Where can you find answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions?  Check out our Datasheets page!  

Academic Entertainment FAQ and Camp and School Assembly Datasheets

  1. You can find this page from our home page by clicking “Datasheets” on the main menu.
  2. Each school assembly program and summer camp show has their own datasheet. On the bottom, you’ll find specific show information, including presentation times, set-up and tear-down times, audience capacity, grade levels, and much more.  We’ve also included space requirements, equipment needs, and other details as well. 
  3. The datasheets are printable PDFs that include a show description with the set-up information in an easy-to-view, one-page format.  Some school assembly program and summer camp show datasheets also have additional pages specific to that program. Pick and choose which programs interest you the most, and print out the datasheets to present to your co-decision makers! 
  4. Read more about each program in the Show Description at the top of each datasheet.
  5. The show name under each datasheet on our Datasheets page also links directly to that assembly show’s webpage.
  6. Not only are you able to access ALL show datasheets in one location on our Datasheets page, you can also find the datasheet for each assembly program and summer camp show on the show’s individual webpage. It’s the third tab under the photo gallery, past Show details and video, and before Testimonials.

For more information about our school assemblies and summer camp shows, including pricing and specific availability in your area, call 800-883-9883, email, or fill-out and submit our request information form.