Dancing is a powerful form of expression, and it can start from a young age.

It's an opportunity to relax and de-stress in a way that's impossible through other methods. This is why more and more kids are getting into dancing as a way to relax.

John Collins IS the Paper Airplane Guy. He holds The Guinness World Record for the farthest flight by a paper aircraft, at 226 feet and 10 inches.  John grew up loving paper airplanes, and now, they are his full-time career. Here’s his story, adapted from an interview John gave to a radio podcast, Our American Stories.   

A morning assembly is one of the most vital programs in any school's schedule. Almost all schooling institutions have morning assembly sessions that involve different activities depending on the type of school or institution. Some common practices during assemblies include: reciting the national anthem, inspirational and motivational messages, prayers, and announcements of the latest happenings in the school. A good school is very particular and strict with its morning assembly routine. However, some students, parents, and staff feel that school assemblies waste energy and precious time, which is scarce in learning institutions. It is common to find students and teachers skipping morning assemblies and prefer to spend the time doing other extra-curricular activities.

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When children have art classes, they can use their creativity in a harmless and valuable way. When they can express themselves in this manner, It helps to give them the confidence that they need to develop in a meaningful way.

For a long time now, summer camp has been a rite of passage for most teens and youngsters. Summer camps are usually embraced enthusiastically when school closes in early summer and the children become anxious for adventure. Activities that involve canoeing, swimming, team sports, campfires, hiking, or simply hanging out in the incredible outdoors may be a refreshing change from the classroom.

Covid-19 has changed just about every aspect of our lives, not least of which is how we educate our children. Both teachers and students have had to adapt from learning in a classroom to suddenly being faced with the virtual realm. While the ability to adapt is human nature, this doesn't mean that this new method hasn't presented more than its fair share of challenges.

We’re already planning our second annual fall virtual showcase!  Details will be coming soon.

Virtual learning isn't always easy for kids or for parents. Thankfully, these tips for virtual learning will help you avoid some of the challenges associated with learning in a virtual classroom. 

Even though nothing quite replaces students being in an actual science lab and engaging in real experiments, there are now a couple of amazing virtual science lab activities that have become popular. 

Now that it’s been a full year of doing virtual school shows, we have facilitated more than a thousand virtual assemblies nationwide since March of 2020.  
Academic Entertainment has the most expertise and experience to guide your school in best practices for how to schedule the BEST Virtual School Assemblies available nationwide. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure your first online assembly event is successful and it will be an experience your students will positively praise and continue to talk about. 

Advancements in technology have led to new innovations when it comes to teaching and education. A field trip is an educational tour taken by students to a site in order to learn and experiment on real world practices, or to simply see in real time what they have been taught in class. 

Are you looking for a virtual keynote speaker to motivate and inspire your remote and in-person school-age students?  Academic Entertainment represents a number of K-12 virtual youth motivational speakers that will benefit and impact your youth, even in the virtual space. 

With the pandemic and quarantine still in effect throughout most of the country, it's important to know how to plan online educational events. Even if the school is back in the classroom, some measures don't allow for the sort of events you're accustomed to, like distancing and staggered starts. So, a virtual one is still useful. Just like an in-person event, an online educational event still needs to be planned out and executed well. Though, there are different hurdles to face. Let's cover some of the things you as a teacher or school administrator can do to have a well-organized online educational event for your students.

A Virtual Kindness Assembly can promote unity amongst your student population and teach them social-emotional learning skills, awareness of others, friendship, and may help improve mental health. Celebrate World Kindness day with a Virtual and Online School Assembly. 


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The past few months of virtual education and the Covid-19 pandemic have been challenging in and of themselves. Now that students and teachers are returning to the classroom, there is a new host of challenges to work through. While the risk of spreading Covid-19 and preventative strategies are typically the first thing that pops in people's minds with the return to class challenges, the long absence of students and moving away from virtual education also provide unique issues.

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Music has the power to move, motivate, and inspire. And there isn’t a thing that connects better and resonates louder with young people today. Please consider hosting our Virtual Music and Arts Assembly Shows for your school and establish a connection point to engage your students in their online education throughout the entire rest of the school year!

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. It’s paramount to integrate these disciplines into your student’s education, even in a remote or distance learning environment.  So, enhance your Virtual STEM curriculum with our K-12 online school assemblies!  Our programs are a safe, seamless, easy and affordable avenue to immerse your students in engaging and exciting online experiences which are also educational. At Academic Entertainment, we make virtual learning fun!

Looking for a virtual diversity school show or a multicultural online assembly? Keep reading for virtual cultural enrichment opportunities to celebrate diversity and inclusion.

Figuring out what to discuss with you students can be a tough decision, don't beat yourself up for wondering what are the best topics to present in school assembly. There are so many things to teach students from the curriculum to life skills to character building, who wouldn't be overwhelmed with the choice. Of course, not all topics are relevant to all students or age groups. Which only makes it more difficult. When wondering what are the best topics to present in school assembly, you first have to consider the group you're talking to. School-wide presentations are best for something that affects all the kids but, if it isn't a policy or an event, better to divide them up by class. 

With that in mind, let's get to some topics for your school assembly.

Online Anti-Bully Week? Virtual Red Ribbon Week? Drug-use prevention during a Pandemic?! Our virtual and online character education and motivational school shows can help educate your students and encourage them to live happy, live healthy, and to live drug-free. 

This is not the return to the school building that many planned for, hoped for or wanted. Many schools across the United States have chosen to return to learning this fall with full-time remote schooling. A Virtual Back to School Assembly may be just the thing your school needs to engage your entire student body, no matter where they are learning from when you return to learning this fall.

Academic Entertainment is proud to announce that we are a Certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE). Please keep reading for more information and more About Us! 

Who would have thought that virtual summer camps would become a popular choice for the time off from school? Many longtime summer camps have begun offering online workshops due to COVID-19 and the restrictions because of it. It's important that kids don't miss out on everything they look forward to in the summer. While it isn't completely the same, it still provides positive and productive time spent not being frustrated about summer camp.

Everybody is doing what they can to stay safe and encourage health in their communities. That means many activities have had to move online rather than shut down completely. Summer camps have made an interesting transition to being online. Let's explore the new virtual summer camp 2020 landscape. 

Cultural Arts Assemblies and Arts in Education programs will still have a place in school and summer camps looking ahead to this summer and the upcoming new school year.  While it’s uncertain right now exactly how that will look, virtual and online school assemblies and summer camp entertainment are a viable solution. 

The world is shifting towards an online environment more and more, perhaps schools will become a near-permanent virtual learning environment. Even if that ends up not being the case, classrooms have become more and more virtual overtime. Started with colleges having virtual classrooms and digital homework is now becoming more prevalent in K-12 schools.  With this shift in how students access learning materials and classes, how can an educator create a better virtual learning environment? Even if your school has no interest in anything that is permanently online, it's useful to be prepared for a virtual classroom for snow days, emergencies, and things of that sort. So, let's discuss 5 tips to create a virtual learning environment to keep the class going whether in the building or not.

Are you hosting a virtual summer camp or summer day school?  Looking for ways to keep your community engaged in your recreation program while social distancing is still in place?  Keep kids and families connected and engaged this summer by hosting a virtual summer event featuring a virtual/online presentation from Academic Entertainment. 

In situations like the one we're all facing, it's important to have options to continue education, like virtual school programs. Instead of halting student's learning or disrupting their ability to grow with school, they can switch to an online curriculum. Some think virtual school programs are inferior to a regular classroom or that many of the activities in after school programs don't translate to the virtual world too well, like the arts but, nothing could be further from the truth.

Let's go over what virtual school programs are and the many virtual curriculums that are offered.

With schools closed and events postponed, how are you to plan for next year’s school assemblies? What are you to do if there are no preview opportunities to see arts in-education opportunities first hand for your students? Academic Entertainment has created a Virtual Arts in Education Showcase!

There is still a place for Arts in Education even in the digital learning environment. Arts in Education ONLINE is better than nothing at all. Is online learning effective? Are virtual assemblies good?

Yes! And yes!

You've probably heard about visual learning. It's one of the four types of learning found in the popular VARK model theory of learning. Beyond visual learning, there is auditory, reading and writing, and kinesthetic. Each learning style responds best to a different method of teaching. Today we're just going to focus on visual learning though. What it is, the various styles to appeal to visual learners, and an opportunity to utilize visual learning strategies.

Let's start with defining what visual learning is before diving into how to best appeal to visual learners.

We’ve compiled a list of artists, entertainers, scientists and youth motivational speakers available for online, virtual, and e-learning applications. Check back frequently, more opportunities will be added!

Figuring out how to inspire children to learn can be an ordeal. They may be interested in a particular subject and ignore the others, easily distracted by more entertaining activities, or just completely disinterested in the lesson. It is half the battle, getting your students to want to learn and developing that internal motivation. They may sit at their desks every day, take the tests, and do the homework but, are they actually learning or just getting through the day?

There is a debate about different learning styles in education, such as group learning. Are there small group learning benefits? Whether they be study groups, school assemblies, or team building there are some questions as to the advantages of group learning activities. Some swear that one on one is the best but, perhaps they are all tools for the education of students. That there is no one solution and they instead all work for different people.

Some teachers and educational administrators wonder are school assemblies mandatory. Curious if it's a waste of time and, ultimately, a distraction from learning. That is the whole point of school, right? Prepare the students for life and college. Give them enough education to be a contributing member of society. 

School assemblies and motivational youth speakers may help support your schools SEL (Social Emotional Learning) initiatives. Keep reading to find out more.

Give to Local Schools and Parent Groups

Designate your gift for assemblies or arts in education!

When planning a school-wide get together, you're probably asking yourself "do school assemblies have to be educational?" You're also probably thinking that it has to be. Though, let's take a step back. Remember when you were in school. 

Yes, school is about learning and preparing for adulthood. Yes, the students are there to study. Though, they are kids and associating school with pure work can help push them into losing interest. It can't be work all day and even at your job, you have downtime to relax. A school assembly can amount to that for students. Reminding them that school isn't a place of constant work. School can be fun as well. 

Doug Scheer is one of America’s most in-demand school assembly presenters and is the creator of several popular assemblies available nationwide, in-person and online. Keep reading for a list of all the shows Doug performs, just be sure to ask to have Doug as your presenter when scheduling!

If you’re looking for an educational and entertaining elementary school assembly presenter, available in-person or online, that’s also fun, engaging and full of energy, check out these programs presented by comic magician, Brian Richards.

You may think coming up with school assemblies ideas before a break isn't the right time. It can be difficult to get kids to continue focusing on their studies when a break is approaching and you may think it's the wrong time. More times than not, they've already checked out and are just punching the clock until vacation. It seems counter-intuitive but, this is exactly the time to plan out school assembly ideas for a summer or winter break

More states are requiring Transgender lesson plans and curriculum to teach students about the contributions of Transgender people to American society. Is your school prepared? Learn more about inclusive curriculums and transgender lessons plans.

Among all the things needed to start the school year off right, don't overlook the first school assembly. It's easy to forget about since teachers are planning their curriculum and administrators are seeing to running the school while students are trying to readjust to their studies but, having a school assembly off the bat can help ease everyone into the year. 

Adding one more thing to your plate before returning to academics, whether teacher or student, can be a daunting task. Who needs more work when you must plan almost a year of it in advance? Don't let the extra labor talk you out of organizing one, having the first school assembly of the year carries more perks than planning frustration. Especially if you have a team or series of programs to choose from. Let's go over 3 reasons why planning a first school assembly at the start of the year is a great way to kick off the fall. 

The latest research from around the globe confirms that music lessons improve student academic achievement. Does your school have a music or band program?

Reading comprehension and understanding of literature is something that too many people look over. While you as a teacher do not, it's still a problem in this country. There are several school assemblies that are fun after school program ideas that cater to kids who love the written word and the best part, as with all the rest, students won't even know they're learning because they're entertained and engaged at the same time!

What is a growth mindset? How can you encourage a growth mindset in your students? Read more about school assemblies that may incorporate a growth mindset.

Commemorate Constitution Day and Citizenship Day in the United States with the Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam School Assembly.

Many educators debate the usefulness of having school enrichment programs and what form they should take. While some teachers and school administrators may believe enrichment programs to be closer to after-class tutoring, there are many forms of school enrichment programs can take. They could be after school workshops, clubs, small group tutoring, or school assemblies. Each way to organize the program brings its own benefits but, not every kind of school enrichment program could be best suited to your student's needs. Whichever way you decide to add these programs to your education options, there is no doubt that they have a myriad of benefits. 

Before you debate whether or not to add school enrichment programs to your academic options, consider these 5 benefits.

We all know it's easier to form habits when you're younger than later in life and that being healthy is an important skill to impart early. It's easy for students to get distracted by sitting at a computer or sipping on soda all day, what a better place to learn about the benefits of health and fitness than in school?

Being young comes with its own pitfalls and problems, it's a different life than adulthood and good motivational speakers for youth can help keep kids on a better track. While students may roll their eyes at first with the positive messages, motivational speaking to youth does make an impact and can help avert choices that can be difficult to recover from.

Not all school assemblies have to be pride rallies or reinforce what kids are learning in the classroom. Helping to improve self-esteem or diverting students from experiences that may hurt them has a place in the school theater or gymnasium as well. When planning a school assembly, don't discount motivational speakers for youth.

Here are 3 ways motivational speaking to youth helps create better adults.

Recent studies find Arts Education Experiences reduce disciplinary infractions, improve writing scores, and boost students’ compassion for others and Fine Arts Courses correlate to improvements in learning in other subjects, such as science and math. School Assemblies and in-school music lessons can help your students engage in arts experiences and see some of these positive benefits in your school. 

Sometimes the school day is too busy for a school-wide get-together or some extra fun and that is where after school program ideas can come in. Not all after school programs are clubs or student council meetings, they can also be a way for families to connect with their kids' school life and promote school positivity as well as some life skills. But, how do you go about planning after school programs and what are some types of after school programs? It can be as intimidating as planning a school assembly, except with the extra hurdle of how you get the kids and families to want to come to it..

You've got a tough job, one that is extraordinarily creative and that forces you to fire on all cylinders: intellectually, emotionally, creatively, and physically. Helping to keep students engaged in the work you're doing can call for a school assembly, but when you're creating lesson plans it can be tough to also have school assembly ideas for busy teachers. Perhaps it wasn't your call to have a school assembly, but you're in charge of coming up with school assembly ideas, either way, it can be a challenge.

Has your school lost its music or band program?  Need a way to bring music education or a Band Director back to your students?  Band for Today is your outsource solution for music education!

It seems that schools are beginning to forget about the music assembly beyond their band or choirs and this is a shame. A music assembly combines many of the subjects an educator is trying to impart on their students and is also missing the opportunity to deliver more education in a way students will enjoy. It can't all be listless memorizing of facts or critical thinking for eight solid hours, a little entertainment can be a refreshing breather while still educating a young mind. Think of how many times you have retained information due to a good harmony or hypnotic beat, a music assembly can offer the same thing. Let's go over why your school would benefit from having a music assembly. 

Assemblies for elementary schools run the gamut for topics and are a great way to give kids a break without preventing them from learning. The topics can range from history to literature and social skills to science, it's really a matter of what you want the students to learn that day. There is a myriad of elementary school assembly programs, from educational companies to do it yourself online forums, but the first thing you need to do is settle on a theme or topics.

One of the toughest things to sell is science assemblies for elementary schools. It's a topic too close to the classroom they just got a break from and often associated with "dull" facts to be memorized. But that is the point of elementary school assembly programs, to re-engage the students in a topic they find dull and get them excited about it again. Many of the scientific concepts taught in elementary school can be easily communicated in science assembly topics. You can cover all the things you're teaching students in the classroom, but how it is presented is key to choosing the right science assemblies for your elementary school.

Let's go over two basic ways to teach science through an assembly and the programs that demonstrate each option. 

Are you planning a special event for your school, non-profit, or organization?  Are you looking for a way to celebrate a special theme week or month?  Educational Entertainment and School Assemblies from Academic Entertainment are your one-stop-shop to enhance any special celebration you’re planning in the coming year.

Some of your fondest and earliest memories are most likely associated with your time in school, from dances to assemblies, education entertainment colors young people's learning experience. Engaging kids while in school is a difficult task, one that can be eased with the right motivational educational entertainment. Going to school is so often associated with obligation and negativity, it's important to get students excited about learning and bettering themselves. It's important not just put on a show that will keep students occupied and a break from learning, that is exactly what they are there to do. The trick is to combine an educational experience with entertainment and to do that requires a team dedicated to that exact profession.

Is your school looking for a multicultural school assembly or an idea for a diversity assembly? Keep reading for school assembly ideas to celebrate cultural diversity awareness months.

There are a lot of things to consider when planning a school assembly, one of which being length. How long should a school assembly last?

More than five minutes, certainly! However, there is clearly an amount of time that would be too little - or else you're wasting the time of the students, the faculty, and the school's - and there is clearly an amount of time that is too much, which results in the same thing.

Additionally, too little time means there isn't any real information or message the students can sink their teeth into. Too much time and there's no way they'll remember anything because minds start to wander.

What's the ideal school assembly length, however? That actually depends. Let's go over that a little bit more.

Hosting a Successful School Assembly Keeping students engaged and building a school's community is an ongoing process that often takes shape as school assemblies. Parents, teachers, and students all get involved at a school's event and it's important, whether as a science fair or school pride rally, to have it be a successful one. There are many challenges at these celebrations from hiring performers, prepping students to present, as well as promoting it to families, and the community as a whole. But, these challenges can be conquered and your school assembly a successful demonstration of diversity, education, and the commitment your school has to its students. Let's go over some ways to prepare an interesting and successful assembly that caters to everyone involved.

What are the benefits of school assemblies? Children being children won't immediately realize the benefits of school assemblies.

There is so much that goes into making a great school assembly, but what about the very first thing? The very start of one?

Need a school assembly that’s a little MORE fun with a little LESS learning?    

The thing is that most school assemblies are kind of boring. They're totally by rote, with either some speaker that just parrots what teachers already say or some rah-rah pep rally. The kids know it. The teachers know it.


If you want to ensure not only that the students remember the assembly, but also the teachers - and thereby secure repeat business for people who provide programming for assemblies - then you're going to have to liven them up a touch.


How does one do so? Start with these 6 tips for making school assemblies a whole lot more fun.



Does your school need some new school assembly ideas?   Want fresh, new school assemblies to bring to your students?  While you’re planning school assemblies, be sure to check out our newest assembly shows for the 2018/2019 school year.

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We can help your school celebrate Red Ribbon Week and reinforce the Red Ribbon message with our Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies.

Sending a child to summer camp?


How quaint! How old fashioned! And so expensive, too, at least depending on the camp. There's no way that it would yield any real there?


In fact, there is. Summer camps are actually highly beneficial for children that attend, so get those ideas about it being solely for the parents out of your head. They can be highly formative experiences that lay solid foundations for later life.

With so many options to choose from, are you having trouble finding the best school assemblies for your students?  Keep reading for three simple steps to selecting school assembly programs that your students (and the school staff!) will positively praise and continue to talk about for days and weeks following.

Do you need new ways to save money on school assemblies?  Are you looking for assembly program discounts or school assembly coupons?  We can help you save from $50 to MORE THAN HALF OFF the cost of your school assemblies!  

Are you searching for school assembly funding sources? Can’t afford an outstanding school assembly that’s been proposed to you?  Looking for school assembly grants or free school assemblies?  Check out The Ultimate List of School Assembly Funding Sources! 

When is the best time to schedule school assemblies for next school year?  It’s actually right NOW! And we’re not saying this because we need the sales! 

Ask the typical student, and they'll probably say there's no way to make school assemblies even more fun. Well, they're wrong. There absolutely are ways to make them even more fun, and in fact, we're going to give you several rock-solid tips on how to do it. Follow these tips, and you'll quickly be known for putting on the best school assemblies.

Need something –or someone—new and unique to motivate and inspire your students?  Academic Entertainment’s Motivational School Assembly Programs will help your students achieve their goals and work towards making their life dreams come true!  We represent the Top High School Motivational Speakers, Middle School Assemblies, and Elementary school assemblies.

Putting on a school assembly can be daunting, but school assembly planning doesn't have to be. It's really only as difficult as you make. Properly planned, all you need do is execute and at that, planning doesn't have to be that difficult either.

If you know the five Ws, then you're a step ahead of a lot of people. Want to make it even easier?

Try the following school assembly checklist!

Are you looking for an Anti-Bullying School Assembly?  Do you need an Anti-Bully School Speaker that can help your school tackle bullying and focus on bullying prevention?  Academic Entertainment’s Anti-Bullying School Assembly Programs can help bully-proof your school!

Extend the learning and engagement.  Give your students something hands-on where every student participates. Some of our outstanding school assemblies also make great workshops!  

Need assembly ideas for middle school and middle school assembly speakers?  Academic Entertainment represents assemblies for middle school, elementary school, and high school too! And, we’re available nationwide! 

Are you looking for a way to bring your student body together? Do you want a way to foster inclusiveness and togetherness among your junior high and high school students?  Our High School Assemblies are a fantastic way to motivate and engage your entire student body while they are all together at the same time!

Keep reading for a list of elementary assembly shows and K-6 school assembly options that are extra engaging and enjoyable for younger students and even preschoolers!

Besides the basics of reading, writing, and mathematics, early childhood music education is also a worthwhile investment for your child's development. Any education they receive before entering the school system is beneficial, and that includes music education during early childhood.

How is that, exactly? Let's go over the benefits of early childhood music education.

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NOW is the time to plan for the next school year!  Walk away from the worry. Put school assemblies on your calendar for the upcoming school year TODAY!

Your students will LOVE our School Assemblies! (…And your teachers will too!)

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Let your students learn from the experts!  Our outstanding school assemblies feature Real Rock Stars (and Television Stars, Movie Stars, and even Amazon Prime Stars too!).  Not to mention published authors, certified teachers, world-renowned artists, and so much more!

Extra Budget for 2018?  Planning ahead for 2019?  Invest in the arts!   “Research Shows when the arts are included in a student’s curriculum, reading, writing, and math scores improve.”The Arts: An Essential Ingredient for Education

Does your school have a summer camp or summer school program?  Are you a camp director or program manager looking for something new and different to WOW your campers? We represent outstanding summer camp shows too!

How will you keep your students engaged in and excited about reading and writing all year long?  Bring one of our fantastic reading and language arts programs to your school and get your students excited about language arts!   

Music has the power to move, motivate, and inspire. And there isn’t a thing that connects better and resonates louder with young people today. Bring our Music and Arts Assembly Shows to your school and establish a connection point to engage your students in their education throughout the entire rest of the school year!

EdTech or Educational Technology can facilitate students learning and improve their academic performance.  Integrating EdTech throughout your classrooms and curriculum will also assist your students in their preparations for higher learning, as well as life and career opportunities. 

Is your school assembly budget getting tighter?  Need to do MORE arts and enrichment programming BUT with LESS money?  We have a few simple solutions and creative tricks to help you save money on your school’s assembly programs.

Character counts any time of the year. As educators and parents, you’re not just teaching your students and children their core subjects in school, you’re also showing them how to be good people and responsible global citizens. Our outstanding Character Building and Character Education school assemblies can help support your goals to inspire your students with skills to succeed in their studies and throughout their lives.

You may be able to see the end of 2017, but there’s still a whole lot of school year left in 2018!  That means TONS of great opportunities to educate and inspire your students in the new year. With so many options for motivational and educational programs to choose from, how do you know where to start?

Beat the winter blues and break up your normal routine!  Bring your students together in an activity that everyone can participate in.  School Assemblies are a great way to keep your students engaged in their education and excited about learning all year long!

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. It’s paramount to integrate these disciplines into your student’s education.  So, enhance your STEM curriculum with our school assemblies!  Our programs are an easy and affordable avenue to immerse your students in engaging and exciting experiences which are also educational. At Academic Entertainment, we make learning fun!

School assemblies aren't a new thing, so how is it that OUR programs are still at the cutting edge?  Innovation!  At Academic Entertainment, we’re changing the way you think about school assemblies.

If you’re selecting assemblies for your school, picking the BEST programs from all the available options may be overwhelming.  And, trying to sort through everything to find the biggest bang for your buck can be daunting.  Fortunately, we can help!  We’ve put together a list of the top school assembly BEST BUYS for 2017.

Your students NEED positive reinforcement to practice healthy habits. Bring one of our health and fitness school assembly programs to your school as reward incentive for good behavior and achieving goals.  School nurses, PE teachers, and ALL educators RAVE about our shows – they’re a great way to emphasize what is being taught in the classroom.

Science!  Some kids hear the word and get super excited.  Other kids think about science and it puts them to sleep.  Let us help you make learning science FUN and exciting for EVERY one of your students!

Environmental Education isn’t just for Earth Day!  Nor only for Earth Month (in April)!  It’s easy to incorporate the Earth and our Environment into your everyday curriculum with our outstanding school assemblies. Why not kick-off the new school year with a fun way to help achieve your green school goals?!

Summer isn’t over yet, but it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming school year.  If you want to bring your students the most popular and sought-after school assemblies from across the country, keep reading!  Here’s what’s HOT in Educational Entertainment for 2017/18.

Are you planning your school assemblies calendar?  If you’re looking for some fresh, new ideas to recognize important holidays and celebratory months, keep reading for these dates to remember!

If you’re looking for a way to get your students motivated to learn and inspired about their education, you’ll love our amazing arts assemblies!  With the Arts, there’s no better way to get kids excited about a subject!

School assemblies, for teachers?  Attention Superintendents, Principals, and Administrators!  Your educators NEED and DESERVE motivation and inspiration just like your students.  There’s still time to bring world-class speaker, Richard Hight, to your next Back to School Staff Rally or Professional Development Day.  Richard’s keynote presentation is life-changing and an excellent opportunity for continuing education for your teachers and staff.

Back before “STEM, STEAM, and STREAM,” there were “The 3Rs.” Readin’, Writin’ and ‘Rithmetic were the only three subjects in which you needed to be proficient for success in your studies and in life.  Call it an old school way of thinking, but aren’t some things from the old school always on trend? 

National Red Ribbon Week is October 23 to 31. This year’s Theme is: Your Future Is Key, So Stay Drug Free™!  Are you ready to celebrate and reinforce the Red Ribbon Message with your school? 

If you want to kick off the school year with a bang, bring all your students together with an outstanding school assembly! 

Are you looking for the BEST school assemblies for your students? Check out our list of the Top 10 school assembly shows of 2016/17! 

School’s out for the summer, but we’re not!  Our outstanding school assemblies and summer camp shows are presenting at schools, summer schools, summer camps, libraries, and other various venues from coast-to-coast this summer.  See our schedule below for which programs will be where and when! 

Where can you find answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions?  Check out our Datasheets page!  

Meet Academic Entertainment’s Mascot:  Our Beanie Baby!  

Everyone at Academic Entertainment would like to wish you and your family a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

So, you’ve just scheduled an assembly for your school and you’re SO excited for your students to experience the program you’ve selected!  But, have you taken all the steps to make sure the experience is successful?  Not to worry, we’ve put together a summary of all the things to keep in mind to HOST a successful school assembly!

This Could Be Your School, Your Students, Your Day!