The bFit Show

Brian Richards' elementary school assembly gets students excited about eating healthy, fitness, nutrition and exercise!

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The bFit Show uses magic, comedy, juggling, and audience participation to get your elementary school excited about eating healthy, fitness, nutrition and exercise!

Students, teachers, parents, and administrators will love and talk about The bFit Show for days, weeks, and months to come. And, this program may help your school fight child obesity, diabetes, and heart disease!

The bFit Show with Brian Richards is an elementary health and fitness assembly that will get your students up and moving!

Using the perfect blend of entertainment and educational content, Brian Richards’ assemblies are loved by students and teachers alike.  His ability to communicate a positive message and motivate children has made him one of the most popular presenters in the country.

In The bFit Show, Brian incorporates features like juggling and magic to present a show that is....

  •     Educational and Entertaining
  •     Professional and Reliable
  •     Fun and Energetic
  •     Loved by Students and Teachers alike
  •     Guaranteed to be a Success

Your school will be amazed at his magic.  They will laugh at his hysterical comedy.  But most importantly, they will get excited about being Fit! The bFit Show is a 45 minute elementary fitness and nutrition program designed to get your kids interested in getting Fit.  The show uses magic, comedy, juggling, music, and tons of audience participation to deliver a powerful and motivational message that kids in America need to hear!

Throughout the program, students and teachers will learn that our bodies need to...

Our bodies need the right kind of fuel to stay healthy and move.  We need to fill our bodies with healthy foods like fruits & vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, milk, and plenty of water.

Our bodies need 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise every day.  It doesn’t have to happen all at once!  Break it up and make it fun activities like biking, swimming, and jump rope!

Be creative when it comes to trying new healthy foods and activities.  Come up with creative ways to move our bodies while doing things like watching TV, playing video games, and other screen time!

The show concludes with a fun and exciting Juggling Competition guessed it...your teachers!!!   Imagine the fun as the kids watch their favorite teacher battle it out for “Best Scarf Juggler!”

"The bFit Show is a brilliant concept designed to help fight child obesity, diabetes and heart disease." - Syosset, NY - Jericho Tribune

The bFit Show Set-up Datasheet

Audience: PreK-6   Capacity: 400
Presentation Time: 45 minutes 
Set-Up Time: 45 minutes. Please ensure performance space is clear and empty of classes during set-up time. 
Take-Down Time: 30 minutes

Presentation Area: Brightly lit performance space; minimum area of 8 ft. x 14 ft. Performance space can be stage or floor-level; floor level is preferred. If performance space is floor level, please seat students on the floor and not in chairs. If the performance area is a stage please make sure there are stairs for easy volunteer access to the performance area.

Assembly Requirements: Depending on your location, you may be asked to provide a PA system with RCA-jack input. 

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Blends magic and comedy to educate about eating healthy and exercise.

Your school will be amazed at his magic. They will laugh at his hysterical comedy. But most importantly, they will get excited about being Fit! The bFit Show is a 45 minute program designed to get your kids excited about getting Fit. The show uses magic, comedy, juggling, music, and tons of audience participation to deliver a powerful and motivational message that kids in America need to hear!

Audience participation reinforces creative strategies to learn what your body needs to stay healthy.

bFueled: Our bodies need the right kind of fuel to stay healthy and move. bActive: Our bodies need 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise every day. bCreative: Be creative when it comes to trying new healthy foods and activities.

They may laugh and be fooled by his tricks, but your school WILL get excited about being fit!

Presented by one of the most humorous assembly educators in the country, students and staff alike are sure to be entertained. This program uses the perfect blend of entertainment and education to teach exercise and healthy eating habits.

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Teacher Discussion Guide

Follow-up questions and an activity page for The bFit Show

We hope you enjoyed the bFit Show School assembly. Here are some questions for classroom discussion with students after the assembly. Use as you desire to help reinforce the importance of exercise and healthy eating!

  1. What did Brian say we need to do to be fit? Be Fueled. Be Active. And Be Creative.
  2. Name the 5 color categories of fruits and vegetables, Green, Yellow/Orange, White, Purple, Red
  3. Why should we all eat five categories every day? To keep our entire body healthy.
  4. What are some examples of sometimes foods and all the time foods? Sometimes foods: ice cream, cookies, french fries.  All the time foods: fruits, vegetables, and other healthy food
  5. How long should we exercise every day?  One hour. Does it need to happen all at once?  No, it can be broken up throughout the day!
  6. What are exercises you can do while watching TV?  Jumping Jacks. Running in place. Invisible Jump Rope. Jersey Fist Pumps. 


Please use the third page linked here for fun activities about health and exercise! Please use this page following your school assembly and allow students to take it home as a reminder of all they learned! 

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Download a Printable PDF of this Datasheet

  • Awesome assembly for grades pre-K to 3rd!  Brian really engaged the students, had them laughing and dancing. Wonderful morning!
    Kelley McCarthy Kane - PTA Assembly Chair
    Holy Cross School
    Rumson, NJ

  • Brian was great and the assembly was greatly enjoyed by all!! He was super enthusiastic, entertaining, funny, creative and professional!  Thanks for coordinating such a wonderful program! 
    Ruthelyn Elkin - Assembly Coordinator
    Mount Pleasant ES
    Livingston, NJ 

  • EVERYONE loved it! The teachers, the kids and the principal!!! Great way to teach the kids about health!!!
    Limor Kovar - PTA Assembly Coordinator
    EH Bryan ES
    Cresskill, NJ

  • The show was wonderful! I am sure we will book this again! 
    Darlene Denny - Secretary to Principal
    Mt. Hope/Nanjemoy ES
    Nanjemoy, MD

  • Brian had such control with the kids, it was amazing. His show was great and we loved the message. Thank you!
    Courtney Paterna - PTA
    Calf Pen Meadow ES
    Milford, CT

  • Mr. Brian was great, he had both the parents and students engaged. We got great feedback and will be looking forward to booking him again!
    Abilene Salas - Title 1 President
    PS 105
    Bronx, NY

  • Brian was fantastic! Kept the kids engaged and having fun while sending a serious and important message. Kids walked away talking about being healthy and wanting to eat fruits and veggies! Thank you Brian for another great show!
    Jennifer Falasco - PTA President
    Bellerose ES
    East Northport, NY

  • Fun show. Great energy. Loved the suggestions about exercising while you're watching TV--GREAT idea and many of the children told their parents about that! 
    Lauretta Hannigan - PTA VP
    Babylon Memorial Grade School
    Babylon, NY

  • Brian Richards was awesome! Our kids loved him. From set up to clean up, everything went very smoothly. The show was funny, education and appropriate. We had it for our field day and both the teachers and the students loved it. Brian was great and we cannot wait to have him back for the Math Magical Show.
    Oksana Gaber - Cultural Arts/Field Day
    West Nyack ES
    West Nyack, NY

  • The kids and teachers loved the show. Very entertaining!
    Dana Kallman - PTA
    Centre Avenue ES
    East Rockaway, NY

  • Brian was great! The kids were engaged the whole time and had a lot of fun.
    Keri Hespeler - Arts in Ed Co-Chair
    Harding Ave ES
    Lindenhurst, NY

  • Amazing show! Very informative and funny. Kids were engaged and really seemed to enjoy it. He was able to relate the importance of nutrition and exercise to students in a fun way!
    Cheryl Murphy - PTA
    Oceanside School 3
    Oceanside, NY

  • Brian Richards was AMAZING!  He had both groups (K-2 and 3-5) laughing hysterically at his magic and jokes, and very engaged throughout his bFueled portion.  Our nurse has a Strive for Five program every year in the Spring, where students track their fruits and veggies, “striving for five” every day.  This program was a great kickoff to her program (a great bonus!)

    I also love how he altered his program a bit for the older kids.  The K-2 crew loved his silliness and laughed hysterically at him!  And he appropriately changed his tone a bit for the older kids.  Because, you know, they think they are way too cool for too much silliness! I got messages from parents at every grade level telling me their kids came home talking about the great program they saw.  And I even had one little girl approach me when I was out to thank me for bringing in such a great program!

    Most impressive, however, was his command of the audience.  As you know, I’m always a little worried about behavior and attentiveness because teachers are not present at some of our performances.  We had ONLY parent volunteers monitoring yesterday and the students were STILL amazing. I 100% attribute this to Brian’s ability to keep them engaged and laughing, every single minute.  I would HIGHLY recommend Brian to any school.  His message is important and well communicated to his audience in a very age appropriate way.  

    Feel free to have any schools thinking about booking Brian to reach out to me for a reference.
    Deidre Roy - Enrichment Coordinator
    Highlands ES
    Danvers, MA