Band For Today


Band For Today

Extra Budget for 2018?  Planning ahead for 2019?  Invest in the arts!   “Research Shows when the arts are included in a student’s curriculum, reading, writing, and math scores improve.”The Arts: An Essential Ingredient for Education

Help assure your students a well-rounded education and improve their testing and IQ scores!  Band for Today brings a full range of music education services, including band programs, piano programs, and instrument rentals, directly to your school!

If your school is looking to supplement your current arts curriculum, Band for Today is an excellent solution!  Even if you already have a band program, check out Band For Today for group piano lessons to prepare your kindergarteners through third graders to join the band after primary school!

Band For Today can also assist with keyboards and instrument rentals. Read more about Band For Today by visiting their page, here on our website. We have a special inquiry form for Band For Today, available here. Please fill out the form completely and give us a call if you don’t receive a response.  

Please call 800-883-9883 or e-mail to learn more and receive a complete package of materials. We look forward to serving your students and school with the best possible music programs.