Corey the Dribbler

Corey The Dribbler is a 4-Time Guinness record holder traveling the country inspiring students with the character message R.E.A.D. - Respect, Education, Attitude/Activity and Don't Bully or Do Drugs, the four principles he encourages students to live by!

Virtual/Online option available!

Age Range

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Corey inspires the students with his 4R’s 4 Success! Respect - Responsibility - Ready to Learn - Reading is Power

Your students will be inspired and awed by Former Harlem Globetrotter, Youth Motivational Speaker, and 4-Time Guinness World Record Holder, Corey The Dribbler, in his virtual/online assembly!

Students will be taught the importance of treating their Teachers, Parents/Guardians, and Classmates with Respect. They are taught the value of kindness and how to treat others the way they themselves would like to be treated. Self-Respect is also taught and the importance of eating healthy, staying active, having a great attitude, being responsible and ready to learn!

Corey explains the Power of Reading and how reading a book about the Harlem Globetrotters inspired him to actually become a Globetrotter!

During this high energy, interactive, 45-minute assembly students will hear about Corey’s journey to become a Harlem Globetrotter and learn some new tricks. In addition to the Q&A session at the end of the live online assembly, Corey will also ask questions of students and engage them in participation with some tricks throughout the program.

  • Zoom preferred, YouTube Live w/o Q&A or pre-recorded also available
  • Up to 300 audience members

Corey The Dribbler School Show

Schools across the country are being inspired and awed at school shows by Former Harlem Globetrotter and Youth Motivational Speaker, Corey The Dribbler, and his inspirational story!  Corey Rich is a 4-Time Guinness World Record Holder that’s been featured on The Late Show with David Letterman, ESPN First Take, Comcast Sportsnet, Fox News and is widely considered the World’s Greatest Dribbler! Along with performing his amazing talents at NBA Halftime Shows, Corey travels the country inspiring kids to R.E.A.D., a character education message.

  • Respect
  • Education
  • Attitude/Activity
  • Don't Bully or Do Drugs

This is a character building assembly your kids will LOVE!

Respect, Education, Attitude/Activity, and Don’t Bully or Do Drugs are the Four Principles Corey The Dribbler encourages students to live by. Corey teaches the value in reading and how it led him to win a spot on the Harlem Globetrotters. Youth are taught to respect their parents, teachers, classmates, and that bullying is not cool! Corey encourages kids to excel in school while bringing a positive attitude with them every day. Staying active and fit is stressed along with drug awareness.

Besides an unforgettable ball handling show demonstrated by Corey The Dribbler, students will have fun being involved in several games with Corey, some including even the teachers! The kids will also have the chance to steal the ball from the World’s Best Ball Handler. This is truly an amazing experience your students will LOVE!


C-Rich, The dribbler who keeps the ball(s) bouncing non-stop.
By Jeremy Bauman (SLAM Online)

With the March Madness Brackets having been unveiled and the Michigan Fab-Five Documentary debuting last night, there is no question that the eyes of the basketball world are predominantly on the upcoming NCAA Tournament, which is how things should be at this time of the year. All of the kids work their tails off to be in a position to showcase their skills on national television and, ultimately, to compete for that elusive National Championship. For many seniors, it will be the last time that they play high level competitive basketball, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But then there's a rare breed—the player who discovers his true talents when his collegiate career is over—and that is precisely the way Norristown, Pennsylvania native Corey Rich channeled his abilities. Though he didn't participate in March Madness, Corey's basketball journey had just gotten underway when his eligibility came to an end. You see, this isn't your average basketball story that ends with Corey playing professionally and making a lot of money. This is a story about how one man believed in himself more than anybody else could ever believe in him—about how heart, determination, and self-will has propelled "C-Rich" into arena's and schools all over the country to show off his renowned dribbling prowess.

"Ever since I was a kid my dream was to play in the NBA," stated Corey, who earned the nickname because of his dribbling skills. "I was at Kennedy Kenrick Catholic High School, I went from school to school in college, and after college was over—even though I did play at those small colleges—it was tough to get noticed because the NBA scouts and the overseas scouts underestimate you. So that's when I decided 'I'm gonna go to the gym and I'm gonna stay in the gym as long as I can until I make my dream a reality.' So I went to the gym and specifically worked on ball-handling because I'm only 6-0 or 6-1, and in professional basketball that's small."

Corey played professionally in the Eastern Basketball Alliance (EBA) and since he was the smallest player on the court at his size, he worked on his ball-handling abilities for an astonishing amount of time each and every day.

"I started to work on my ball-handling for about 6 hours every single day and to speed up the progression, instead of handling just one I would handle two and you know, I just wanted to get better and as fast as I could," explained C-Rich, recently over the phone. "So that's when I just added three, and then I added four for hand quickness and I just wanted to keep challenging myself so I started handling five basketballs and six basketballs. It's all about challenging yourself every time you go to the gym and I just love making the drills very, very tough and it's something that I never get tired of doing."

Ever since he began honing his craft, Corey has parlayed his unique blend of ball-handling skills and a never-give-up attitude into opportunities left and right. After playing in the EBA, Corey played for a team called the Court Jesters—a team that is a few notches below, but akin to the Harlem Globetrotters—in 2009, and he made an impression so quickly that his head coach was willing to contact his friend, who happened to be the lead scout for the famed Globetrotters. Corey was invited to a tryout, impressed his onlookers, and played part time in the 2009-10 season (about 15 games). "It was a great opportunity to travel and see places I've never seen before," said Corey, reflecting on this once unthinkable experience.

Later during the summer of 2010, Corey was the guest speaker at every Sixers camp, and also performed on the Sixers Hoops Tour, where Executive Director Sonny Elia proclaimed, "I have seen hundreds of clinicians in my 30 years of directing camps and Corey is right there with the best."

And make no mistake about it: The reason that Corey has made this type of impression on people is because he is one of the hardest workers around and he has the passion to match his input. According to close friend and current publicist Jon Solomon, "Corey's determination is most comparable to that of a Kobe Bryant. He is the true definition of a person with the right attitude and determination to be successful in life."

C-Rich would have it no other way. Sure, he would he love to get a crack at playing at the highest level in the world someday. If that doesn't happen, though, he'll just keep using his passion and dedication to reach goals through the game of basketball. The agency with which he recently inked a contract counts a number of current NBAer's among its clientele and also has numerous ties overseas. This upcoming summer, C-Rich will be training these clients with regards to ball-handling—an experience that will help him to grow as a trainer and begin to build a name for himself at the highest level.

Right now, though, there is no doubt as to what his motivation is. Corey is currently in the middle of a hectic schedule of visiting 91 elementary schools from February through June—an opportunity that he uses to touch the lives of young children in any way possible.

"My purpose is to inspire the kids and I definitely love helping to make players better," he said. "As a basketball trainer that's what you love to do is making guys better and helping other players achieve their dreams. When I was younger I didn't have anybody I could look to [to help me with my game]. I had to learn everything on my own. So with that being said, when I see a kid at the gym I like to go up to him and give him a few pointers or different workouts that he could use to improve his game because I know I never had that.

"I just look to give back and you know, myself, being from a smaller town, those kids never really get a chance to see somebody who's made it or anything like that. So my goal is just to give back and help those kids achieve their dreams, whatever they may be—lawyer, doctor, dentist, teacher—to just keep going at it and to never give up."

And just because he doesn't have a clear-cut path to his next goal, let's just say he has an idea of where he wants to go and he fully understands the hard work that it takes to continue to reach his goals, time after time.

"My future goals with basketball are optional," said C-Rich. "Along with working with NBA players on their ball handling skills I plan on taking my ball handling skills overseas to different countries and giving them ball-handling shows as well as teaching them the art of ball handling. Although I can dribble 6 basketballs, my ball handling skills are authentic, and I can compete with anybody. If the opportunity comes to get a chance to play in the NBA, I would still entertain that idea. I still work on my overall game, but right now my focus is reaching the kids and giving them a positive role model."

Keep dribbling, Corey. If there's one thing that's certain, it's that the world needs more people with your mentality.

height: 6' 1"
weight: 185lbs
position: Point Guard
nickname: The Dribbler

Corey The Dribbler Set-up Datasheet

Audience: K-12    Capacity: 400
Presentation Time: 45 minutes
Set-Up Time: 20 to 30 minutes
Take-Down Time: 5 to 10 minutes

Presentation Area: Performance space can be stage or floor-level; elevated is preferred. If performance space is floor level, please seat students on the floor and not in chairs. If the performance area is a stage, please ensure there are stairs for easy-volunteer access to the performance area.

Arrival: No assistance for set-up or take-down of this program is required.

Assembly Requirements: Please provide an extension cord and access to an electrical outlet. Please supply a PA system with a microphone and ability to play CDs or an iPod over the system. If two or more presentations are scheduled, please divide students by grade level for each presentation – K-3, 4-6, etc.

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Former Harlem Globetrotter with an inspirational story

Corey Rich is a 4-Time Guinness record holder that’s been featured on TV and NBA Halftime Shows. Corey travels the country inspiring kids to R.E.A.D., a character education message.

READ - Respect, Education, Attitude/Activity, Don’t Bully or Do Drugs!

Respect, Education, Attitude/Activity, and Don’t Bully or Do Drugs are the Four Principles he encourages the students to live by. Corey teaches the value in reading and how it led him to win a spot on the Harlem Globetrotters. Students are taught to respect their parents, teachers, classmates, and that bullying is not cool! Corey encourages kids to excel in school while bringing a positive attitude with them every day. Staying active and fit is stressed along with drug awareness.

Steal the ball from the World’s Greatest Ball Handler!

Besides an unforgettable ball handling show, students will have fun being involved in Corey, some including even the teachers! The kids will also have the chance to steal the ball from the World’s Best Ball Handler! This is truly an amazing experience your students will LOVE!

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  • Thank you for presenting your virtual assembly. It was awesome! Corey did a great job! He was prepared and willing to practice ahead of time. Very professional. The students were engaged and also reminded of important character traits. Thank you!
    Jennifer Peace - Library Technology Specialist
    Metro Charter Academy
    Romulus, MI

  • Corey was AMAZING!!! He kept the kids engaged the entire virtual program. He is not only very talented, but also a great motivational speaker.
    Jonathan Beckmann - Assistant Head of School
    Los Encinos School
    Encino, CA

  • I know it is tough to engage over an online platform with such young students when we don’t all have the best network connections, but it was amazing. The looks on their faces as you were performing has been the best part of such a difficult school year. Thank you for your time, your enthusiasm, and your great message!!!!!!!!!
    Blair Lambert - Principal
    Fuller ES
    Chowchilla, CA


  • Thank you for a great afternoon. The kids (and the grown-ups!) really loved your virtual show. It was the perfect combination of fun and motivational. I really appreciated how you adapted to incorporate the virtual world our kids are living in right now. Thank you so much!
    Joanie Layden - PTO
    Makefield ES
    Yardley, PA

  • Thank you for the virtual assembly today. The students loved it! You were great with them. A few said they want to be basketball players now! 
    Jenel Giles - Lower School Director
    Moorestown Friends School
    Moorestown, NJ

  • My daughter just watched your virtual assembly presentation for Moorestown Friends School. She loved your high energy and message of doing your best and to keep practicing. She wanted me to let you know that it was great! Thanks for your inspiring message and positive energy. She really enjoyed your work. Keep it up!
    Chase - Parent
    Moorestown Friends School
    Moorestown, NJ 

  • Very engaging and interactive! It is difficult doing a school-wide assembly virtually, but Corey did a great job keeping it moving and keeping the students interest. 
    Jessica Blair - Assistant Principal
    Case MS
    Watertown, NY 

  • Thank you so much! Our students really enjoyed your virtual presentation, they loved it! Great way to tie-in being positive during these difficult times. Thanks again and we hope to see you again in the future! 
    Janet Goodwin - Principal
    McKeown School
    Newton, NJ

  • Corey did a great job! Students were engaged in the virtual assembly and the message was well-received.
    Tom Rawles - Principal
    Nokomis ES
    Ukiah, CA

    Corey was absolutely amazing! Our students and staff had a wonderful time, and we all felt so happy after the assembly. He made us all smile, most importantly. It was what we truly needed in this especially uncertain time. Please be sure to thank Corey on our behalf for a fantastic virtual assembly. We sincerely appreciate his time and energy. 
    Melissa Smilgys - PTO
    Nokomis ES
    Ukiah, CA

  • We wanted to share with you what an amazing job Corey did last night for our school's virtual assembly. The kids absolutely loved the entire program. Thank you so much and thank you to Corey for all of his time! We hope we can do something again in the future with Corey!
    Jennifer Don Harrigan and Kailey Ruyeras - PTA
    Sawyer Woods ES
    Black Diamond, WA 

  • THAT WAS AMAZING! Thank you SO MUCH for your inspirational virtual program. On behalf of all the kids, parents, staff and PTA, THANK YOU!!
    Kassey Plaha
    Sutter ES
    Santa Clara, CA

  • Thank you, Academic Entertainment, and Corey The Dribbler for two excellent pre-recorded virtual assemblies! Thank you for being so flexible and understanding. Corey created two awesome videos for our school to be posted for Respect Week. It was a pleasure working with Academic Entertainment. Looking forward to working with you again next year as well!
    Lisa Loeb - School Counselor
    Reeds Road ES
    Galloway Township, NJ 

  • Corey The Dribbler's Virtual Assembly got rave reviews from the principal, teachers, and most importantly the students. Everything worked out well!
    Joanne Faherty - PTA
    Valley View ES
    Montville, NJ

  • Corey the Dribbler was fantastic and we had a great turnout for our virtual assembly. Thank you for being so easy to work with!
    Shannon Hyer - PTA
    La Fetra ES
    Glendora, CA

  • The kids and staff really enjoyed the virtual show and message. My fourth graders left so many positive comments about the assembly. 
    Kristen Knapp - Principal
    Franklin ES
    La Quinta, CA

  • Thank you for two great virtual assemblies! We've gotten great feedback from some of the kids. My own kids were totally engaged throughout (and are now trying to learn some new basketball tricks!) Thanks again!
    Kathleen Bachiochi - PTA
    Greenwood ES
    Brookeville, MD

  • The kids were engaged, entertained, and learned a powerful message that is so relevant to what they are going through today!  Several staff and students have stopped me in the hallway to tell me how much they enjoyed the virtual assembly. 
    Maura Krakowski - Social Worker
    Channahon JHS
    Channahon, IL

  • Staff and students went out of their way to compliment me on this show. Never in my years of experience as a school administrator have I received such positive feedback about a school performance/assembly. Corey's message was more than powerful and inspirational, I believe it be life changing for some of our youngsters. Thank you for such a great show, professionalism, and meaningful connections for our kids.
    Kelly Moran - Principal
    Maple ES

    Chardon, OH

  • It was was a highly engaging assembly with a great message! He did an excellent job of interacting with students and staff to create a fun and positive experience.
    Contessa Pelfrey - Principal
    Jamestown ES
    Jamestown, CA

  • Thank you for delivering two fantastic assemblies with our children today; they LOVED every minute of it! Please keep it up; children need your message, and it is a most important one.‎
    Shani Bruno - PTA
    Plaza ES
    Baldwin, NY

  • Corey was fantastic!!! He held the children's attention and kept them involved.  Corey's dribbling skills were outstanding but his message was even better!
    Justin Siesta - Principal
    Windsor Bergen Academy
    Ridgewood, NJ

  • I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed having Corey the Dribbler here at Grand Oak Elementary. Corey was amazing!  He kept everyone entertained and we loved his message of working hard and showing respect! The students, the teachers and the administration all had a blast! He had everyone's undivided attention from beginning to end and I heard from many parents that their children could not stop talking about him at home! Personally, I loved the message that he taught the children. I took it home and we have had many conversations applying it to our own lives! Thank you for helping to bring him to our school! We would highly recommend him to others in the future!
    Kelly Duffy - PTA Programs Chair
    Grand Oak ES
    Huntersville, NC

  • Corey 's assembly was very entertaining! He shared a great character ed message while keeping the children interested and engaged. The kids loved it and the teachers gave rave reviews!!
    Gayle Cassar - Vice President PFO
    RJO Intermediate
    Kings Park, NY

  • Corey was great. He captivated the students with his talent and relatable context. Awesome experience!
    Nora Montero - Parent Coordinator
    PS 155
    New York, NY

  • Corey was great with the kids and kept them engaged. He kept control of his show and had a great message for them. He was a very talented individual and both the boys and the girls from our school enjoyed the show.
    Jennifer Geise - Secretary/PTO Board Member
    Polk ES 
    Oakville, CT

  • This was by far our most exciting and favorite show! Corey was amazing! The students and staff had a great time! His message to the students about being respectful and working hard was inspirational to the students. We will definitely love to have him back.
    Joanne Lowry - Administrative Assistant
    Abraham Lincoln School
    Oak Park, IL

  • Corey was great. He totally was able to control the audience - was great working with the kids and left us with a good message! I would recommend this assembly.
    MaryBeth Giammarco - Intervention Specialist
    Leptondale ES
    Wallkill, NY 

  • Corey was amazing. The kids are still talking about him. So happy to have had him at our school! Thank you so much!
    Loretta Sparacia Bartick - Cultural Arts Coordinator
    John Pearl ES
    Bohemia, NY

  • The show was wonderful! I am sure we will book him again. 
    Darlene Denny - Secretary to the Principal
    Mt. Hope/Nanjemoy ES
    Port Tobacco, MD

  • Corey was amazing. So much fun, incredibly engaging and the kids and teachers loved him. He was so personable and had a great story the kids could relate to. Hard work and respect. We looooved Corey and would recommend him to anyone!!
    Jenny Handjian - PTA 
    Montemalaga ES
    Palos Verdes Estates, CA

  • Corey kept the kids engaged the entire assembly and it was a big hit in our school!
    Michelle Vinci - PTA
    Mandalay ES
    Wantagh, NY

  • Corey did an amazing job. The students and teachers loved him. His message was clear and potent. He brought so much excitement out of the kids the entire time. Everyone was smiling for a while after the show. Our Principal was very happy with the assembly. Best show I have seen. Thank you for this opportunity.
    Meenal Patel - Assemblies Coordinator
    Grey Nun Academy
    Yardley, PA

  • Corey did a great job and related to the students very well. We would love to have him back again in the future. We would highly recommend Corey to other schools.
    Lori Cox - Guidance Counselor
    Chestatee ES
    Gainesville, GA

  • Corey is dynamic! He is talented and motivating. Corey involved our students and made the experience exciting and meaningful for all! I heard several people say that Corey was the best presenter they had seen!
    Natalie Lissy - Assistant Principal
    Liberty MS
    Clifton, VA 

  • Corey the Dribbler was enthusiastic and professional while presenting to both the 5th & 6th grade classes at Pennsauken Intermediate School. His character education message informed students that hard work builds success when achieving their goals. Students learned through his positivity and experience that they can accomplish anything if they put their minds and efforts towards what they want in life. Not only was Corey talented, he grabbed the attention of all students and staff with interactive activities, stunning tricks and witty charm, making the assembly exciting as well as educational.
    Martha Shukdinas - Secretary to Principal
    Pennsauken Intermediate School
    Pennsauken, NJ 

  • It was the BEST assembly we have ever had!! Kids are still talking about it!! We will definitely be calling you next year.
    Kim Morin - Teacher
    Tenney Grammar School
    Methuen, MA 

  • He was amazing. He entertained the children while teaching them a valuable lesson. I can't wait to have him back next year!
    Michelle Hazen - Assistant Principal
    Heights School
    Roslyn, NY

  • The show was AWESOME!!! Corey was great and the kids absolutely LOVED him! Thank you so much!
    Carla Widell - Teacher
    Oasis ES
    Thermal, CA

  • The students were all engaged. They loved the show and understood his message. One of the best shows we've had.
    Louise Disch - Assembly Coordinator
    Millmont ES
    Reading, PA

  • Our students were absolutely fascinated and very entertained by Corey The Dribbler. He kept their full attention from the beginning all the way to the end.  The show was supposed to be for 45 minutes. He and the kids were having so much fun that it did go over. He was amazing.  I am so glad that we went with Academic Entertainment. Corey was committed and very professional. This was probably the absolutely best assembly we've ever had at VCS.  Thank you so much.
    Lisa Hinton - Counselor
    Village Charter School
    Trenton, NJ

  • Fantastic Assembly! Corey is EXTREMELY talented and he did an awesome job talking to our students!
    Matt Dickersheid - Principal
    Legacy ES
    Ashburn, VA

  • Corey was absolutely amazing. He was professional, kind, generous, and the kids ADORED him. I absolutely loved the content of the show, how he told the story and how he managed our crazy audience. Would recommend him to other schools! Thanks!
    Kelley Sanabria - Cultural Arts Chair
    Bellows Spring ES
    Ellicott City, MD

  • Corey's Character-Education School Assembly program was excellent! He was so motivating, entertaining and kind. Corey really inspired our students with his message of respect.
    Lisamarie Calandra - PTA Arts in Education Chairperson
    Eugene Auer Memorial School
    Lake Grove, NY 

  • Corey was a great presenter, wonderful "crowd control," and engaged the students and staff!
    Mary Richards - Teacher
    Monroe ES
    Janesville, WI

  • We were NOT disappointed with Corey the Dribbler! Our 6th graders LOVED this assembly! They were engaged and interested throughout the show...Corey had teachers and students up on their feet participating with him. Corey's professionalism was appreciated as well...the assembly started on time, he was very adaptable to the venue (the gym had an area with a leaky ceiling), and he was very professional. His message of RESPECT was appreciated. Students were talking about the assembly for days afterwards!
    Stacey Brinkman - 6th Grade Teacher
    Central Manor ES
    Washington Boro, PA

  • The children loved Corey's performance. You could hear the screams of happiness and laughter from the gymnasium in the office!
    Carol Mays - Secretary 
    Upper Providence ES
    Royersford, PA

  • Corey was great. He was friendly and personable, read the audience great and the kids loved him. Thanks for putting on a great show!
    Romy Pavolotsky - Mother
    Baywood ES
    San Mateo, CA

  • Our students and staff enjoyed Corey The Dribbler's School Assemblies very much! Great feedback from our staff. Corey is very exciting, nice and extremely entertaining!
    Christine Stofan - Principal's Secretary
    Neubert ES
    Algonquin, IL

  • Our students and staff LOVED the assembly. The students stayed engaged the whole time. The students and staff really liked the end where Corey was doing tricks and called students and staff up. Thank You all for everything you do to bring this exciting experience to our school.
    Jenni Ratner - Secretary to the Principal
    Hampshire ES
    Hampshire, IL

  • We have had many Academic Entertainment assembly shows over the years and Corey The Dribbler's school assembly did not disappoint. He was fun, entertaining, and he had a wonderful message. The kids and teachers loved him!
    Brenda Ringer - Counselor
    Shoemaker School
    Macungie, PA

  • He was excellent...seamlessly incorporated our 4 R's for PBIS into his performance!
    Jamie Bouchelle - Assistant Principal
    Choptank ES
    Cambridge, MD

  • Thank you again. Corey The Dribbler was amazing with our kiddos today and we all LOVED the show!  Thanks again for being so easy to work with and schedule with! Corey was AWESOME!
    Nicole D'Ambrosio - Teacher
    Bon Meade ES
    Moon Township, PA

  • Corey was a HIT! Our students absolutely enjoyed his presentation. One of our best yet... Thanks for helping to make this happen, Whitney!
    Paul Bratcher - Director
    Rochambeau Alternative HS
    White Plains, NY 

  • We had Corey the Dribbler at our school and he was awesome! It was a wonderful assembly for everyone.
    Celeste Scott - PTO
    Cranbury School
    Cranbury, NJ

  • Absolutely AMAZING assembly!!! The kids are still talking about it today!! Corey was incredible!!!! Thank you so much!!  I will have to see what to schedule next for my spring assembly, it must be just as good. dramatic and energetic as Corey The Dribbler! I want our students and teachers to be talking about it the next day too! 
    Bonnie Yoder - PTA
    South Abington ES
    South Abington Twp., PA

  • Both our students and staff loved Corey's program! Very entertaining, humorous, engaging and educational learning! He did a great job!
    Mai Gruber - Vice Principal
    Roland Rogers ES
    Galloway, NJ

  • Always a gentleman!  Tailors the program to fit the message we need to send. Good Role Model. Happy to work with him!
    Sally Bulger - Principal
    School #10
    Garfield, NJ

  • Such a GREAT show! Our students and teachers LOVED Corey!!!!!! He is beyond great with the kids, reaches everyone with his amazing and inspiration story, and is crazy talented!!!! Our 4th graders immediately went back to class and wrote Corey the sweetest letters that we gave to him afterward. Corey is FIVE STARS!!!!!! Thank you so much for working with us to bring him to our schools!!!! 
    Heather Elkin - PTA
    Silver Spur ES
    Ranchos Palos Verdes, CA

  • Amazing show, great message, tons and tons of fun!
    Alex Woo - Counselor
    Paradise Canyon ES
    La Canada, CA

  • Corey The Dribbler was entertaining, motivating, and loved by all!
    Valerie Perez - Principal
    Mountain Vista ES
    Indio, CA

  • So many staff members came to me (knowing I helped book the assembly) RAVING about the show and the message. Corey was extremely engaging and motivating to all of our students at both shows. Sometimes when you have such engaging actions, the message gets lost in the show. Not this time - students and teachers alike heard the message of dedication, hard work and doing what you love come through loud and clear. Many people have told me this was the best assembly we have booked in years. Thank you so much!
    Rebecca Connelly - Teacher
    Pfaff ES
    Quakertown, PA

  • Corey's school assembly was awesome! The children and staff were fully engaged and his message was very appropriate and delivered honestly and professionally. We loved Corey The Dribbler!
    Cassandra Sotelo - Vice Principal
    Borchardt ES
    Lodi, CA

  • Corey The Dribbler was great! The kids all loved him, especially our middle school students. He was engaging, informative, motivating, and talented. It truly was a great show!
    Nicole Aguiar - Learning Director
    Whitmore Charter School
    Ceres, CA

  • Corey The Dribbler was fantastic!! Great energy and a great message!
    Kristal Barrigar - Learning Director
    Rivera ES
    Merced, CA

  • I received a lot of positive feedback already from Corey's presentation today, so I wanted to thank you!
    Vanessa Martyniuk - Vice Principal
    Ridgefield Memorial HS
    Ridgefield, NJ 

  • This was one of the best assemblies we have had in a long time. The kids absolutely loved the assembly and Corey's message was peppered in perfectly. Just the right amount of fun and serious!
    Molly Webb - Principal
    Resurrection Catholic School
    Cherry Hill, NJ

  • Corey was amazing!!!! The kids and faculty loved him!!! He was very engaging and was excellent with the kids!!! They are still talking about his wonderful presentation!!! Thank you very very much!!!
    Kianne Muschett - PTA
    Parliment Place ES
    North Babylon, NY

  • Corey The Dribbler was amazing. Everyone loved him and the message he taught our children. And he was such a nice person!  We’ll definitely be bringing his school assembly back again.
    Suzanne Levy - Cultural Arts 
    Hewlett ES
    Hewlett, NY 

  • Our Vice Principal said she heard many good reviews for Corey The Dribbler. I spoke with my two boys and two other students, and they liked his message and thought his tricks were great!
    Kerri McMahon - PTA
    Washington Oak ES
    Coventry, RI

  • He was awesome. children had a great time while learning an important message.
    Michelle Hazen - AP
    Heights School 
    Roslyn, NY

  • Corey did an amazing job presenting at our Community Meeting. He kept my 8th graders engaged with his talent and his life story. His message about working hard, perseverance, and staying away from negative influences really hit home with my kiddos. I would love to have him come back next year! The message was right on point and he did a great job grabbing our kiddos attention!
    Danielle Blair - Principal
    Brook Charter School 8th Grade Academy
    Boston, MA

  • Corey was magnificent. He did whatever we asked, was kind and receptive to the children and the teachers thought he was phenomenal. My staff members could have watched this assembly for even longer.
    Linda Cerino - Principal
    St. Michael School
    Newark, NJ

  • Kids LOVED it. From Kindergarten, to 6th grade, the kids were all engaged, and so enthusiastic, their screams could be heard outside the building. Corey did a wonderful job.
    Alicia Harrison - Enrichment Committee
    Oak View ES
    Bloomfield, NJ

  • Corey was such a treat for both students and staff!
    JuLee Chapman - Program Specialist
    Heartwood School
    Mason, MI

  • This was the first time we had Corey the Dribbler at our school and he was absolutely amazing! Our children were engaged the ENTIRE time he was with us. Corey involved the students and teachers the entire assembly. On the way out, after Corey was finished, he shook every single students hand. The students asked if Corey could come back next year!!
    Lisa Creelman - Parent Volunteer
    Sacred Heart School
    Mt. Holly, NJ

  • Corey The Dribbler did a fabulous job with his performance. He had a great message. Our students with severe and moderate cognitive disabilities loved the program and the interaction with Corey. Thanks for a great show and positive message. It was a wonderful performance!
    Clark Haase - Assistant Principal
    Lyle Torrant Center
    Jackson, MI

  • We love Corey! His message is amazing and having him during our March Madness Basketball Tournament meant a great deal to the various teams. He had something to offer to everyone from Pre-K to 8th grade! Looking forward to having him visit us again!
    Robyn Leszczynski - PTO
    Immaculate Conception School
    Newburyport, MA

  • I wanted to thank you for arranging today's excellent performance with Corey the Dribbler.  He was prompt, professional, and most importantly, an awesome entertainer for our students.  He taught them about overcoming obstacles, which was truly inspiring for them.  Of course, his basketball skills are other-worldly; the students will not forget today.
    Ben Francavilla - Teacher
    Whittier School
    Everett, MA

  • Corey was awesome! Full of energy, receptive to the kids and gave a great message to them. His skills are awesome! We will definitely have him back! Thanks!
    Melinda Heffron - Teacher
    Solomon Plains JHS
    Plains, PA

  • Corey was wonderful. The students and school staff loved him! Great message he spreads!
    Sharon Somekh - PFA
    East Hills School
    Roslyn, NY

  • Corey was very personable! The kids loved his show. We had never had anything like it at our school before! 
    Erica Duffy - PTA
    South ES
    Plymouth, MA

  • Corey arrived as scheduled and provided an outstanding program. He engaged our students, entertained them and challenged them with his READ program.  Lastly, he made all of them feel positive about always giving their best efforts. 
    Pastor Paul Miklich - Principal
    Christ Chapel Academy
    Woodbridge, VA

  • Corey was beyond amazing!! He presented to our 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students and every grade raved about the show. Corey was energetic and that energy was felt by the students and teachers alike. He shared his story of persistence and focus in a way that really resonated with the students. We have received letters of appreciation from parents who heard from their children how special Corey was. He engaged the students and not only had their attention, but he was able to keep them in their seats! No small feat for an afternoon event. I cannot say enough about the experience that he offered our students. We would gladly invite Corey back to Connecticut!
    Ronna Brier - PTA
    Read MS
    Redding, CT

  • We had students from PreK all the way to 5th grade and all of our students loved it. Corey was a lot of fun and super engaging with the students and staff. We all enjoyed his presence and passion. Our whole school enjoyed every minute and we love Corey! Thank you!!!
    Sondra Miller - PTA
    Maplewood ES
    Kansas City, MO

  • Corey the Dribbler came to Union Chapel Elementary today. He is an incredibly gifted speaker, talented beyond belief with his dribbling skills, and most importantly he CONNECTS with his audience. His kindness and positive energy was something you could feel the second he began his presentation. We have 500 kids, K-5 at our school and there was not a single child in the gym who did not connect with him and receive his message. He was able to take the difficult task of motivating kids about life, skills, determination, hard work, and respect and get them enthusiastic about it all. He is the epitome of a GREAT entertainer with a positive message. It doesn't get better than Corey the Dribbler!!!!!!!!! 

    I know you have a lot of programs to choose from at Academic Entertainment but I cannot imagine someone walking into a school and immediately connecting with the kids as he did.  The energy he brought to the gym was AMAZING!!!!  He is extremely talented, kind, and motivational.  Oh and he is COOL and FUNNY and still HUMBLE. That is something that is difficult to achieve.. LOL!!  The teachers in the hallway were pumped up when talking about what they had just seen.  I have already gotten like 10 text messages from PTA moms saying “My kid just came home super excited talking about Corey the Dribbler.” 

    This was not another boring program - this was entertaining and educational.  Maybe that's how the name Academic Entertainment came to be!!!????  I was beyond impressed with him on every level.  Thank you for allowing our school to book him and thank you for working with me. I appreciate it and thank you again!
    Carolyn Miller - Cultural Arts
    Union Chapel ES
    Parkville, MO

  • Corey was amazing. He was fun and energetic for the students. His message about never giving up on your dream was encouraging to the kids. His tricks were very impressive and really wow'd the crowd. A true professional and very gracious. Thanks, Corey -- best to you in the future!!
    Tammi Moes - Assemblies Coordinator
    Manhattan Catholic Schools
    Manhattan, KS

  • I am so happy we were able to have Corey at our school. Not only were his basketball skills AMAZING, he kept the kids engaged the whole time while still sending a valuable message about kindness and working hard in school. He was awesome and we would recommend him to anyone! 
    Tara Garcia - Library Media Specialist
    Graden ES
    Kansas City, MO

  • Corey was awesome and really got the students and staff involved! I had a lot of students/staff thanking me for bringing Corey to our school. He took extra time to sign autographs. His message was amazing! He is very talented. 
    Angela Glaves - Counselor
    Bluestem ES
    Leon, KS

  • The students really enjoyed the show. He kept the students attention for the entire time. Thank you.
    Willett Nanton - Assistant Principal
    New Millennium Business Academy MS 328
    Bronx, NY 

  • Corey was amazing. The students were engaged from start to finish and his message was very well received. Many of my students and staff told me that it was the best presentation they have seen at school.
    Scott Uppena - Principal
    Royall MS/HS
    Elroy, WI

  • We loved Corey's ability to connect with the audience, all the way from kindergarteners to 8th graders. His feats were fabulous, of course, but more important was the message he sent to our students about commitment to goals and the importance of respect and hard work. We will definitely have Corey back another time!
    Kristen Huff - Vice Principal
    Bryn Athyn Church School
    Bryn Athyn, PA

  • Corey was absolutely AMAZING! He had wonderful control of the students and kept them engaged the entire time. He told a great story that the students could learn from and tied it in to engaging activities. This was definitely the best assembly I have ever attended and would recommend Corey to other schools for assemblies!
    Rachel Kleinfelter - Teacher
    Monroe ES
    Boiling Springs, PA

  • The students love Corey. The interaction is great and they love the tricks.
    Finola Burton - Parent Coordinator
    East NY Elementary School of Excellence
    Brooklyn, NY

  • Corey was FANTASTIC! The kids loved him. We will definitely book again!
    Diane Furlong - Grade Level Leader
    Gardiners Ave ES
    Levittown, NY

  • Thank you! The kids loved him and they loved the fact that he played a basketball game with them. I think that made what he talked about really matter and definitely made a big impact. They will remember this for years to come.
    Stephanie Diaz - RAPP Specialist
    Chino, CA 

  • It was an AWESOME assembly. Teachers were texting me all day telling me how great it was. Thank you SO much!
    Jennifer Carr - PTO
    Pleasant Valley MS
    Brodheadsville, PA

  • This was an awesome show for our 450 kids! They were entranced the whole time. I appreciated the balance between fun and a great message too.
    Beth Williams - PTO
    Woodville ES
    Wakefield, MA

  • Awesome show, the students enjoyed it.
    Tenesia Crook - AP
    Accokeek Academy
    Accokeek, MD

  • Kids loved him. He was fun and had a great message. Just a note most of the girls loved him and said he was great.
    Caroline Schozer - Assistant Principal
    Seaford Harbor ES
    Seaford, NY

  • Corey was very entertaining, very inspiring. Kids and parents talked about him for months! Thanks to him we will use the company in upcoming school year. 
    Asia Smith - PTO
    Rockwell School
    Bethel, CT

  • Corey was awesome! The kids enjoyed it and he was so nice!
    Tara Trotta - PTA 
    Bayview ES
    West Islip, NY

  • He was great and really connected with students and staff!  
    Joe Williams - Principal
    Walnut Street ES
    Darby, PA

  • Corey was dynamic, engaging, and thoroughly entertaining. His message about the importance of good character was the perfect way to kick of our Week of Respect activities. Thank you for a great show and an even better lesson about being a good student, team mate, and person. 
    Barbie Ledyard - Principal
    Upper Deerfield Township Schools
    Seabrook, NJ

  • Corey is always well prepared, fun and engaging for the students. We have him yearly. Thank you!
    Matthew Younghans - Principal
    Little Tor ES
    New City, NY

  • Corey was awesome! To start, he was great with communication. This is always helpful when scheduling assemblies to know when to expect the speaker, and what they will need. He was on time, also clearly very important to us! The kids LOVED him - the most important thing to us! He really captured their attention and spoke their language. He had a great message, that the students were invested in hearing. He was very entertaining and I received many compliments from our staff for booking this assembly. Please let Corey know we were extremely grateful to have him and I will definitely recommend him to other schools! 
    Stephanie Silver - School Counselor
    Mary S. Shoemaker ES
    Woodstown, NJ

  • Corey was fantastic. Probably the best family engagement nights we have ever had. Corey stayed until every last student got a picture and an autograph even though he had a 7 hour drive ahead of him. Corey was great with the kids and their parents, he provided a really spectacular show, and he involved the kids in his show. I absolutely recommend!
    John Van Wyck - Director of Student Services and Federal Programs
    Page County Public Schools
    Luray, VA

  • Corey was magnificent! He did an excellent job of engaging the students and teachers with a fun activity, while tying in an interesting story of determination and commitment using a growth mindset! He was the perfect finale for our Week of Respect 19-20. 
    Veronica Conover - School Counselor
    High Mountain MS
    North Haledon, NJ

  • Corey the Dribbler was AMAZING! He held the attention of all our students. The students loved him and were completely engaged in his presentation. We loved his entertainment and loved that he was able to share positive messages throughout it.
    Angela McLean - Teacher
    Nelson Avenue MS
    Oroville, CA

  • We enjoyed having Corey at our school. The kids really loved him. He was so polite and easy to coordinate with. Also, he really held the attention of the children - they were absolutely captivated by him. Both my boys told me the kids were talking about the assembly all day!
    Lisa Grant - Assembly Chair
    Tam Valley ES
    Mill Valley, CA

  • Corey did not disappoint! Our school has continued to rave about how encouraging his READ message proves to be. His enthusiasm is unparalleled. Our students went away from the assembly with the exact impression we were hoping to embody; you can be anything you want to be when you keep your eye on the end goal, strive to be the best you, and make the right environmental choices and remain drug free. Big shout out to Corey and Academic Entertainment for being such a professional, inspiring company. Thank you! 
    Melissa Rawlins - Red Ribbon Week Chair
    Cambridge ES
    Vacaville, CA

  • Every student and teacher I spoke with enjoyed the show and had great things to say about it. Students were able to talk about Corey’s message and found him to be very positive and motivational. He went above and beyond to connect to the students and performed a high-energy and engaging show. His control of the audience was phenomenal! Thank you for providing such a wonderful show! 
    Mary Sommerfelt - Teacher
    Sycamore Hills ES
    Fontana, CA

  • We had two shows performed by Corey; one for our elementary and one for our middle school. Both shows were excellent and the students absolutely loved them. It was both motivational and interactive for the students. Many students left the gymnasium and stated that it was the best assembly they have ever had! 
    Jacqueline Dingman - Counselor
    Divine Mercy Academy
    Rockaway, NJ

  • Corey was fantastic! The students and faculty enjoyed the interactive assembly. We hope to schedule another future assembly.
    Amy Chacharone - PBIS
    Burncoat MS
    Worcester, MA

  • Corey was absolutely amazing! We are so happy that we booked him. The kids and staff loved him and his message. 
    Chrissy Ioiacono - PTA
    Family School 32
    Yonkers, NY

  • Corey is amazing! Thank you for the recommendation. We love him!
    Ally Kahler - PTSA
    Lakelands Park MS
    Gaithersburg, MD

  • It was an awesome show. Our students loved the show. The message was perfect and we would love to work with this company again for future shows.
    Nicole Callaway - PE/PBIS
    Central ES
    Seaford, DE

  • Corey the Dribbler was fabulous! His show was entertaining, engaging and inspiring! We received so many comments afterwards from students and staff about how this was one of the best assemblies we've ever had! 
    Maureen Crabtree - PTSA
    Peter Kirk ES
    Kirkland, WA

  • This was a great show. The message was awesome and his willingness to stay around after show and sign autographs and take photos was fantastic. I would definitely encourage others to check this show out!!
    Bruce Porubek - Principal
    Endicott School
    Endicott, WA

  • 5 out of 5 in all categories. Addressed NYS Standards, Grade Level Appropriate, Hands-on Student Involvement, Interaction with Student Audience. Overall we would recommend this program to other districts. It was wonderful!  This was our second time having Corey The Dribbler - well spoken, engaging, and a positive message!
    Amanda Denno - Assistant Principal
    WH Barton School
    Queensbury, NY

  • The show was great!  Corey was able to capture the student's attention by his tricks and stressed the importance of good character from being a student to an adult.  Teachers and students were able to participate. I look forward to getting him back to our school in the future.
    Marlene Tuano - Primary Teacher
    John Hanson Montessori School
    Oxon Hill, MD

  • Our students and staff enjoyed the show. It was entertaining and engaging for the students with a good message. 
    Travis Howell - Principal
    Jennings ES
    Colfax, WA

  • The assembly was amazing! This assembly was extremely entertaining with a wonderful message.
    Stephanie Primavera - Principal
    Milnes ES
    Fair Lawn, NJ

  • Thank you for coming to our school. The students and staff really enjoyed themselves. Corey was great!
    Doreen Caravella - Paraprofessional
    Rugby School at Woodfield
    Wall, NJ

  • Corey was awesome! We loved his show. Thank you!
    Stephanie DeGaetano - Teacher
    Colchester ES
    Colchester, CT

  • Corey was all that we expected.  He had a strong message, he thrilled the boys with his skill, and involved the audience.  He then stayed to do autographs.
    Lynn Duvall - Assembly Coordinator 
    The Fenn School
    Concord, MA

  • Corey entertained the Ward Hall audience with basketball skills and tricks that challenged the reflexes of student and faculty volunteers, but also dedicated equal time to a talk about his life journey of successes and challenges and the value of resilience and perseverance.  
    Cate Waldeck - Parent's Association
    The Fenn School
    Concord, MA

  • I have been told by the school administration it was the best show I have ever brought into the school. I think that says a lot. Thank you so much for making our PTO look good!
    Mary Ioven - Treasurer
    Johnson ES
    Nahant, MA

  • We had a great time with Corey! Lots of great feedback! Corey was great! Fun, energetic and really captivated both of our groups! He adjusted well to the older vs. younger group and we had a lot of compliments and good feedback!
    Jill Fithian - PTA
    Sol Feinstone ES
    Newtown, PA

  • Corey's presentation was both fun and informative! He truly is a professional and knows his audience. Both the students and teachers were amazed with his talent! Everyone participated with enthusiasm and listened intently to his story which emphasized many character traits and life-long lessons. As a school we would highly recommend him to any school - simply amazing! 
    Susan Toth - PE Teacher
    Our Lady of Grace School
    Fairview, NJ

  • Corey was AWESOME! The kids and adults LOVED HIM!
    Nicole Welsh - Coordinator
    Our Lady of Mercy School
    Ambler, PA

  • Corey was amazing. The kids loved him. Thank you for a great show. 
    Cristine Pergola - PTA Cultural Arts Chair
    New Hyde Park Road School
    New Hyde Park, NY

  • We invited Corey to provide an uplifting and motivational experience for our 6th and 7th grade students and were completely amazed at his performance! His show was energetic and funny while having a very relatable and real story. Our kids could not stop talking about it throughout the rest of the week! Thank you!
    Robin Oliveri - Assistant Principal
    Deerlake MS
    Tallahassee, FL

  • Corey the Dribbler did a great job in the 45 minute presentation. He was prompt, professional, and very pleasant with staff and students. His message connected with our students. We were happy to have Corey with us! 
    Shane Trager - Principal
    Reed-Custer MS
    Braidwood, IL

  • Corey did an amazing job. He had the students engaged from the start. Not only did the students enjoy his dribbling skills, but they were also very interested in how he reached his goal of becoming a Harlem Globetrotter. We would love to have Corey come back again!! 
    Abigail Fandakly - Enrichment Chair
    University Hills ES
    Rochester Hills, MI

  • Corey was amazing! He was full of energy and had the students laughing and engaged the whole time. We really enjoyed his show and would have him back in the future. 
    Ashleigh Duclos - PTA
    Centerville ES
    Frederick, MD

  • Corey was engaging, entertaining, and had a great and clear message. He was extremely easy to work with.
    Heather Usher - Reading Assembly Team 
    Lake George ES
    Lake George, NY

  • The students thought it was really awesome and keep asking to see him again! When asked what they learned, the students responded with positive messages about staying in school, working hard, and being a nice person in order to achieve their goals. They got the message while having a good time and being amazed by entertaining tricks!
    Rebecca Benjamin - Literacy Specialist 
    Pleasant Valley ES
    Schenectady, NY

  • Corey was AWESOME.... Finding a show that engages 4th and 5th graders is tough. Not with Corey. His skills are top notch and he kept the kids on the edge of their seats from start to finish. 
    Paul Pallagi - Assistant Principal
    Springfield ES
    Charleston, SC

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