The Virtual Game Show

Combines team spirit, character education, and curriculum enforcement into one program!


Age Range

The Virtual Game Show will educate and motivate students with lots of participation, exciting challenging trivia questions, and some friendly competition. This live and interactive online game show uses multi-media trivia to combine team spirit, character education and curriculum enforcement. It’s perfect for any subject, because you may customize the questions if you wish! Tailored for each age group, the most popular virtual game show focuses on the core subjects of history, science, English and Math. There are also several video and audio bonus questions with pop culture trivia (movies, music, TV) to keep the game light and fun. There are approximately 40 question rounds, and every student has an opportunity to participate. Teams generate points by answering correctly and by demonstrating good sportsmanship and team spirit. It’s a great way for students to work together and connect remotely and reinforce their studies. Customize the virtual game show for environment/ecology, specific history topics, or fun trivia about your school.

Zoom video conference.
Up to 300 audience members.
Please divide students into 4 teams prior to the show start. Approximately equal amounts of each age group on each team.
Encourage students to wear their team colors: red, green, yellow, blue. 

  • The game show was great! Kids were engaged the entire hour and really enjoyed it.

  • The game show was a hit with our students. It was interactive and many students were involved in directly answering questions throughout the assembly. It was well worth it!