Fun After School Program Ideas

Fun After School Program Ideas

Sometimes the school day is too busy for a school-wide get-together or some extra fun and that is where after school program ideas can come in. Not all after school programs are clubs or student council meetings, they can also be a way for families to connect with their kids' school life and promote school positivity as well as some life skills. But, how do you go about planning after school programs and what are some types of after school programs? It can be as intimidating as planning a school assembly, except with the extra hurdle of how you get the kids and families to want to come to it.

Let's get started!

First, let's talk about some of the after school program ideas that are already established and then talk about the benefits of hosting one. If you're worried that the students are too young or too grown-up for fun-oriented after school programs, don't fret! There are many types that cater to common interests among any age group. That is important, catering to interest to get students in the door. 

Types of After School Programs

The best way to get started on a list of after school program ideas are to consider what you want to achieve. Are you looking to promote a positive atmosphere between classmates? Get students excited about coming to school and disassociate it from work? Just looking to have some fun and bring the families in on the good time? That last one is also a way for parents to see the school as something other than parent-teacher conferences.

All of these are good and realistic goals that can be achieved through after school programs. Here are three basic types of after school programs with examples. 


If you're noticing a disjointed student body or worry about clicks forming, hostility between student groups, or just want to promote positive connections between students then the after school program ideas should center around games. Team-building and learning to work within a group pass on the ability to diffuse a common struggle through working together. These kinds of games easily translate to everyday situations without feeling like the students are studying or learning...but, they are. 

Games are something students of all ages play and so you need not worry about if they're in kindergarten or about to graduate high school. The only thing that may change is the style of the game. For example, you may not want the senior student body to be bored in a trivia game based on children's television or books. 

A good example of how games can be tailored for your students need and age groups is The Unique Game Show. Explore the link and see what pops out at you. If you're looking for something that brings in the teachers and families, help promote some camaraderie between the three groups then The Ultimate Human Board Game is a great option. 

No matter your choice of after school program ideas shown here, you're certain to have fun!

Life Skills

Some things can't be taught in a classroom and are best learned through experience. Some after school program ideas cater to having students learn about life through doing fun activities rather than the hard way out in the world. A student learning about personal power and self-motivation, the repercussions of bullying, and living a healthy life isn't really read in a textbook. That's where these types of after school programs fit in.

The way to impart these life skills is through something students are interested in. That way they can figure out the lesson while having fun, much like learning teamwork through sports or games. Most age groups are interested in dancing and so if struggling to find after school programs for a wide age range, the Zonda Kids Dance program would do the trick. This program takes the popularity of hip-hop dancing and used it to teach many of the lessons discussed above. 

As mentioned earlier, living a healthy lifestyle can only be communicated so much in gym or health class. So, if that is the goal of some of the after school program ideas you're contemplating then The bFit Show could work for you. This show uses comedy and magic to communicate the importance of eating well and fitness to better students lives. 

For the Giggles

We all need a break and some after school programs don't have a point except to just have some fun. This really helps students to rethink their time at school, no longer associating it with an endless supply of work and exams. It's also an opportunity to get teachers and parents in the fun and help the students see them as people rather than just authority figures.

If this is closer to your list of after school program ideas, consider the Laugh Factory or The Funny Magic Show. Both of these shows bring a good dose of crazy fun that blends comedy with ridiculous magic tricks. 

After School Programs Benefits 

Looking through the diverse after school program ideas you can see the varied benefits of having them. Bringing some fun to school and helping to separate where kids go every day from work, helping to draw parents, teachers, and students together through life-affirming events, and using silliness to impart life skills. 

Not all learning is done in the classroom or in a mid-day school assembly. You can get the kids to stay after school by offering them something fun and engaging, then push your wisdom. If that is the goal and if not, don't be afraid to just have some fun when the day is done. Especially if it's the end of the year and exams are done. We'd all need a break and a good laugh.

See you after class!