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Empower your campers with humorous and whimsical poetry. Award winning poet and author, Darren Sardelli teaches, inspires, and sets imaginations on fire!

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What if gum grew on the sidewalk? What if basketballs were square?

What if microscopic monkeys built their houses on your hair?

What if pumpkins wore pajamas? What if grizzly bears could ski?...

You’d be in Darren Sardelli’s world of Laugh A LOT Poetry!

Award winning poet and author, Darren Sardelli teaches, inspires, and sets imaginations on fire! He is on a mission to change the world, one poem at a time.

Darren has a unique gift for showing kids of all ages the funny and cool side of poetry. He will perform his humorous poems and share his inspirational story. Campers will hear how he discovered poetry and became an author, demonstrating that amazing things can be accomplished by working hard and believing in yourself.

Darren helps kids tap into their creativity and open their imaginations, showing them that a lot can be done with just one idea. Through Darren’s empowering poetry and inspirational words, campers will start thinking creatively and discover positive ways to express themselves.

Throughout the program, the audience have opportunities to participate and interact with Darren in the creative process. Darren’s poems are packed with punch lines to keep kids laughing and at the edge of their seats during the entire program. By the end, campers walk away feeling confident, inspired, uplifted and ready to write down their own poetry and their own ideas.

Assemblies for K-2 | 3-5 | MS | HS

Letter A PoemLAUGH A LOT POETRY (Assemblies that Teach, Inspire, & Set Imaginations on Fire!)

Darren Sardelli has a unique gift for showing campers (of all ages) the cool and funny side of poetry. During an assembly, Darren performs his humorous poems for the crowd, talks about who and what inspires him, shares the inspirational story of how he became an author, shows kids how writing can be used as a creative outlet, and demonstrates the amazing things that people can accomplish by working hard and believing in themselves. By the end of the day, campers are eager to talk about Darren's poems, jot down their ideas, and write poetry on their own!

*Darren's K-2 assembly & 3rd-5th grade assembly are two entirely different shows. He helps younger kids understand what poetry is and shows older kids how powerful poetry can be.

*Optional All School Assembly is available although splitting upper/lower grades is recommended.

*K-2nd 45 Minutes | 3rd-5th 45-60 Minutes Up to 5 presentations per day

During my K-2 assembly, I help campers understand what poetry means and what a poem actually is (in a fun way they can relate to). I get on their level and talk about the authors who inspired me, where I get my ideas from, the creative things I've done with my ideas, I show kids the colorful books my poems are published in, and perform my humorous, whimsical, and entertaining poetry for the crowd. Each poem requires some type of participation or activity... kids try to figure out the answers to my poetry riddles, answer fun question that relate to my poems, recite and sing poems with me, become animated characters in my poems, and respond (line by line) to my Yes or No poems. My high energy, charisma, and enthusiasm keep them focused and engaged the entire time.

During my 3rd-5th grade assembly, I talk about who inspired me to start writing, where I get my ideas from, how I first got published (an inspirational story), what we can do with a single idea, ask the kids questions that help them tap into their creativity, and I act out my humorous & whimsical poems for the crowd. My assembly is extremely interactive... I engage the kids in various ways. The poems I perform are packed with metaphors, similes, alliteration, personification, imagery, hyperbole's, and other figures of speech. My punchlines, unique points of view, and surprise endings keep the kids on the edges of their seats. By the end of my show, they'll have a new appreciation for reading, writing, and poetry!

LAUGH A LOT POETRY (Empowering Poetry Presentations for MS/HS)

Award winning poet and author, Darren Sardelli, uses humor as a tool to capture the attention of middle and high school youth. They are drawn to his surprise endings, hysterical punchlines, outstanding use of alliteration, clever thought process, and positive energy. He performs poems that middle school students relate to and talks to them like adults. During his presentation, he shares the inspirational story of how he became an author, shows students how writing can be used as a creative outlet, talks about the power of positive thinking, and gives students a strong sense that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. By the end of a presentation, many students have a new understanding, appreciation, and love for poetry and life.

*45-60 Minutes Up to 5 presentations per day

Workshops for PrK-12 | Skype | Educators | Family Night | Parp

Doggy Ate My Essay PoemPRE-K POETRY PARTY (Interactive Poetry Shows for Pre-K Students)

Celebrate literacy with award winning poet and children's book author, Darren Sardelli. Darren's PRE-K POETRY PARTY is an interactive poetry presentation that teaches Pre-K kids about rhythm as they clap their hands and dance to the beats of his poems. Each poem takes them on an exciting adventure... they'll surf on a rainbow ocean, play fetch with an invisible puppy, sing and act out poems with Darren, figure out the answers to fun poetry riddles, and become characters in Darren's poems. This exhilarating, educational show is the perfect way to introduce poetry to Pre-K kids!

*30 Minutes 1-2 Classes optimal

BUILD-A-POEM WORKSHOPS (Poetry Workshops for K-5th graders)

BUILD-A-POEM WORKSHOPS are specifically designed for K-5th graders. During a workshop, Darren teaches kids how to spice up their writing with humor, creativity, and imagination. After a short brain storming activity, Darren combines the kids ideas with his own and writes an amazing rhyming poem with them. While writing the poem, he shows kids how to paint pictures with words, describe objects in extraordinary ways, and demonstrates how powerful ideas can be . By the end of the workshop, they’ll have a fun, creative, imaginative poem that everyone is excited about.

*45-60 Minutes 1-2 Classes per presentation optimal Up to 5 presentations per day

EXPRESS YOURSELF! (Writing Workshops for 6th-8th graders)

EXPRESS YOURSELF! is a writing workshop for 6th-8th graders. Darren encourages kids to write about what they love, people who inspire them, things that get them excited, what they fear, and the emotions they’re feeling inside. He kicks off each workshop by performing captivating and compelling poems for the crowd... which get kids in the mood to write. As they are writing, Darren gives them direction and offers suggestions... guiding them to help their poems stand out. During the last 5 minutes, kids volunteer to read their new poem to their classmates. Many kids leave Darren's workshop with a hunger to write more poetry.

*45-60 Minutes 1-2 Classes per presentation optimal Up to 5 presentations per day

THE POWER OF WRITING! (Motivational Writing Workshops for HS Students)

THE POWER OF WRITING! is a motivational workshop specifically designed for high school students. Darren shows students how writing can raise their self-esteem, boost their confidence, and inspire them in ways they've never imagined. By talking about his success as a poet, author, and publisher, Darren demonstrates how powerful writing can be. After hearing some of some of Darren’s captivating and compelling poems, the students participate in an enlightening writing activity that’s guaranteed to get them thinking in a creative direction!

*45-60 Minutes 1-2 Classes per presentation optimal Up to 5 presentations per day

Skype with The Funniest Poet in School!

A Skype visit from an author can be just as exciting as a school visit. In fact, there are many advantages to Skyping with Darren... the students get a chance to interact, one on one, with him, a smaller group setting allows everyone to participate in his presentation, and he can answer everyone's questions and ask them questions as well. During a Skype session, Darren shows students his poetry books, talks about where he gets his ideas from, performs his humorous and whimsical poems for the crowd, gives tips on how to write creative poetry, and acts out poetry with students. It's an inspiring day for everybody! Giggles guaranteed!!!

*45-60 Minutes 1-2 Classes per presentation optimal Up to 5 presentations per day

POETRY MADE SIMPLE! (Interactive Poetry Workshops for Educators)

Ever since Darren Sardelli visited his first school, he's made it his mission in life to make poetry entertaining and exciting for people of all ages. In this workshop, Darren talks about his journey as an author, performs his humorous and whimsical poems for the crowd, gives tips on how to make poetry interesting (in the classroom), shows educators different ways to teach poetry, and breaks down the writing process in a fun and enjoyable way. Darren has a gift for getting adults to tap into their imaginations and feel like a kid again!

*90 Minutes * Conferences, Reading Councils, Keynote Presentations, & More

FAMILY POETRY NIGHT (A Hysterical Poetry Show for the Entire Family)

FAMILY POETRY NIGHT is a family show that combines poetry, comedy, motivational speaking, interaction, and fun. During a show, Darren engages students and their parents in various ways... they might ask and answer questions related to his poems, figure out his poetry riddles, act out and sing Darren's poems together, contribute ideas for an On-The-Spot Freestyle Poem, and laugh hysterically at his hilarious punchlines & surprise endings. Throughout the night, Darren shares the incredible story of why he started writing poetry, talks about the power of acting on ideas, and shows the audience the colorful books his poems are featured in. This program brings families together and keeps them on the edge of their seats the entire time!

*45-60 Minutes (Followed by a book signing)

PARP - Kick off PARP with an Award Winning Poet & Author!

Kick off PARP with an energetic poet who leaves students with a new appreciation for reading and writing! Darren Sardelli shows young people the cool side of poetry. He makes students feel important, instills confidence in them, and helps them realize how valuable they truly are. Not only does he empower them with his creative poetry and inspiring words, he also teaches them how to express themselves in positive ways. Darren's PARP programs are known to delight, excite, and ignite imaginations!

*45-60 Minutes Assemblies OR Workshops 1-2 Classes optimal Up to 5 presentations per day


Taking a Test PoemWelcome to my world of Laugh A Lot Poetry! When I started writing poetry in college, I was afraid to show my poems to people. In fact, I had a really bad case of stage fright. If I had to do any type of public speaking, my hands would shake, my heart would race, and I'd talk faster than I could think. It wasn't a pretty sight. I never thought I'd be able to stand in front a crowd and share my poems with anyone. In 2004, after being published for the first time, a principal, on Long Island, invited me to her school. At first, I was extremely hesitant to go, but she convinced me to give it a shot. I spent 10 minutes in each classroom (reading my poems to her students) and was utterly blown away by how much they enjoyed my poetry! Every single class wanted to hear more of my poems. This experience gave me the confidence to visit more classrooms. As time passed on, I put together a program, Laugh A Lot Poetry, which has become extremely popular with students, educators, and parents. It baffles me, to this day, that English and Art were my 2 worst subjects in elementary school, middle school, high school, and believe it or not, college. I used to think English and Art were my greatest weaknesses, but, over time, I discovered these 2 subjects are actually my greatest strengths. We never know what we're capable of until we try. So, I encourage each and every one of you to face one of your fears. As soon as you face it, you're going to realize how powerful you truly are!

When I was a boy, I wasn’t a fan of reading and writing. I was a slow reader and never had the desire to write for fun. School was no picnic either. I tended to get distracted very easily, which resulted in day dreaming and finding new ways to disrupt the class. When my teachers called on me, I usually had no idea what they were talking about. I was always in a world of my own.

Although I studied for all of my tests and handed in my homework on time, I did not like doing these things. I’d rather be riding my bike, playing hockey with my friends (at Apple Park), or beating my favorite video games. You might find this ironic, but English and Art were always my worst subjects.

During my freshman year of college, I had to take a creative writing course. I wasn’t crazy about it at the time, but once I started writing, I kind of enjoyed it. Unfortunately, my professor said my stories were ridiculous and would never go anywhere. My biggest mistake was listening to what he had to say. I never thought about writing again until 2 ½ years later.

During the 2nd semester of my junior year (Loyola University in Maryland), I started thinking about life after college. At that time, the only thing I wanted to do was play in the National Hockey League. If I couldn’t do that, I wanted to find a job that made me happy. After brain storming a few possible careers, I thought about writing books for children. This was the first time, in my life, I thought about writing as a hobby or career. That night, I had an inspirational dream that put me on the path to writing. As soon as I woke up, I sat down at my desk and wrote my first poem. To my surprise, I really enjoyed writing it. From that day on, I began to write down my thoughts and ideas in an idea book.

Today, I have over 90 Idea Books filled with ideas for poetry, stories, songs, movies, TV shows, commercials, greeting cards, businesses, jingles, and much, much more!

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