What’s HOT for 2017/18!


What’s HOT for 2017/18!

Summer isn’t over yet, but it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming school year.  If you want to bring your students the most popular and sought-after school assemblies from across the country, keep reading!  Here’s what’s HOT in Educational Entertainment for 2017/18.

ALL of our school assembly programs are FANTASTIC, and we represent only the BEST educational entertainers from around the nation. BUT there are a few select programs that are proving to be especially popular heading in to the upcoming school year.  QUICK:  schedule these programs NOW while we still have dates available!

Music Technology – available in the Midwest for the FALL!  East Coast, year-round. Now scheduling West Coast for 2018/19 school year.  This hugely successful program will capture the imaginations of EVERYONE that attends!

Corey The Dribbler – we’re almost out of September dates!  Corey will be back and forth from the East Coast to the Midwest for TWO weeks this fall. Potential trips to CA in October, and for sure in March!  Grab discount dates while you can!  

Crystal Clear Science - No gimmicks, just science! Crystal Clear Science makes Real Science, REALLY Fun! Now scheduling for the week of Earth Day in April on the East Coast!  Nationwide year-round! 

Physics Experience – NEW!  EXPERIENCE Physics like never before! Now scheduling for MD/VA last week of October/First week of November. Available Midwest year-round.

Zonda Kids Dance – based in Nashville, TN, Zonda Kids Dance is planning not just one, not two, but THREE trips to various states in the upper East Coast this Fall and Spring.  MORE opportunities to bring him to your school too!  Available nationwide.

The Signature Project – if you can only do one assembly all year, this is it!  The Signature Project is touring cross country this fall and Spring. Stops in NE/MI/PA/NY this fall.  And MA/MD/NJ this winter. Possibly with some CA or FL locations too! Stay tuned! 

Ultimate Human Board Game – one of our most popular assemblies at the beginning AND especially at the end of the School year.  Schedule NOW before we run out of dates!   PLUS: now available nationwide! More expensive, BUT it’s an option now and it wasn’t before! 

Bully Shmully – touring from Washington State to the East Coast and Back!  Midwest end of September. East Coast beginning of October. California during Red Ribbon Week (end of October) AND the week prior to Memorial Day. 

Dare to Draw! – PRICE REDUCED!  Mark Kistler wants to teach your students SO MUCH that he’s willing to come for a little less!  What wasn’t accessible to your school, might be now!  This Emmy-Award winning artist is AMAZING!  Special tours planned to MI and CA this fall, plus East Coast this Spring, mid-April.

Mr. Tay - motivates thousands of youth through creative storytelling to improve character, self-worth and leadership with his unique message “UBU.”  Mr. Tay has special trips planned to MA and NJ this September and October, and then to PA the last week of February.

For prices and more specific date availability in your area, call 800-883-9883, email info@academicentertainment.com, or fill-out and submit our request information form. We’ll respond within one business day. If you don’t see our email response, check your junk/spam and give us a call!