Brian Richards Elementary School Assemblies are Entertaining, Engaging and Educational!

Brian Richards Elementary School Assemblies
Brian Richards Elementary School Assemblies are Entertaining, Engaging and Educational!

If you’re looking for an educational and entertaining elementary school assembly presenter, available in-person or online, that’s also fun, engaging and full of energy, check out these programs presented by comic magician, Brian Richards.

Want a school show and elementary assembly presenter that is professional and reliable, loved by students and teachers alike, available in-person or online/virtual, and guaranteed to be a success?  Check out these programs by Brian Richards, one of the most humorous assembly presenters in the county.

  • Magic of 5-A-Day – Elementary Nutrition and Health Assembly
  • The bFit Show – Physical Fitness, Health, Exercise and Nutrition
  • Math Magical – Elementary Math School Assembly Show (also available virtual/online!)
  • Magic of Reading – Highlights the fun of reading and encourages kids to explore the library (also available virtual/online)
  • The Funny Magic Show – Just for Fun! An award-winning comedy magic show. (Virtual/Online Workshops too!)
  • The bGreat Show – NEW Character Education and Anti-Bullying School Assembly.

Using the perfect blend of entertainment and educational content, Brian's in-person and virtual/online assemblies are loved by students and staff alike. Though they will laugh and be fooled by his tricks, your school will also get excited about whatever topic Brian is presenting.

What’s even better is that Brian has SIX different assembly shows to choose from, and THREE of them are virtual/online. You could bring him to your K-5 school every year for a different show that students wouldn’t have seen before.

You’ll love working with Brian Richards though Academic Entertainment, and you’ll want to bring his shows back for your students year after year.

Call 800-883-9883, email, or fill out and submit our request information form to inquire about prices and date availability for Brian Richards outstanding elementary school assemblies for your area.