Crystal Clear Science

No gimmicks, just science! Crystal Clear Science makes Real Science, REALLY Fun for elementary, middle, and junior high school students!

In-Person or Virtual/Online for Schools and Camps!

Age Range: K-8

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Crystal Clear Science

No gimmicks, just science!  The Crystal Clear Science school assembly makes Real Science, REALLY Fun!  Crystal Clear Science programs will enhance your elementary and middle school students’ knowledge of and interest in science topics and will inspire them to learn!  Correlated to national science standards, all topics can be tailored for elementary, middle, and junior high grades K-8.  A variety and number of demonstrations and opportunities for audience interaction keep kids involved throughout the assembly.  Choose from these FIVE topics to focus the theme of your Crystal Clear Science show:  Wonderful Water │ May The Force Be With You │ Sounds Like Fun │ Climate Changers │ Steam Powered Science

Crystal Clear Science school assemblies deliver memorable learning and enrich and extend science instruction beyond the textbook and classroom. Kids will be entertained while they learn about science concepts, and they will be fascinated by the experiments demonstrated by Certified Science Teacher, and presenter, Michelle White. Even the most hard-to-reach students will tilt their heads and listen intently as science topics are made relevant to their everyday lives.

After this program, students will continue to reflect back on what they learned, and they will be encouraged to continue their study of science inside AND outside their classrooms. Crystal Clear Science will teach children how to ask questions, develop ways to find out information, and how they can evaluate what they’ve learned from their own scientific inquiry. No matter which topic you choose, students will leave this assembly inspired to seek out science all around them.

Choose from FIVE programs for your Crystal Clear Science Show:

Steam Powered Science – Enjoy experiments in science, technology, engineering, art and math!. Aerodynamics, electricity, states of matter and more are explored using Tesla coils, static generators, dry ice and harmonographs.

May The Force Be With You – This program will have your kids excited about learning more about energy and the forces all around them. A 3D magnetic field, Newton’s Cradle, Spinning Pennies and Flying Eggs teach kids about contact vs. non-contact forces, the laws of motion and more. Kids leave with a new understanding of the energy connection between the branches of science and our daily lives.

Sounds Like Fun – “Put your hand like this!” This popular program engages the entire audience as students learn about pitch, volume, the Doppler Effect, safety through sound and the biology of how we interpret sound. Twirling bugles, singing rods and roaring pipes teach basic concepts in memorable ways. Kids love the examples of simple experiments they can follow up with at home!!

Wonderful Water – This crowd favorite begins as students explore the science behind sinking and floating. Math connections are made as Crystal Clear science teaches that density is the answer and it all depends on mass and volume. The magic of surface tension is demonstrated with the Upside Down Jar and Do Not Open bottles. Environmental stewardship is taught using the Perilous Plastics and Disappearing Water experiments.

Climate Changers – Finally, a resource to teach your students about climate change in a way that will empower, inspire and intrigue! Electrical generation is demonstrated as kids learn the connection between fossil fuels and our atmosphere. The effects of combustion are made “Crystal Clear” as kids watch soot accumulate before their eyes. Exciting experiments demonstrating circuits and energy transfer help students see that the solution to this big problem is lots of little changes. The program ends with kids participating in a game show type activity as they see if they can score a “win” for nature!

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