Math Magical

An elementary math school assembly designed to get your students excited about math!

Virtual/Online Option Available!

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Math Magical is also available online with a Live-stream via Zoom. This virtual math school assembly program will get your elementary students pumped up about mathematics. Math Magical Live Stream is a high-energy, elementary virtual math show, that touches upon addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, probability, and more. Plus it’s customized according to grade levels and student development!

• Live Zoom, up to 300 students/screens
• Please divide large schools of students into split grades, ex. K-2, 3-5, so the presenter may target content and delivery to the appropriate age group

Click HERE to Watch: Penn Jillette endorses Brian Richards’ Virtual Comedy/Magic School/Camp Shows!

Elementary Math School Assembly Show

Do you want your students excited about math? Do you want them thinking math is awesome…even cool? Magician Brian Richards has designed a math school assembly program to get your elementary students pumped up about mathematics. Math Magical is a high energy elementary math show, that touches upon addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, probability, and more. Plus it’s customized according to grade levels and student development!

Using magic, comedy, and other tools of the trade, Brian will help your kids discover that not only is math fun, but they need to Study Math To Be On A Better Path. Brian Richards will also teach your students a cool magic trick that will sharpen their math skills. They will be able to take this trick home and wow their friends and families. Bring Math Magical assembly show to your school and get your students excited about Math!

With the perfect blend of entertainment and educational content, Brian Richards’ assemblies are loved by students and teachers alike.  His ability to communicate a positive message and motivate children has made him one of the most popular presenters in the country.

Math Magical School Assembly Set-up Datasheet

Audience:  K-6    Capacity:  400
Presentation Time: 45 minutes           
Set-Up Time: 45 minutes. Please ensure performance space is clear and empty of classes during set-up time.                  
Take-Down Time: 30 minutes

Presentation Area:  Brightly lit performance space; minimum area of 8 ft. x 14 ft. Performance space can be stage or floor-level; floor level is preferred. If performance space is floor level, please seat students on the floor and not in chairs. If the performance area is a stage please make sure there are stairs for easy volunteer access to the performance area.

Assembly Requirements: Depending on your location, you may be asked to provide a PA system with RCA-jack input.  Nearby electrical outlet or extension cord. 

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Make Students EXCITED about Math! 

Get your students pumped up about mathematics!  In this 45-minute, high energy show, students will learn about addition, subtraction, multiplication, divisions, fractions, probability, and more!  

Students will think math is awesome….and COOL!

Using magic, comedy, and other tools or the trade, Brian will help your students discover that not only is math fun, but they need to Study Math to Be on a Better Path. Students will also learn a cool magic trick that will sharpen their math skills. They will be able to take the trick home and wow their families and friends! 

Every Math Magical show is customized according to grade levels and student development.

Brian brings his own backdrop, a state of the art sound system, and everything your students will need to get excited about Math!  This program is great for a  gym, cafeteria, auditorium, or large classroom. 

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Teacher Discussion Guide (PDF)

(The following questions are best used in classrooms following the assembly program)

  1. What was your favorite part of the assembly? Allow students to share their favorite part of the program.
  2. Brian Richards said that he believes math is three things. Can you remember what they were? FUN, EVERYWHERE and IMPORTANT.
  3. What was the main point of the assembly and what does it mean? Study Math To Be On A Better Path. (write on board for all to see and reinforce photographic learning)
  4. How can you work harder in math? Allow students to discuss ideas.
  5. How will studying math help you be more successful?  Allow students to discuss ideas.
  6. Hand out math magic trick page and allow students time to try the trick in class, or invite them to take it home and learn the trick on their own.

(Check out for some fun math magic tricks!)

Math Magic Trick and Instructions (PDF)

Download a Printable PDF of this Datasheet

  • Once again, our students loved the experience! This was our third experience this year and we love Academic Entertainment. Our performer Brian was vey professional and made it very easy to get set up. The performance was both educational and informative. We love when the entertainers ask the crowd questions, and teach them a "trick" or a take-away. We are highly satisfied. 
    Leana Cantrell - Events Planning Technician
    Kings County Office of Education
    Lemoore, CA

    Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful virtual assembly this morning! I already had many teachers reach out to me saying how engaging and fun it was. I hope to work with you again in the future!  I have to tell you - he was phenomenal. Funny, engaging, and a great show overall. Thank you to Whitney and Brad for all your assistance in getting these assemblies booked and done. Will definitely work with you again!
    Maria Manzo - Teacher
    Catrambone School
    Long Branch, NJ

  • Brian was easy to communicate with, organized, and professional. Our students loved the magic tricks and especially liked that they learned a magic trick to do on their own, too.  My kids loved his silliness and playing games together.
    Alaina Kennedy - Teacher
    Hayes ES
    Westland, MI

    We enjoyed the Virtual Math Magical show. My students were all smiles!
    Jeff Maljian - Principal
    Willard ES
    Rosemead, CA

  • The virtual presentations this morning were perfect! Our scholars and scholar leaders all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 
    Edward La Pierre - Literacy Coach
    University ES
    Irvington, NJ

    The kids really enjoyed Virtual Math Magical. Thank you!
    Cheryl Chatterton - PTA
    Dickinson Avenue ES
    East Northport, NY

  • I thought the show was great! It's hard to do a virtual show. The kids seemed to really enjoy it (as I was told from the teachers). The Live Q&A Was awesome!
    Randi Fagen - PTA
    Robbins Lane ES
    Syosset, NY

    The virtual show was amazing. The students wanted to try the tricks themselves. Thanks!
    Diane Smith - Teacher
    Miami Heights ES
    Miami, FL

  • My students absolutely loved the assembly.  They were engaged, had fun, and were extremely pumped up about math when they left.  We had our math night a few days later and ended up having the largest turn out ever!
    Melissa Esquivel 
    Ronald Regan ES
    Chowchilla, CA 

    The feedback from the kids and staff was awesome, everyone loved and enjoyed the show. We look forward to next year!
    Victoria Calderon – PTO 
    Covington School
    Oak Lawn, IL


  • This guy was a great presenter.  His presence in the room commanded all student attention.  Great pacing, delivery, and student interactions.
    Chuck Ament - AP
    Sparks ES
    Sparks, MD

  • The kids were highly engaged. The show was lively, fast-paced and fun!  Thank you!
    Debbie Minkle - Teacher
    Lynch ES
    St. Petersburg, FL

  • Many, many teachers reported to me that they and their students absolutely LOVED Brian's assembly!  Who knew math could be fun?!  Brian was punctual, professional, and was a dynamic presenter.
    Sherry McKeever - Secretary
    Woodland Elementary East
    Gages Lake, IL

  • Brian arrived on time, set up quickly and was wildly entertaining and highly academic in his performance! Highly recommend.
    Jacqueline Petras - Teacher
    John P. Faber ES
    Dunellen, NJ

  • The feedback from the staff was overwhelmingly positive. I asked the staff if they would recommend the presentation. Some comments include the following:
    1) YES! This was a man who knew his audience and knew how to capture their attention. If the kids got loud or overly excited, he knew how to bring them down a notch. He was awesome!
    2) I thought he was great. Students were engaged and enjoyed it. It was the perfect amount of time.
    3) My class loved it! They were talking about it after and trying to figure out how he did his tricks! I think it embedded math concepts in a way that the students didn’t even realize that they were learning they just thought they were having fun! It was also great that it had music and he interacted with the audience constantly! I hope definitely recommend it!
    4) Yes! The students really enjoyed it and talked about it all day. He had great control over their behavior as well. I think it would be great to do in the beginning of the year to really emphasize the importance of math.
    5) I thought it was fantastic!! He was very engaging and did really fun stuff all while the kids were learning. He had wonderful audience control and was able to keep the kids focused and quiet when it was time to be quiet. I would absolutely recommend him and hope that we will have him back next year!
    6) My kids really enjoyed the presentation "Math Magical". I definitely thought he kept them engaged the entire time. It was a great way to wrap up the year, plus they learned something from it!
    7) I enjoyed the presentation. He had good behavior management and kept the kids engaged. The tricks were fun, and it was good that math was emphasized, especially probability.

    Kathleen Hyland - Principal
    Northwest ES
    Amityville, NY

  • Our students loved the Math Magical school assembly with Brian Richards!
    Angie Larose – Instructional Coach
    Chandler ES
    Chandler, MA

  • Brian came to two of our schools. The feedback was amazing. He was professional, engaging, funny, interactive, and informative. Perfect for our needs! The students, teachers and principals loved him and the program. They thought it was amazing and were so happy with it. He gave a great speech about how math effects our every day lives and the kids actually went home and spoke with their parents about the assembly. Highly recommend and I would be happy to have him back again!

    One of the principals wrote to me and also said the students loved it. The teachers loved how engaged the kids were and even saw students making connections to the assembly in their classrooms later in the day. We think he did a really good job of balancing fun/learning, which can be difficult to do. We also posted some pictures on Facebook and Twitter to reach parents/community members. Thanks for your work in setting up this assembly. We've only heard positive things.

    We hope our next program with Academic Entertainment is just as good! Thank you for all your help! 

    Rachel Katz-Galatt - PTA
    Woodside ES and Roberge ES
    River Vale, NJ 

  • The assembly was great. Thanks for the recommendation! The presenter was very professional. Both students and staff raved about the performance! Thank you!!
    Jessica Butrico - PTSO
    Riley ES
    South Plainfield, NJ

  • My son has been talking about your show that he saw today at Mt Harmony Elementary all evening! Thank you so much for the show today. I have not seen my son this excited about a school program....ever!
    Erin Ward - Parent
    Mt. Harmony ES
    Owings, MD 

  • Brian was amazing. Our students and teachers alike very much enjoyed the show. Would love to have him back to our school again. Such a wonderful program!!!
    Jenna Crovo - Enrichment Coordinator
    Amvet Boulevard ES
    North Attleboro, MA

  • Brian and the content of the Math Magical show were fantastic. He was both educational and entertaining Brian used student volunteers in all of the bits. He kept our entire school engaged. We will almost certainly have Brian back again.
    Paul Warehem - Assistant Head of Lower School
    Calvert School
    Baltimore City, MD

  • Brian was fantastic! Due to a snow storm, we had to reschedule. Not only was he willing to reschedule, he was able and willing to adapt his show to include reading. The children and parents loved him!!!!!! He is so captivating!
    Michelle Rodden - Math Coach
    Penn Hills ES
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • We loved it and the kids were so engaged! 
    Angela Barra - Teacher
    Oak View ES
    Fairfax, VA

  • Everything about the assembly was perfect from start to finish. Brian's show was amazing. All teachers were impressed by his excellent show and rapport with students!
    Jennifer Gilliland - Teacher
    Swiftwater Elementary Center
    Swiftwater, PA

  • I watched both shows and absolutely loved them. I can not wait to hear feedback from teachers and students!
    Neera Kohli - Principal
    Grand Terrace ES
    Grand Terrace, CA

  • Brian was wonderful and really engaging. The kids laughed and wanted to be a part of the show. 
    Brea D'Angelo - Principal
    Hatboro-Horsham SD
    Horsham, PA

    Brian did an amazing job!  I was riveted to the screen for the entire show!
    Moureen Bailey - Admin. Asst. to the Asst. Supt.
    Hatboro-Horsham SD
    Horsham, PA