Red Ribbon 2017


Red Ribbon 2017

National Red Ribbon Week is October 23 to 31. This year’s Theme is: Your Future Is Key, So Stay Drug Free™!  Are you ready to celebrate and reinforce the Red Ribbon Message with your school? 

Academic Entertainment firmly believes in the Red Ribbon campaign and message, and a number of our School Assemblies specifically address drug prevention. We’ve also made some of our programs available in select areas for a reduced price to encourage schools to bring in motivational youth speakers that can speak to the message of anti-drug awareness.

Here's a list of our Red Ribbon School Assembly Programs for 2017: 

Corey The Dribbler – One of the principals Corey lives by and teaches to K-12 students is Don’t Bully and Don’t Do Drugs.  Corey The Dribbler is available nationwide. Call NOW (800-883-9883) to schedule for your school!

Got Character – This musical and motivational program is great for younger K-6 students and encourages them to do the best they can and to be healthy and kind to others.  Got Character is available in California October 24-28.

3Screens – Multimedia music and movie action draws students in as they absorb moving stories that show how people can make positive decisions now to avoid dangerous and destructive choices as they grow older. Choose from different programs for elementary, middle, and high school grades. Available Various Locations nationwide October 23-31.

Zonda Kids Dance – Combines hip hop dance moves with student success principles that include messages on achievement, motivation, bullying, personal power and so much more.  Available mid-Atlantic region Oct 23-31.

Mr. Tay – Mr. Tay (Teaching Americas Youth) motivates thousands of youth through creative storytelling to improve character, self-worth and leadership with his unique message “UBU”. He helps develop students so that they can believe and take steps towards success. The message can be customized to meet the needs of any age K-12. Available mid-Atlantic region Oct 23-31.

Bully Shmully – An excellent program for K-6 students, Bully Shmully presents a powerfully effective approach to taking personal responsibility for how you conduct yourself.  Available in California October 24-28.

Music Technology – A 20-year music industry veteran, Brent Daniels has had personal experiences with drug and alcohol abuse through friends and colleagues and can talk with K-12 students about the importance of making healthy choices.  Available on East Coast October 23-31.

Freestyle Connection BMX – This program for K-12 students includes messages about safety, doing your best, healthy living, drug and tobacco free, anti-bullying, staying in school, and more. It’s great for Red Ribbon Week!  Available in the Southern United States, California and Nationwide October 23-31.

Violin Rocks! – Geoffrey Castle uses his unique abilities and experiences to communicate to K-12 students a message of self-motivation and using education to achieving one’s dreams. Geoffrey can also speak to the Red-Ribbon movement and message.  Available nationwide. Call NOW to schedule- 800-883-9883!

Up & Away w/ Hot Air Balloons – In addition to a live demonstration with a real Hot Air Balloon, the indoor presentation of this program can be tailored to almost any topic, including how the natural high of the excitement of aviation and ballooning is better than drugs. Available on the East Coast October 23-31.

For more information about our Red Ribbon and Character Education assemblies, including pricing and specific Red Ribbon availability in your area, call 800-883-9883, email, or fill out our request information form.