The 6 Top Benefits Of Summer Camp for Kids


The 6 Top Benefits Of Summer Camp for Kids

Sending a child to summer camp?


How quaint! How old fashioned! And so expensive, too, at least depending on the camp. There's no way that it would yield any real there?


In fact, there is. Summer camps are actually highly beneficial for children that attend, so get those ideas about it being solely for the parents out of your head. They can be highly formative experiences that lay solid foundations for later life.

How Kids Benefit From Summer Camps


Summer Camp Encourages Social Interaction Through Immersion


There's something called "immersion therapy", or "immersion learning" where a person is put in the deep end, so to speak, in order to cope with a phobia or learn a skill. Summer camp does the same thing with social interaction.


We, humans, are social animals. We must go out into the world knowing how to get along and work with others. Though schools are certainly good for this, kids go home from school after a few hours. They don't get to at camp. Children learn to socialize on their own away from the home and at an early age.


Those are vital skills to have.


Traditional Summer Camps Encourage Connecting With Nature


People have a real problem with not being able to get out into nature these days, which a traditional summer camp will help fix. Kids get out into the field, hiking, possibly fishing and camping and otherwise enjoying the outdoors beyond the urban setting.


They aren't making any more land these days. It would be a good thing for people to get out to some that haven't been developed, organized, sanitized and so on and at an early age. Conservation is an American pastime and traditional summer camps are where the seed of conservationism and enthusiasm for outdoor pursuits are planted.


There Are Summer Camps For Other Interests Too


But who says summer camps are only for the Boy Scouts?


In actual fact, there are summer camps for virtually any interest group. There are camps for team sports, camps for video game development, technology camps, science camps, archery camp; almost any hobby or enthusiasm you can name has a summer camp for kids.


In fact, there are close to 15,000 of them across the country.


So, your child has a specialized interest? Send them to a summer camp for it. Many summer camp organizations and summer schools integrate camp shows that provide a unique insight into specific subjects to immerse students in their passion. It can turn into a defining passion for a lifetime or even a rewarding career.


Camp shows can bring in experts and professionals and can cover everything from music technology, basketball showsmathreading and more. 


Camp Usually Means Lots Of Physical Activity


Another benefit of the typical camp is that physical activity is usually a core component. With the problem these days in both US adults and children becoming sedentary and obese at an alarming rate, whatever gets kids active early and often is a good thing. One of those things is camp.


The traditional summer camp involves a lot of being active in the outdoors, running and jumping and hiking and so much more. The more kids learn the benefit of being and staying active, the better.


Summer Camp Helps To Develop Independence


The kids being away can be a worry, but it can also provide a break...for them. This helps them develop independence, which is certainly something that we all have to learn eventually. Everyone has to leave the nest at some point. By going to camp, they learn some of that.


Along with independence from summer camp, they may also begin to develop confidence, which is also vital for a healthy adult.


Best Way To Beat Summer Slump Is With Summer Camp


Another benefit of summer camp is that you avoid the typical doldrums that occur when kids are cooped up for several months and don't have nearly as much to do as they think. Summer camp can take a serious bite out of the summer slump, engaging kids and giving them activities.


This way, they have a summer experience that's second to none, rather than one they hardly remember due to being incalculably bored.