Your students will LOVE our School Assemblies! (…And your teachers will too!)

Congratulations to our own Patrick Dunning and his school assembly The Signature Project! This multifaceted artwork and performance is premiering Off-Broadway this March!  And there are a number of ways to enable your students to experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Don’t wait! Start planning NOW for Spring and the End of the School Year!  May and June will both be busy months.  And not just for YOUR school, but for OUR presenters too!   Schedule your Field Day, Family Night, Spring and End-Of-The-Year school assemblies TODAY and get your date before it’s gone! 

Let your students learn from the experts!  Our outstanding school assemblies feature Real Rock Stars (and Television Stars, Movie Stars, and even Amazon Prime Stars too!).  Not to mention published authors, certified teachers, world-renowned artists, and so much more!

Extra Budget for 2018?  Planning ahead for 2019?  Invest in the arts!   “Research Shows when the arts are included in a student’s curriculum, reading, writing, and math scores improve.”The Arts: An Essential Ingredient for Education

Does your school have a summer camp or summer school program?  Are you a camp director or program manager looking for something new and different to WOW your campers? We represent outstanding summer camp shows too!

How will you keep your students engaged in and excited about reading and writing all year long?  Bring one of our fantastic reading and language arts programs to your school and get your students excited about language arts!   

Music has the power to move, motivate, and inspire. And there isn’t a thing that connects better and resonates louder with young people today. Bring our Music and Arts Assembly Shows to your school and establish a connection point to engage your students in their education throughout the entire rest of the school year!

EdTech or Educational Technology can facilitate students learning and improve their academic performance.  Integrating EdTech throughout your classrooms and curriculum will also assist your students in their preparations for higher learning, as well as life and career opportunities. 

Is your school assembly budget getting tighter?  Need to do MORE arts and enrichment programming BUT with LESS money?  We have a few simple solutions and creative tricks to help you save money on your school’s assembly programs.

Character counts any time of the year. As educators and parents, you’re not just teaching your students and children their core subjects in school, you’re also showing them how to be good people and responsible global citizens. Our outstanding Character Education school assemblies can help support your goals to inspire your students with skills to succeed in their studies and throughout their lives.

You may be able to see the end of 2017, but there’s still a whole lot of school year left in 2018!  That means TONS of great opportunities to educate and inspire your students in the new year. With so many options for motivational and educational programs to choose from, how do you know where to start?

Beat the winter blues and break up your normal routine!  Bring your students together in an activity that everyone can participate in.  School Assemblies are a great way to keep your students engaged in their education and excited about learning all year long!

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. It’s paramount to integrate these disciplines into your student’s education.  So, enhance your STEM curriculum with our school assemblies!  Our programs are an easy and affordable avenue to immerse your students in engaging and exciting experiences which are also educational. At Academic Entertainment, we make learning fun!

School assemblies aren't a new thing, so how is it that OUR programs are still at the cutting edge?  Innovation!  At Academic Entertainment, we’re changing the way you think about school assemblies.

If you’re selecting assemblies for your school, picking the BEST programs from all the available options may be overwhelming.  And, trying to sort through everything to find the biggest bang for your buck can be daunting.  Fortunately, we can help!  We’ve put together a list of the top school assembly BEST BUYS for 2017.

Your students NEED positive reinforcement to practice healthy habits. Bring one of our health and fitness school assembly programs to your school as reward incentive for good behavior and achieving goals.  School nurses, PE teachers, and ALL educators RAVE about our shows – they’re a great way to emphasize what is being taught in the classroom.

Science!  Some kids hear the word and get super excited.  Other kids think about science and it puts them to sleep.  Let us help you make learning science FUN and exciting for EVERY one of your students!

Environmental Education isn’t just for Earth Day!  Nor only for Earth Month (in April)!  It’s easy to incorporate the Earth and our Environment into your everyday curriculum with our outstanding school assemblies. Why not kick-off the new school year with a fun way to help achieve your green school goals?!

Summer isn’t over yet, but it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming school year.  If you want to bring your students the most popular and sought-after school assemblies from across the country, keep reading!  Here’s what’s HOT in Educational Entertainment for 2017/18.

Are you planning your school assemblies calendar?  If you’re looking for some fresh, new ideas to recognize important holidays and celebratory months, keep reading for these dates to remember!

If you’re looking for a way to get your students motivated to learn and inspired about their education, you’ll love our amazing arts assemblies!  With the Arts, there’s no better way to get kids excited about a subject!

School assemblies, for teachers?  Attention Superintendents, Principals, and Administrators!  Your educators NEED and DESERVE motivation and inspiration just like your students.  There’s still time to bring world-class speaker, Richard Hight, to your next Back to School Staff Rally or Professional Development Day.  Richard’s keynote presentation is life-changing and an excellent opportunity for continuing education for your teachers and staff.

Back before “STEM, STEAM, and STREAM,” there were “The 3Rs.” Readin’, Writin’ and ‘Rithmetic were the only three subjects in which you needed to be proficient for success in your studies and in life.  Call it an old school way of thinking, but aren’t some things from the old school always on trend? 

National Red Ribbon Week is October 23 to 31. This year’s Theme is: Your Future Is Key, So Stay Drug Free™!  Are you ready to celebrate and reinforce the Red Ribbon Message with your school? 

If you want to kick off the school year with a bang, bring all your students together with an outstanding school assembly! 

Are you looking for the BEST school assemblies for your students? Check out our list of the Top 10 school assembly shows of 2016/17! 

School’s out for the summer, but we’re not!  Our outstanding school assemblies and summer camp shows are presenting at schools, summer schools, summer camps, libraries, and other various venues from coast-to-coast this summer.  See our schedule below for which programs will be where and when! 

It’s time to start scheduling school assemblies for the upcoming 2017/2018 academic year. We’re thrilled to announce NEW programs to our 2017/18 line-up!

Where can you find answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions?  Check out our Datasheets page!  

Meet Academic Entertainment’s Mascot:  Our Beanie Baby!  

Everyone at Academic Entertainment would like to wish you and your family a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

So, you’ve just scheduled an assembly for your school and you’re SO excited for your students to experience the program you’ve selected!  But, have you taken all the steps to make sure the experience is successful?  Not to worry, we’ve put together a summary of all the things to keep in mind to HOST a successful school assembly!

This Could Be Your School, Your Students, Your Day!