Ultimate Board Game - Camps

Features a LIFE-SIZE human board game! Based on character building, teamwork, sportsmanship and total participation.

Note: requires an alternate indoor venue in case of inclement weather.

Age Range

Presenting a program that will engage and inspire camps! Outdoors or Indoors, The Ultimate Human Board Game ensures lots of participation with exciting activities and friendly competition. Based on a foundation of sportsmanship and teamwork, this camp show is perfect for:

  • K-12 Summer Schools, Summer Camps and Summer Programs
  • Family Nights and Parent Visit Days
  • Leadership Camps and Conferences
  • Team Building for Sports and Clubs

This team building camp show will have everyone involved!

The Ultimate Human Board Game features a LIFE-SIZE game board of three color-coded sides! The board is made up of 16 squares, each representing a different exciting activity. The entire camp is divided into three teams (green, blue, and red). The game begins when one team rolls the dice and lands on an activity in which all three teams compete to win. The Ultimate Human Board Game is based on character building, teamwork, sportsmanship and total participation.

Activities such as the Silly Dance and Lip Sync Challenge are audio enhanced. This fast and spirited game is sure to generate a level of excitement and team work in campers which will amaze you!

Please have an alternate indoor venue available in the event of inclement weather.

Human Board Game Set-up Datasheet

Note: requires an alternate indoor venue in case of inclement weather.

Audience: K-12     Capacity: 350
Presentation Time: 50 minutes 
Set-Up Time: 1 hour 
Take-Down Time: 20 minutes

Performance Space/Venue: Approximately 36 ft. x 36 ft. Suitable for gym, multi-purpose room, or outdoor area. See the set-up diagram below.  This game is sure to make the day exciting with team building activities everyone can do. EVERYONE will be talking about this one well after the show!

Board Game Diagram 2018.jpg

Before the show: We will help you determine the right number of teams (most of the time, it's 3 teams). Please make sure there are equal number of students from each age group on each team – this helps create an appropriate game atmosphere for all ages. Choose a staff member to captain each team who will assist rotating team members for each round and choosing participants for challenge activities. Encourage students to wear their team colors on the day of the show (Red, Green, Blue). Team spirit always earns points! Encourage staff members to join teams. Staff participation is a huge plus for the board game, your students, and for YOU!

Board main 2017.jpg

Ensures lots of participation with exciting activities and friendly competition.

The Ultimate Human Board Game uses lots of participation with team-building activities to combine team spirit and sportsmanship into one program. Based on the ideas of being a good team player and working together, this is sure to motivate, engage and inspire your school!

Assemblies, Fun nights, Field Days and much more!

An activity based show, the Board Game challenges teams against each other in an all-out competition. It’s great for K-12 School Assemblies, Summer Camp Shows, Field Days, Family Nights, Teacher-In-Service, and much more! It’s a team-building assembly that gets everyone involved! 

The Ultimate Human Board Game

Features a LIFE-SIZE game board! Each square represents a different exciting activity. Teams roll the die to move along the board. Teams compete against each other to win the activity they land on (i.e. “The Hustle, “What a Puzzle” and “That’s a Wrap” ). The game is enhanced with fun props and music and audio projection. This program encourages character building, teamwork, sportsmanship, and total participation!

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  • Wonderful!  Kids loved the program. The presenter did an outstanding job.  We have used this program before and will use in the future!
    Kim Luxenberg - PTA President
    Stratford Road ES
    Plainview, NY 

  • I wanted to let you know that the students, faculty and parents all thoroughly enjoyed this show.  The performer did an amazing job incorporating so many of the students.  We would highly recommend this show to any school!!
    Melissa Malito
    St. Rose School
    Girard, OH

  • The host was fantastic! He kept our students excited and engaged throughout the game. His level of energy was contagious and spread throughout the assembly. Parent's and Teacher's loved the performance and can't wait to have the show return next year!
    Michael Schiavo - Principal
    Mount Pleasant School
    West Orange, NJ

  • Great show, made great connections with our campers. Excellent job keeping them engaged.
    Lynne Saunders - Senior Director
    Christian Street YMCA
    Philadelphia, PA

  • It was very enjoyable to have someone else come in and entertain our campers on the last day of camp! Our campers LOVED it and were so eager to get involved, which after a long summer is sometimes hard to do. The instructor was energetic and came prepared with extra things for down time like bubbles and lots of music. Counselors and campers had a great time! It was also a quick and easy setup and tear-down, with minimal assistance needed from us. This was nice, since we were still having to be with the campers and unable to provide support for the assembly in addition.
    Sara Crombie - Camp Director
    City of Gahanna Parks and Recreation
    Gahanna, OH

  • Awesome job!
    Corinne Olson - Supervisor
    Senior, Youth & Leisure Services
    Livingston, NJ

  • Great! The children had fun and were engaged. 
    Caroline Schozer - Assistant Principal
    Seaford SD
    Seaford, NY