, NY 

  • Brent was awesome! Our students were so engaged. It was the highlight of our STEAM Day. Thank you!
    Lauren Young - Asst. Principal
    Nissitissit MS
    Pepperell, MA

  • Thank you so much for coming to Clara Byrd Baker Elementary in Williamsburg, VA. Our students loved the school assembly show and our principal said that it was the best show he has ever seen in a school! Thank you for being so engaging. Your slightly different delivery for the primary and secondary groups worked really well. My son and his friend came home and immediately downloaded Garage Band back on their ipads. They have been making music all night! Very cool. As for “Academic Entertainment”, thank you for being so great to work with. Everything from beginning to end, was seamless! We will be sure to call on you again and recommend your agency to other area schools.
    Rani Wachter - Cultural Arts
    Clara Byrd Baker ES
    Williamsburg, VA

  • This is the best assembly that we have had in years!
    Kristen O'Hara - Assistant Principal
    Round Hill ES
    Vienna, VA

  • Brent never disappoints! You can tell he enjoys working with the kids and has fun creating music on the spot using their voices. His talent really shines through and the kids are always amazed with his use of technology. He's on time, he's professional and he's a working artist.
    Thelma Halloran - Art Teacher
    Lyme-Old Lyme MS
    Old Lyme, CT

  • Teachers and students alike loved the show! Will definitely have Brent Daniels back again!
    Kathy Farrington - Librarian
    Ridge Park ES
    Conshohocken, PA

  • Brent was excellent with the students as he was last year. Informative fun and engaging. This year he also gave workshops which the students loved!
    Allan Schulenburg - Music Teacher
    Brewster ES
    Durham, CT

  • Best show ever - Brent Daniels is not only a gifted musician,but an awesome entertainer as well. Our students were dazzled by his presentation and ability to choreograph various digital sounds into a very upbeat song. Amazing!
    Chris Gensinger - Principal 
    Eisenhower School
    Warsaw, IN

  • The kids loved it, had a great time dancing and helping out. Interactive programs are the best! Thank you.
    Mary Hemmelman - Principal
    St. Emily School
    Mt. Prospect, IL

  • Thank you for being a part of our sixth annual career fair. Our students thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and we continue to look forward to your knowledge on music and sound. We appreciate your help in supporting Kaneland’s mission of graduating all students’ college, career, and community ready. Your time and effort has been extremely valuable and is very much appreciated.
    Kris Weiss - Assistant Principal
    Kaneland Harter MS
    Sugar Grove, IL

  • Brent Daniel's Music Technology was AWESOME!!!! I have received so many raving reviews from the teachers and students. We were so very impressed. This assembly was absolutely wonderful! Brent really kept the kids' attention and they laughed and danced and just loved the show. Brent is truly a gem! So kind and positive. Thanks so much - we look forward to booking him again in the future!
    Meg Cuccuini - Assemblies Coordinator
    Bear Tavern ES
    Titusville, NJ

  • Brent Daniels does an amazing job of detailing how musical production, namely sequencing, occurs in this digital age. The kids were fully engaged in this interactive demonstration and loved having their own sounds turned into a piece of music. This was our second time inviting Brent to our school and we definitely plan to bring him back in future years.
    Duane Case - Music Teacher
    The Haverford School
    Haverford, PA

  • Brent Daniels was amazing! The students (& teachers) were captivated from beginning to end. The assembly was fun, exciting & educational all at once. I would highly recommend this assembly to everyone.
    Kaitlyn Roebuck - PTO
    Broad Rock MS
    South Kingstown, RI

  • Thank you for your presentation. I've been volunteering and hosting enrichment programs for six years now and I don't think I have ever seen the students so engaged and participatory. Both of my daughters loved it and asked me to bring you back next year. I will be sure to bring back the rave reviews to the enrichment council and hope we get to work with you again soon!
    Shelley Thompson - Enrichment
    North Andover Public Schools
    North Andover, MA 

  • It was a fantastic show! The students were engaged and loved the music and participation. The teachers loved it as well, and had nothing but great things to say about it.
    Lori Brewster - PTA
    Meadowbrook ES
    East Meadow, NY

  • Brent Daniels's shows were phenomenal. The students LOVED learning about his digital sampler, recording sounds and having a dance party set to the music they made together. Even the teachers had a blast. People could not stop talking about it. Brent himself was incredibly easy to work with and great with the kids. He has a wonderful gift for music, performance and composition. It is incredible that he shares his talents with young children in this way. Would definitely invite him back in a heartbeat.
    Cindy Hudson - PTA
    Fork Lane School
    Hicksville, NY

  • Brent Daniels was fantastic at all our schools this week from grades K-6. His music and use of technology was inspirational. He had a great rapport with all kids from grades K-6 and he was very professional. Would highly recommend his program.
    Diane Nikolopoulos - Enrichment Council Chair
    North Andover Public Schools
    North Andover, MA

  • Brent was great! He kept the students engaged and entertained the whole time. There was a range of ages from pre-k to 7th grade and everyone was engaged, having fun and learning all at the same time! Such a great program. Thank you!
    Eileen Bonner - School Parent Committee
    The Saints Academy
    Beverly, MA

  • We all enjoyed the Music Technology school assembly today! I heard from so many kids and teachers about what a great assembly it was. Thanks for making us laugh and learn!
    Susan Autry - Academic Supervisor
    Oakwood School
    Annandale, VA

  • All four of my kids gave Music Technology with Brent Daniels rave reviews!
    Christy Vespa - Assembly Coordinator
    Washington School
    Nutley, NJ

  • Thank you so much for a wonderful Halloween school assembly. The feedback from the kids has been great!
    Eula Kozma - PTO
    KRES at New London
    New London, NH

  • Brent's assembly was by far the best school assembly we've ever had at the school! Kids, teachers, staff, and the principal were blown away!  Not only is Brent extremely talented at his craft but he kept all students, teachers, and staff engaged in his assembly. His sense of humor and passion for music was felt by all! Even our principal asked me “when” he is coming back, and not just “can” he come back! I truly felt that his 60 minutes with our school inspired a room full of kids to continue to work hard and find one’s passion whether it be in music or another area. Days later, the kids are still talking about the assembly! Thank you Brent!!!!
    Rhonda Seidman - Assembly Coordinator
    Thomas Fitzwater ES
    Willow Grove, PA

  • Loved the show. Faculty kept coming up and telling me it was the best show they've seen. It made me look good! 
    Meredith Brueckner - Cultural Arts
    Ocean Avenue ES
    Northport, NY

  • Brent is just fabulous! Funny and engaging for all ages, he knows exactly how to hold kids' attention and get the wiggles out. And the kids learn a lot about creating music using simple technology and everyday sounds.
    Kate Chanin - PTO
    Butler ES
    Mystic, CT

  • Brent was easy to communicate, kind, and a joy to work with. We had immediate positive feedback from the principal, teachers, and students. We will highly recommend this show to others.
    Cassie Conley - PTA
    Knollwood School
    Fair Haven, NJ

  • Thanks so much for performing at our school. You were a HUGE hit!  I have had teachers and students say it was the best yet!
    Melanie Quinn
    Central MS
    Edgewater, MD

  • Thank you so much for recommending Brent for our assembly. The students and teachers had so much fun! It was perfect!  You'll be hearing from me again to schedule shows for the next school year!
    Bonnie Jo Yoder - PTA
    South Abington ES
    Abington, PA 

  • Brent did an amazing job with this assembly. His ability to engage the students with his music and create a song using their voices was really special. All ages pre-K through 5 (and adults too!) loved it!
    Deanne Glenn - Teacher
    Bennett ES
    Point Pleasant, NJ

  • Brent did a fantastic job engaging the students at Washington Oak! His talent is exceptional and the students loved listening to the sounds their friends created. I would highly recommend Music Technology to any school or event looking for learning and fun! 
    Christine Mandese - Principal
    Washington Oak ES
    Coventry, RI 

  • I was so very impressed with Brent as were the Moms and the students, it was truly my all time favorite so far, I hope that there will be a way to be able to book him for our Breakfast with Dads next January, I mentioned it to Brent and hopefully, we can make it happen.
    Thank You So Much!
    Toni Daptula - Programs Chair
    George Wolf ES
    Bath, PA

  • Everyone loved Brent Daniels' presentations!
    Jill Smith - VP Programs
    McNamara ES
    Baldwinsville, NY

  • The students loved the Music Technology assembly. They were very excited to be active participants in the show a many of our assemblies lack that component. Brent was very engaging with the two groups of over 400 students. 
    Megan Sheeler - Teacher
    Northeast MS
    Reading, PA

  • Brent was amazing; thoroughly entertaining show and he worked well with our special education population. He was flexible about our space and his time; it was fun and informative. The staff felt it was definitely one of our best presentations. 
    Donna Hoffman - School Psychologist
    Maryville Jen School
    Des Plaines, IL

  • We loved Brent! The kids were so engaged and so were the adults. Absolutely amazing!  This was for our annual Bring Your Child to Work Day event. We had over 150 kids in attendance.
    Penny Taney - AVP
    USLI Insurance
    Wayne, PA

  • Brent was AMAZING and the entire school especially the teachers, administrators, and our Computer teacher loved this performance. 
    Ali Seeger - Cultural Arts Co-Chair
    Hartshorn ES
    Short Hills, NJ

  • Brent was amazing!! He knew how to engage all grades and all kids. We have a unique inclusionary school with a high percentage of students on the autism spectrum and he easily included them all!
    Pam Milman - PTO Cultural Chair
    Brown School
    Peabody, MA

  • He was wonderful. Would love to have him come back. Great personality and kids loved him.
    Caroline Schozer - Assistant Principal
    Seaford Harbor ES
    Seaford, NY

  • We thought he and the show were both fabulous!
    Suzanne Levy - Cultural Arts
    Hewlett ES
    Hewlett, NY

  • We had a fabulous experience with Brent Daniels Assembly and Workshops. Thanks so much for all you do to make events like this happen!
    Shelley Gnall - PTO
    Pequenakonck ES
    North Salem, NY

  • Brent Daniels performed a high-energy, entertaining, and educational show for our K-5 students. We had lots of student participation and the faculty members seemed impressed, too. This was a great experience for our students.
    Steven Vitolano - Assistant Principal
    Paumanok ES 
    Dix Hills, NY

  • Brent was amazing at sharing his talent and getting the kids enthusiastic about using technology to bring about creating and mixing sounds to make music. He also encouraged them by letting them know that they have everything they need to get started and to keep going!
    Candace Connell - Teacher/Enrichment Coordinator
    Dunbarton ES
    Dunbarton, NH

  • Brent was super! Thank you for your assistance in making our first school wide assembly of this school year such a great success. Our director was also happy with the interaction on social media. Thanks for always being on top of all the details. You are a very classy organization!
    Heather Brownell - Parent Association
    River Valley Charter School
    Newburyport, MA

  • Your performance and workshops were inspiring for us all. In the process, I am also confident you also helped support this years "Creation" Theme. You wowed my fourth grade daughter who announced at dinner, "He was so cool! I want him to come back!" Something tells me we will see you again soon. Thanks for sharing your talents. It was great having you.
    Julie Corcoran - Cultural Enrichment
    Brookwood School
    Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA 

  • Brent Daniels was wonderful. There was a boy who just couldn’t stay sitting in his seat. Brent brought him up on stage. When he was called, he couldn’t help but run up to the front, even though he was supposed to walk. Brent handled this student so well. Brent was able to calm him down; it was so amazing!  Brent even let him push the key on the keyboard, when he normally doesn’t allow that. At the end of the day, Brent just saved this student’s self-esteem. This is a boy who can’t seem to do anything right, can’t sit still, runs not walks, following the rules, etc. He just has music in his body, and can’t stop moving. Brent was able to bring out the musical talent in this student, and by the end of his time on stage, all the students were cheering for him. He got so much praise from his peers about how well he did, and they all loved what Brent mixed with his beat. But it was as if all of a sudden, a community that couldn’t contain the child that was too wild, was now recognized as a part of the community. He’s no longer a bull in a china shop. He’s recognized as part of the community, and a contributing member. He’s being recognized for his talent!  Brent also was very conscious of including those students who were more diverse than the majority Caucasian population of our school. It was less intimidating for those students to be brought up on stage all together. Brent is masterful about what he can do to transform kids and help every student shine. Brent gave them so many compliments for their contributions and made them feel so good about what they did. We would love to bring Brent back to our school and we’ll mention his workshops too. Brent’s amazing at what he does, whatever his magic is. It’s not just musical talent. He’s saving kids self-worth for the entire year of school, and maybe their whole lives. Kids that couldn’t cooperate or contribute or handle anything before, now are part of a community. And it was just incredible! 
    Sonya Boesse - Arts Enrichment
    Hoosac Valley ES
    Adams, MA

  • Brent was awesome and the kids (and teachers) had a wonderful time!
    Keriann Hespeler - PTA
    Harding Avenue ES
    Lindenhurst, NY

  • Thank you for your visit, you were a big hit! I thought you'd like to know that there has been a wave of posts on our PTA Facebook Page to the tune of, "My child loved the assembly and wants to record music now! What keyboard can I buy?"! Thank you so much for bringing something new and different to our school!
    Kristin Fusaro - PTA
    Albany Avenue ES
    Lindenhurst, NY

  • I sat in on the assembly and it was absolutely wonderful. My son (kindergarten) was delighted and has taught his younger brother the songs from the show. The children all seemed highly engaged and Brent Daniels interacted with them in a way that was fun, funny, and educational. 
    Jasmine Parthasarathy - PTO
    Goodyear ES
    Woburn, MA

  • Brent was punctual, professional, and engaging with the students. He made it fun while teaching about music technology. Teachers and students had a blast!
    Elena Blanco Pastor - Parent Organizer
    Our Lady of the Lake School
    Verona, NJ

  • The students loved this performance, it was nice to see them laughing and having a good time. Both the students and I enjoyed listening to the music they created, it was hysterical. I would recommend this performance to other schools in our district. 
    Ann Feldman - Arts in Education
    Oaks School 3
    Oceanside, NY

  • Brent Daniels provided an amazing, informational and entertaining assembly for the entire school. It was great fun. 
    Jennifer Garber - PTA
    Memorial ES
    East Brunswick, NJ

  • Brent always puts on an informative, engaging, fun show for the kids. He shows them that they, too, can create the sounds he's creating with their own devices. They have a blast dancing and making their own sounds which he turns into a song for everyone. This is one we have back every single year! 
    Matt Younghans - Principal
    Little Tor ES
    New City, NY

  • Brent Daniels was quite a hit at New Salem Elementary School!   He enthusiastically shared his amazing talents with all of our K-4 students.  We were extremely impressed with his ability to bring his skill set to a level of understanding for these young learners.  Active participation was also a valuable addition to the 1 hour show. Thank you very much for the show!  It was fantastic!!
    Robert Shick - Principal
    New Salem ES
    York, PA

  • Everyone loved it and had a great time. Thanks!
    Scott Kacpura - PTO 
    New Salem ES
    York, PA

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