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Corey The Dribbler is a 8-Time Guinness record holder traveling the country inspiring kids with the character message R.E.A.D. - Respect, Education, Attitude/Activity and Don't Bully or Do Drugs, the four principles he encourages youth to live by!

Virtual/Online option available!

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Corey inspires the students with his 4R’s 4 Success! Respect - Responsibility - Ready to Learn - Reading is Power

Your students will be inspired and awed by Former Harlem Globetrotter, Youth Motivational Speaker, and 8-Time Guinness World Record Holder, Corey The Dribbler, in his virtual/online assembly!

Students will be taught the importance of treating their Teachers, Parents/Guardians, and Classmates with Respect. They are taught the value of kindness and how to treat others the way they themselves would like to be treated. Self-Respect is also taught and the importance of eating healthy, staying active, having a great attitude, being responsible and ready to learn!

Corey explains the Power of Reading and how reading a book about the Harlem Globetrotters inspired him to actually become a Globetrotter!

During this high energy, interactive, 45-minute assembly students will hear about Corey’s journey to become a Harlem Globetrotter and learn some new tricks. In addition to the Q&A session at the end of the live online assembly, Corey will also ask questions of students and engage them in participation with some tricks throughout the program.

  • Zoom preferred, YouTube Live w/o Q&A or pre-recorded also available
  • Up to 300 audience members

Corey The Dribbler Camp Show

Camps across the country are being inspired and awed by Former Harlem Globetrotter and Youth Motivational Speaker, Corey The Dribbler, and his inspirational story!  Corey Rich is a 8-Time Guinness World Record Holder that’s been featured on The Late Show with David Letterman, ESPN First Take, Comcast Sportsnet, Fox News and is widely considered the World’s Greatest Dribbler! Along with performing his amazing talents at NBA Halftime Shows, Corey travels the country inspiring kids to R.E.A.D., a character education message.

  • Respect
  • Education
  • Attitude/Activity
  • Don't Bully or Do Drugs

This is a character building camp shows your kids will LOVE!

Respect, Education, Attitude/Activity, and Don’t Bully or Do Drugs are the Four Principles Corey The Dribbler encourages campers to live by. Corey teaches the value in reading and how it led him to win a spot on the Harlem Globetrotters. Youth are taught to respect their parents, counselors, teachers, peers, and that bullying is not cool! Corey encourages kids to bring a positive attitude with them every day. Staying active and fit is stressed along with drug awareness.

Besides an unforgettable ball handling show demonstrated by Corey The Dribbler, campers will have fun being involved in several games with Corey, some including even the camp staff! The kids will also have the chance to steal the ball from the World’s Best Ball Handler. This is truly an amazing experience your youth will LOVE!


C-Rich, The dribbler who keeps the ball(s) bouncing non-stop.
By Jeremy Bauman (SLAM Online)

With the March Madness Brackets having been unveiled and the Michigan Fab-Five Documentary debuting last night, there is no question that the eyes of the basketball world are predominantly on the upcoming NCAA Tournament, which is how things should be at this time of the year. All of the kids work their tails off to be in a position to showcase their skills on national television and, ultimately, to compete for that elusive National Championship. For many seniors, it will be the last time that they play high level competitive basketball, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But then there's a rare breed—the player who discovers his true talents when his collegiate career is over—and that is precisely the way Norristown, Pennsylvania native Corey Rich channeled his abilities. Though he didn't participate in March Madness, Corey's basketball journey had just gotten underway when his eligibility came to an end. You see, this isn't your average basketball story that ends with Corey playing professionally and making a lot of money. This is a story about how one man believed in himself more than anybody else could ever believe in him—about how heart, determination, and self-will has propelled "C-Rich" into arena's and schools all over the country to show off his renowned dribbling prowess.

"Ever since I was a kid my dream was to play in the NBA," stated Corey, who earned the nickname because of his dribbling skills. "I was at Kennedy Kenrick Catholic High School, I went from school to school in college, and after college was over—even though I did play at those small colleges—it was tough to get noticed because the NBA scouts and the overseas scouts underestimate you. So that's when I decided 'I'm gonna go to the gym and I'm gonna stay in the gym as long as I can until I make my dream a reality.' So I went to the gym and specifically worked on ball-handling because I'm only 6-0 or 6-1, and in professional basketball that's small."

Corey played professionally in the Eastern Basketball Alliance (EBA) and since he was the smallest player on the court at his size, he worked on his ball-handling abilities for an astonishing amount of time each and every day.

"I started to work on my ball-handling for about 6 hours every single day and to speed up the progression, instead of handling just one I would handle two and you know, I just wanted to get better and as fast as I could," explained C-Rich, recently over the phone. "So that's when I just added three, and then I added four for hand quickness and I just wanted to keep challenging myself so I started handling five basketballs and six basketballs. It's all about challenging yourself every time you go to the gym and I just love making the drills very, very tough and it's something that I never get tired of doing."

Ever since he began honing his craft, Corey has parlayed his unique blend of ball-handling skills and a never-give-up attitude into opportunities left and right. After playing in the EBA, Corey played for a team called the Court Jesters—a team that is a few notches below, but akin to the Harlem Globetrotters—in 2009, and he made an impression so quickly that his head coach was willing to contact his friend, who happened to be the lead scout for the famed Globetrotters. Corey was invited to a tryout, impressed his onlookers, and played part time in the 2009-10 season (about 15 games). "It was a great opportunity to travel and see places I've never seen before," said Corey, reflecting on this once unthinkable experience.

Later during the summer of 2010, Corey was the guest speaker at every Sixers camp, and also performed on the Sixers Hoops Tour, where Executive Director Sonny Elia proclaimed, "I have seen hundreds of clinicians in my 30 years of directing camps and Corey is right there with the best."

And make no mistake about it: The reason that Corey has made this type of impression on people is because he is one of the hardest workers around and he has the passion to match his input. According to close friend and current publicist Jon Solomon, "Corey's determination is most comparable to that of a Kobe Bryant. He is the true definition of a person with the right attitude and determination to be successful in life."

C-Rich would have it no other way. Sure, he would he love to get a crack at playing at the highest level in the world someday. If that doesn't happen, though, he'll just keep using his passion and dedication to reach goals through the game of basketball. The agency with which he recently inked a contract counts a number of current NBAer's among its clientele and also has numerous ties overseas. This upcoming summer, C-Rich will be training these clients with regards to ball-handling—an experience that will help him to grow as a trainer and begin to build a name for himself at the highest level.

Right now, though, there is no doubt as to what his motivation is. Corey is currently in the middle of a hectic schedule of visiting 91 elementary schools from February through June—an opportunity that he uses to touch the lives of young children in any way possible.

"My purpose is to inspire the kids and I definitely love helping to make players better," he said. "As a basketball trainer that's what you love to do is making guys better and helping other players achieve their dreams. When I was younger I didn't have anybody I could look to [to help me with my game]. I had to learn everything on my own. So with that being said, when I see a kid at the gym I like to go up to him and give him a few pointers or different workouts that he could use to improve his game because I know I never had that.

"I just look to give back and you know, myself, being from a smaller town, those kids never really get a chance to see somebody who's made it or anything like that. So my goal is just to give back and help those kids achieve their dreams, whatever they may be—lawyer, doctor, dentist, teacher—to just keep going at it and to never give up."

And just because he doesn't have a clear-cut path to his next goal, let's just say he has an idea of where he wants to go and he fully understands the hard work that it takes to continue to reach his goals, time after time.

"My future goals with basketball are optional," said C-Rich. "Along with working with NBA players on their ball handling skills I plan on taking my ball handling skills overseas to different countries and giving them ball-handling shows as well as teaching them the art of ball handling. Although I can dribble 6 basketballs, my ball handling skills are authentic, and I can compete with anybody. If the opportunity comes to get a chance to play in the NBA, I would still entertain that idea. I still work on my overall game, but right now my focus is reaching the kids and giving them a positive role model."

Keep dribbling, Corey. If there's one thing that's certain, it's that the world needs more people with your mentality.

height: 6' 1"
weight: 185lbs
position: Point Guard
nickname: The Dribbler

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Corey The Dribbler Set-up Datasheet

Audience: K-12    Capacity: 400
Presentation Time: 45 minutes
Set-Up Time: 20 to 30 minutes
Take-Down Time: 5 to 10 minutes

Presentation Area: Performance space can be stage or floor-level; elevated is preferred. If performance space is floor level, please seat campers on the floor and not in chairs. If the performance area is a stage, please ensure there are stairs for easy-volunteer access to the performance area.

Arrival: No assistance for set-up or take-down of this program is required.

Assembly Requirements: Please provide an extension cord and access to an electrical outlet. Please supply a PA system with a microphone and ability to play CDs or an iPod over the system. If two or more presentations are scheduled, please divide campers by grade level for each presentation – K-3, 4-6, etc.

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Former Harlem Globetrotter with an inspirational story

Corey Rich is a 8-Time Guinness record holder that’s been featured on TV and NBA Halftime Shows. Corey travels the country inspiring kids to R.E.A.D., a character education message.

READ - Respect, Education, Attitude/Activity, Don’t Bully or Do Drugs!

Respect, Education, Attitude/Activity, and Don’t Bully or Do Drugs are the Four Principles he encourages the students to live by. Corey teaches the value in reading and how it led him to win a spot on the Harlem Globetrotters. Students are taught to respect their parents, teachers, classmates, and that bullying is not cool! Corey encourages kids to excel in school while bringing a positive attitude with them every day. Staying active and fit is stressed along with drug awareness.

Steal the ball from the World’s Greatest Ball Handler!

Besides an unforgettable ball handling show, students will have fun being involved in Corey, some including even the teachers! The kids will also have the chance to steal the ball from the World’s Best Ball Handler! This is truly an amazing experience your students will LOVE!

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  • They loved Corey, thanks for the great pick! And we absolutely love working with Academic Entertainment too!
    Naomi Stark - Assistant Director
    Apple Montessori Schools
    Riverdale, NJ

  • Corey was great! He had such a great energy and the kids really enjoyed him. He did a great job with our large age range of campers.
    Melanie Curto - Special Events Coordinator
    Camp Greenway
    McLean, VA

  • Great time with Corey. Campers really enjoyed having him entertain. Thanks!
    Marianne Perry - Director
    Providence Summer Camp
    Wallingford, PA

  • It was was a highly engaging assembly with a great message! He did an excellent job of interacting with students and staff to create a fun and positive experience.
    Contessa Pelfrey - Principal
    Jamestown ES
    Jamestown, CA

  • Thank you for delivering two fantastic assemblies with our children today; they LOVED every minute of it! Please keep it up; children need your message, and it is a most important one.‎
    Shani Bruno - PTA
    Plaza ES
    Baldwin, NY

  • Corey was fantastic!!! He held the children's attention and kept them involved.  Corey's dribbling skills were outstanding but his message was even better!
    Justin Siesta - Principal
    Windsor Bergen Academy
    Ridgewood, NJ

  • Our Camp Director, Campers, and Camp Staff all expressed that they loved Corey The Dribbler and the message he shared during his basketball summer camp show.
    John Rice - Associate Program Director
    Hunterdon County YMCA
    Flemington, NJ

  • Great! will be booking him again and telling my fellow YMCA Camp Directors!!
    Nathaniel McCoy - Camp Director
    Christian Street YMCA
    Philadelphia, PA

  • Corey put on a great show. The kids enjoyed it!
    Michelle Bjorkman - Recreation Supt.
    Wallingford Parks and Recreation 
    Wallingford, CT

  • Corey is great! This is his third year at Camp Funkist and we will have him back every year. He puts on a great show and integrates the kids into it.
    Howard Kirschner - Director, Camp Funkist
    White Plains YWCA
    White Plains, NY 

  • Awesome Job!
    Michael Silva - Recreation Director
    Swansea Recreation
    Swansea, MA

  • The kids and adults were VERY entertained. One of your best performances.
    Alison Mandell - Junior Program Leader
    Brant Beach Yacht Club
    Long Beach Island, NJ

  • Corey was wonderful!! He was very professional and communicative leading up to the assembly. He was outstanding with the kids, getting them up and moving and involved. They really enjoyed his show! Highly recommend. 
    Jennifer Graham - District Lead Teacher
    Jackson Childcare Academy
    Jackson, NJ

  • My group loved Corey The Dribbler's virtual show!
    Steve Collins - Assistant Principal
    ECLC of NJ
    Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ

  • Corey was great. Kinds truly enjoyed him.
    Lynn Struss - Camp Director
    Fairfield Recreation
    Fairfield, NJ

  • Corey was fantastic. He engaged the students through his skills and playing games with the students. He also shared a great message with the students. This was a great experience for our students!!
    Rebecca Lehman - Elevate Coordinator (Summer School)
    Monocacy MS
    Frederick, MD

  • Loved the Corey the Dribbler presentation yesterday -- so engaging, inspiring, and interactive. The kids cheered and participated 100%!! Basketball skills, determination, performance, questions, games. "You've Been Tricked!" and Demo of basketball skills. Your staff and students were so organized, attentive and enthusiastic!  Corey was so wonderful -- a performer, athlete, inspirational speaker -- fun!
    Margo Lorber - Good Shepherds
    PS 382
    Bronx, NY


  • Corey was excellent. Entertaining and engaging with all students. He is talented and charismatic. Thank you for a wonderful show. 
    Maria Herrera - Student Advisor 
    Anastasia School
    Long Branch, NJ