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Empower students with whimsical and hilarious poetry. Award winning author and poet, Darren Sardelli teaches, inspires, and sets imaginations on fire!

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Darren Sardelli is an award-winning writer, poet and author that teaches, inspires, and sets imaginations on fire! He is on a mission to change the world, one poem at a time.

Darren has a special gift for showing students of all ages the funny and cool parts of poetry. During the Laugh A LOT Poetry School Assembly, Darren will perform his hilarious poems and share his inspirational story. Students will hear how he discovered poetry and became an author, demonstrating that amazing things can be accomplished with hard work and believing in yourself.

Darren helps students tap into their creativity and open their imaginations, showing them that a lot can be done with just one idea. Through Darren’s empowering poetry and inspirational words, students will start thinking creatively and discover positive ways to express themselves.

Throughout the Laugh A LOT Poetry program, students have opportunities to participate and interact with Darren in the creative process. Darren’s poems are packed with punch lines to keep students laughing and engaged during the entire assembly show. By the end, students walk away feeling confident, inspired, uplifted and ready to write their own poetry and to write down their own ideas.

Poetry Assemblies for K-2 | 3-5 | MS | HS

Letter A Poem

Laugh A LOT Poetry School Assembly Teaches, Inspires, and Sets Imaginations on Fire!

During Darren's poetry school assemblies, he will use his unique gift to show students of all ages the funny and cool sides of poetry. During the Laugh A LOT Poetry assembly program, Darren performs his hilarious poems for your students. He will share more about who and what inspires him. He will also tell his inspirational story of how he became an author, showing students poetry and writing can be an outlet for their creativity. Through his inspirational story, Darren also demonstrates amazing things can be accomplished with hard work and believing in yourself. By the end of this engaging and inspiring poetry school assembly, students are walking away talking about poetry and their own original ideas. Students become eager to write down their own personal thoughts and ideas and to start writing poetry all on their own!

*The Laugh A LOT Poetry assembly for Grades K-2 is entirely different than the assembly for Grades 3-5.  Darren will help your younger students  understand what poetry is. With older students, Darren will show them more about how powerful poetry can be.

*An Optional All-School Poetry Assembly is available. However, it is highly recommended to split up younger and older grades into two or more separate assembly programs.

Grades K-2. Elementary poetry assembly. 45 minutesStudents will gain an understanding of what poetry really means and what a poem is (in a fun and easy-to-understand format). Darren will talk to students about authors who have inspired him, where he gets his ideas from, and the creative things he has done with his ideas. Darren will also show students the colorful books his poems are published in, and he will perform his hilarious, whimsical, and engaging poetry for the entire audience. Each of Darren's poems includes some type of activity or required crowd-participation. Students may try to figure out the answers to some of his poetry riddles, answer some fun questions relating to his poems, recite and sing some of his poems with him, respond line-by-line to Yes or No poems, or even become an animated character during his poetry readings!  Darren's charisma, energy, and enthusiasm keep students focused and engaged through the entire Laugh A LOT Poetry assembly.

Grades 3-5. Elementary poetry assembly. 45-60 minutesStudents will learn more about who inspired Darren to start writing, where he gets his ideas from, and the inspirational story of how Darren first got published.  Darren will share with students what can be done with just one idea, and he will ask them questions that help them tap into their creativity.  Darren will also recite and act-out his extremely hilarious poems for the students in various highly interactive ways to keep them engaged.  Darren's programs are packed with punchlines, metaphors, alliteration, similes, personification, hyperbole, imagery, and many other literary devices.  Darren's unique point of view, and the funny surprise endings to his stories, keep students on the end of their chairs. Laugh A LOT Poetry is designed to help students tap into their creativity, allowing them to eventually discover their hidden talents and gifts. Towards the end, Darren will talk about the power of a single idea, encouraging everyone to write down their ideas every day. His goal is to leave students intrigued and inspired! By the end of his elementary school assembly, your students have a renewed appreciation for reading, writing, literature, and poetry!  

Grades 6-12. Middle and High school empowering poetry assembly. 45-60 minutes.  In his poetry assembly for middle schools and high schools, Darren uses comedy and humor as a vehicle to engage your students and capture their attention.  Middle school and high school students are drawn to Darren's surprise endings, his hilarious punchlines and use of alliteration, his clever and thoughtful creative process, and his positive and electric energy.  Darren performs poems that your older students will relate to and he speaks to them like they are adults.  During the middle school and high school poetry assembly, Darren shares his inspirational story of how we was published and became an author. He'll teach students how writing can be an outlet for creativity, he will talk about the power of a positive mental attitude and positive thinking, and he will give your students a strong message that they are able to achieve anything they put their minds to.  By the end of his empowering poetry presentation, many students have a new understanding of poetry and of life. They'll have a new appreciation and love for both writing, literature, and poetry, as well as their lives ahead into the future. 

Poetry Workshops for PrK-12 | Skype | Educators | Family Night | PARP

Doggy Ate My Essay Poem

Interactive PrK Poetry Party Show. 30 minutes.

In this classroom-sized interactive poetry show for preschool students, Darren introduces literature and poetry in a fun and unique way. Students will learn the basics of rhythm as they put their hands together and stomp their feet, clapping their hands and dancing to the beat of Darren's spoken-word poetry.  Each of Darren's poems takes preschool students on an exciting adventure. They will surf on top of an ocean made of a rainbow and they will throw a ball for an invisible dog.  Students will also sing and act out Darren's poems with him, work together in trying to figure out the answers to his funny poetry jokes and riddles, and they'll even become characters in the poems themselves.  This is an educational and exhilarating experience and a fantastic way to give the youngest learners an introduction to reading, writing, and poetry.  

Build A Poem. Grades K-5 Elementary Poetry Workshops. 45-60 minutes.

Classroom-sized interactive poetry workshops specifically designed for elementary school students in grades K-5. Darren teaches students how to liven up their writing with comedy, creativity, and imagination. First, a short brainstorm. Then, Darren combines the ideas of all the students with his own and together they write a rhyme. While writing the rhyme poem, students learn how to produce visual imagery and paint pictures with their words. They also learn unique ways to describe things with written words and they gain an understanding of how powerful one idea can be.  By the end of the interactive elementary poetry workshop, your students will have written a creative, fun, and funny poem that everyone is proud of and excited about sharing.  

Express Yourself! Grades 6-8. Middle and Junior High School Writing Workshop. 45-60 minutes.

In this writing workshop for middle school and junior high school students, Darren supports and encourages your students in writing about things they love, individuals who inspire them, what drives them and excites them, their fears, and other emotions they are internally experiencing.  Students start each workshop with a compelling and captivating performance by Darren, inspiring them and getting them ready to write.  As students begin writing, Darren provides suggestions and offers direction in guiding them in efforts to make their poems unique and to stand out.  In the final five minutes of the middle school and junior high school writing workshop, student volunteers will read their original poetry work to their peers.  Many leave the Express Yourself poetry writing workshop with a drive and desire to write even more.  

Power of Writing! Grades 9-12. Motivational High School Writing Workshop. 45-60 minutes.

Darren's motivational writing workshop was created just for high school and older students. He will teach your students how writing can boost their self-worth and self-esteem, improve their confidence, and inspire and uplift them in ways they never knew were possible.  In sharing the story of his success as a poet, publisher, and author, Darren will show your students just what is the power of writing. After your students hear Darren's compelling story and captivating poetry, they will engage and participate in an introspective writing activity that will enlighten them and steer them toward creative thinking in all aspects of their studies and life.  

Silly Skype! Chat with the World's Most Funny Poet. Grades K-12. 45-60 minutes.

Any kind of live visit from an author is exciting, even if it's online!  Take advantage of all the benefits of technology and allow your students an opportunity to talk one-on-one or in a small-group setting with an award-winning author and poet. Students will interact with Darren, allowing all present a chance to participate in the session, and enabling Darren to answer questions, and to reciprocate by asking his own questions of the students.  During an online session, Darren shows students his published work and books, he tells where he gets his inspiration and ideas, he performs a few favorite pieces of poetry, acts-out poetry along with your students, and gives them some tips on how to make their poems even more unique and creative.  Skype Sessions with Darren Sardelli are inspirational for all, and the giggles and laughs are guaranteed!  

Poems Made Simple. Poetry Workshops for Teachers and Educators. 90 minutes.

Darren is on a mission to make poetry exciting and entertaining for people of every age. In this interactive poetry workshop for teachers, Darren shares the story of his journey to becoming an author. He performs his hilarious poetry for your teachers, and provides them some tips and tricks for how to make the subject and study of poetry more exciting and interesting for their students in the classroom.  Educators and teachers will learn varied ways to teach about poetry, and Darren will also work with the group to break down further the writing and creative process in an enjoyable and engaging way.  Darren has a genuine knack and talent for encouraging adults to open up and tap into their creativity and imaginations.  He'll make your teachers feel like they're kids again!  Poetry Workshops for Educators are great for Conferences, Keynotes, Literacy Coalitions, Reading Councils, and more! 

Funny Family Poetry Night!  Humorous Poetry Show for Family Events. 45-60 minutes, with a Book Signing following.

Darren's Laugh A LOT Family Poetry Show integrates poetry, comedy, motivational and inspirational speaking, audience participation, and a lot of fun and jokes. During the family poetry night, Darren interacts with both students and their parents in a variety of ways. The audience may have Darren answer questions, asking him things related to his poetry, or they will all work together to figure out and guess the answers to his poetry jokes and riddles.  At times, they might act out and sing along with Darren's poetry performance together, and they will be called upon on the spot to contribute to a freestyle poem.  They will laugh nonstop at Darren's funny punchlines, hilarious jokes, and surprise story endings.  During his family poetry show, Darren will also share his inspirational story of why he started to write poetry, the power and importance of acting upon ideas, and the colorful collection of books his stories and poems are published in.  The Laugh A LOT Family Night Poetry Show will not only have families laughing together, but also becoming closer in their shared positive experience. 

PARP Poetry School Assemblies and Workshops. 45-60 minutes.

Start off your school's PARP program with an award winning author and poet!  Darren's energy and humor will leave your students with a renewed appreciation for writing, reading, literature, and poetry. He will help your students find the funny and cool parts of poetry.  Darren will make your students feel self-confident, important, and will help them realize their true value.  He will not only empower your students with his inspiring words and creative poetry, Darren will also teach your students ways to positively express themselves. PARP School Assembly programs and workshops with Darren Sardelli will excite, delight, and ignite the imaginations of your students, and everyone in your entire school!  

About The Author

Taking a Test PoemAs a young boy, Darren Sardelli was not a huge fan of writing and reading.  He describes himself as having been a slow reader, and lacking in desire to write for fun. He said he got distracted in class easily, resulting in daydreaming and creation of classroom disruptions. By the time his teachers called on him he had no clue what they were talking about, having been in a world of his own.

He did the basics of what was expected, studying for all of his tests, and handing in all of his homework on time. But not for pleasure. He would have rather been riding his bike, playing video games or hockey with his friends at Apple Park.  He felt like he was horrible in English and Art, and did not find any joy at all in those subjects. 

Fast forward to college, and Darren is required to take a Freshman creative writing class. He was not at all crazy about that at the time, but once he started writing, he actually enjoyed it!  Unfortunately, his professor was not as enthusiastic and told Darren that his stories would never go anywhere because they were ridiculous.  Darren says his biggest mistake was listening to what that misdirected professor had to say.  Darren put the thought of writing out of his mind for almost three years! 

Almost toward the end of his junior year at Loyola University in Maryland, Darren finally began to think about life after college.  All he wanted to do was to play in the National Hockey League.  He thought that if he was not able to do that, then he would want to find a job that would make him happy.  After some brainstorming on possible career ideas, Darren thought about writing children's books. That point was the first time in his life that Darren thought of writing (or anything academic!) as a hobby or even a career. That night in his college house, he actually had a dream, an inspirational vision that then put him on his path to authorship, publishing, and writing. The moment he woke, he sat at his desk and wrote his first poem to start him on his new road ahead.  To his surprise and delight, Darren really liked the process of writing that piece of poetry.  From that day forward, Darren began to write his ideas down into his Idea Book.

Today, Darren has more than 90 Idea Books filled with his ideas and original inspiration for poems, songs, stories, films, television shows, jingles, ads, commercials, greeting cards, memes, businesses,  and much, much more. He integrates his Idea Books into his inspirational poetry assemblies and workshops for students.  He encourages students to acquire and keep their own Idea Books for themselves and their futures.

Because Darren didn't start writing poetry until he was in college, he was fearful of showing his poetry to other people. He also had a horrible case of stage-fright.  During any type of public engagement or public speaking opportunity, Darren's hands would shake, his heart would race, and he would talk so fast! Faster than he could think!  It was not pretty.  Darren was discouraged, thinking he was destined to remain offstage and unable to share his poetry with the world.

Thankfully, all that changed...

After Darren was published for the first time in 2004, he was invited by a school principal on Long Island to visit her school.  Darren was at first hesitant to go, but she was convincing, so he gave it a shot.  After spending just 10 minutes in each school classroom reading his poetry for her students, Darren was taken aback by how much the children actually really enjoyed his poetry!  Every single student and classroom wanted to hear more of his work.  That experience gave Darren the confidence he needed to visit even more classrooms and even more schools.  As time went on, Darren created his Laugh A LOT Poetry school assembly program.  

The Laugh A Lot Poetry assembly show has been incredibly popular with students, as well as educators, teachers, principals, and parents.  Darren is still baffled to this day, as to how Arts and English were the subjects he performed least well in all throughout elementary, middle, high school, and even in college!  As he has practiced these areas, he has discovered Literary Arts are not his greatest weakness, but actually his greatest strength.  Darren believes that we never know what we are capable of doing until we give it a try.  He encourages everyone to face their fears and realize the true power of their potential.  

Laugh A LOT Poetry w/ Darren Sardelli Set-up Datasheet

Audience: K-12   Capacity: 400
Presentation Time: 45 minutes 
Set-Up Time: 20 to 30 minutes
Take-Down Time: 5 to 10 minutes

Presentation Area: Performance space can be stage or floor-level; elevated is preferred. If performance space is floor level, please seat students on the floor and not in chairs. If the performance area is a stage, please ensure there are stairs for easy-volunteer access to the performance area.

Arrival: No assistance for set-up or take-down of this program is required.

Assembly Requirements: Please provide two large tables and a PA system with a microphone (wireless microphone preferred). If two or more presentations are scheduled, please divide students by grade level for each presentation – K-2, 3-6, etc


Award-winning poet and author teaches, inspires, and sets imaginations on fire!

Award winning poet and author, Darren Sardelli teaches, inspires, and sets imaginations on fire! He is on a mission to change the world, one poem at a time. 

Empower your students with humorous and whimsical poetry.

Darren has a unique gift for showing students of all ages the funny and cool side of poetry. He will perform his hilarious poetry and share his inspirational story. Students will hear how Darren discovered poetry and became an author, demonstrating amazing things are possible with hard work and believing in yourself. 

Help students tap into their creativity and discover positive modes of self-expression. 

Darren helps students tap into their creativity and open their imaginations, showing them that a lot can be done with just one idea. Through Darren’s empowering poetry and inspirational words, students will walk away from the program By the end, students feel confident, inspired, uplifted and ready to write down their own poetry and their own ideas. 

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  • Great show that appealed to all grade levels!
    Barb Weidner - Parent
    Nativity of Our Lord
    Warminster, PA

  • THANK YOU for convincing us to schedule the Laugh A LOT Poetry presentation.  We have a challenging group of high school students and most seemed to be engaged.  Darren was very professional, very entertaining, and flexible in adapting to our students and their questions.  He has a lot of energy and his poems held their interest.  We also appreciate his message of never giving up and following your passion.  We’re hoping his words resonated with some of our students and gave them the inspiration to write.  Lastly, he kindly donated a signed book for our school.  
    Donna Hoffman - School Psychologist
    The Jen School
    Des Plaines, IL

  • Darren was very entertaining and engaged the crowd. He even won over our older students who were complaining at the beginning of the show. He did a great job!
    Gabriel Bellagamba - Assistant Principal
    Rockville, MD

  • 5 out of 5 for our Breakfast with Dad Event!
    Toni Daptula - PTA
    Wolf ES
    Bath, PA

  • Your poems were delightful
    So funny and cool
    They were about recess and teachers
    And subjects at school

    We laughed when we got
    The punch lines at the end
    You came in as a Poet
    And left as our Friend

    Again, it was a pleasure to meet a fellow poet! 
    Poetically yours,

    Terri Donahue - Reading Teacher
    Eastport ES
    Eastport, NY

  • Darren was engaging, and the kids enjoyed his poetry and presentation. His chats about writing your feelings and keeping an idea book, and his personal story of how/when he started writing were all great messages. We enjoyed having Darren at our assembly.
    Cheryl Mango - Parent Volunteer
    St. Joseph's School
    New York, NY

  • Our PTA Board along with our staff and children express our sincere thanks for a superb job in accordance with PARP Poetry. The children had a wonderful time. They enjoyed it very much. They kept coming up to me later that day and the next to let me know what a wonderful time they had and that it was so much fun. Getting children participating in assemblies is always challenging, however you did a great job! Will definitely keep you in mind for future assemblies. Again thank you very much for a wonderful job that was greatly appreciated by all! 
    Corliss Danas and Diane Yun-Vachianno - PTA 
    Brooklyn Avenue School
    Valley Stream, NY

  • Thank you so much for visiting our 5th grade class today! Your poetry, as well as your delivery of the poems, truly engaged and entertained my students. Without a doubt, we all enjoyed your creativity and greatly appreciate you taking the time to visit the students at our school. We hope that you will be able to visit us again and share your poems and stories with next years class.  I'm sure my students will be looking up more of your poems and books!  Thank you again for your time. It was a fantastic visit!
    Jessica Guilfoyle - Teacher
    PS 24Q
    Queens, NY

  • Your presentation blew me away tonight! When you said poetry for kids, I was thinking, "Meh!"  Then, I heard you in action and WOW!  You really know how to work a room. And your poetry was both clever and hilarious. I wouldn't dare go up and do a reading after you. In fact, I wish i could have you read my book for me!  I want to commend you on a job well done and wish you the best of luck!
    Nancy Lang-Feldman - Author
    New York, NY

  • Thank you so much for coming to our school. I loved your poems and I thought they were so creative, funny, and imaginative. Your message was so pure and true, I was really moved. I really hope you can come to our school again. I really want other kids to hear your message and laugh at your poems. You are the funniest, you have the best message, and you are just an all around great guy!
    Liam Hill - 5th Grade Student
    New York, NY

  • Thank you so much for visiting our school! I loved your message to never give up and try your best. I really love all of your surprise ending poems. Especially the one about your mom's bad cooking! you really inspired me to keep writing and to keep using my imagination. I loved your presentation!
    Juliette - Student
    New York, NY

  • When you visited SES, you changed my life. Your message made me realize that passion is worth a shot. You followed your dreams even though they scared you. You are an amazing poet, and I especially like how you keep a good sense of humor through your poetry.  You inspired me to write a poem, and it was so much fun!  My favorite poem was "I am totally speechless."  I was so busy laughing, I was totally speechless!  Now, I'm going to follow my dreams even if they scare me!
    Chloe Mike - Student
    New York, NY