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How It Works

Lifeseeds Summer CampLifeSeeds Summer Camp has a unique and proven method of delivering a sports day camp experience that has and will continue to change the lives of its campers.

If you would like to direct a LifeSeeds Summer Camp and be compensated very well for delivering something of great value to your community and the young people where you live, this is what you need to know:

-We will manage registration
-We will send someone to your location to oversee and direct the first week of your camp
-You will be paid for your first essentially be an observer
-We will provide materials and oversee staff training and development
-We will provide a schedule, template, and catalog of activities, including directions, rules, and prizes

After the first week, the camp is essentially yours to expand and grow as much as you are able!
What do you need to do?

-Complete the Sign Up Form
-Be prepared for a life-changing and rewarding experience
-Know that the more campers you get to register, the more you are compensated as the director!

Lifeseeds Summer Camp


Lifeseeds Summer Camp


Lifeseeds Summer Camp



Lifeseeds Summer Camp"Live. Laugh. Play. Learn."“Live. Laugh. Play. Learn.” is not only our tag line, but also a good description, in a nutshell, of what happens at LifeSeeds Summer Camp. Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment where young people can learn and grow, both as athletes and people. Demonstrating respect, responsibility, and developing healthy relationships through a variety of activities and experiences is our expectation- for campers and counselors alike. Our rules at LifeSeeds Summer Camp are also very simple and straightforward: (1) Do the right thing (2) Always do your best (3) Be nice to others. Those rules, along with our mission, are incorporated into all that we do and become a very understood, trusted way of ‘being’ at LifeSeeds Summer Camp.

Approximately 37 million students in grades K-8 attended school in the United States in 2015. That means that 37 million kids, ages 6-14, have roughly 8 weeks of ‘free’ time every summer. There is also a growing concern that many of these kids are exposed to over-zealous youth coaches and parents who are demanding too much, too soon, at a very young age.

Because there is such a need for a place where young kids can get quality instruction in their respective sports, be exposed to healthy competition, and at the same time be taught essential life skills that make them better athletes and people, LifeSeeds Summer Camp was created.



LifeSeeds Summer Camp was founded in 2001. Dave Burton had a vision where kids would spend time being taught fundamentals in their sports, have the opportunity to apply those fundamentals in drills and games, and also learn about team-building and character development. The day would be well planned, balanced, and chocked full of creative and innovative experiences. All of this would happen in a supportive, caring environment. Dave put the vision on paper, hired a quality staff that shared his philosophy, and LifeSeeds Summer Camp became a reality.



Lifeseeds Summer Camp


Lifeseeds Summer Camp


Lifeseeds Summer Camp


Typical Day-Camper

A typical day at LifeSeeds is always an exciting and uplifting day! Each day, camp begins with the campers and counselors coming together for opening ceremonies. Opening ceremonies usually include a motivational thought or story, birthday recognition, counselor “fun,” trivia, and a camp-wide warm-up or activity.

At the conclusion of the morning ceremonies, there may be a pride group activity or campers may just move into their respective sport camps for their morning session. The morning sports camp session usually includes fundamental instruction, situational drills, and fun games and competition.

The middle part of the camp day includes a pride group activity, lunch, and a guest speaker/entertainer. The order in which we do things during this part of camp varies from day to day, based on time, weather, and the nature of presentation.

Some possible activities include tie-dye, tower building competitions, minute-to-win-it activities, family feud style competitions, and more. Our guests range from athletes and coaches to professional entertainment.

The afternoon sport session gives campers an opportunity to apply the skills covered during the morning and compete in fun and challenging games. Some afternoons also include water-related activities, which are always a “cool” way to spend the afternoon at camp.

Each camp day ends with a closing ceremony, which is a spirited, high-energy, and often motivational finish to each day. Campers are recognized for their performances as athletes and their choices as people. In what has become a wonderful tradition at LifeSeeds, closing ceremonies includes medals for the Camper of the Day in each sports camp.

This part of camp sometimes includes a counselor competition, which is always a crowd favorite!

The final act of each camp day is one of the unique components of LifeSeeds that adds to the special nature of the experience. Each camper makes a connection with all of his or her counselors and coaches for a thank you and good-bye. Again, it is a time when everyone feels the love and compassion that is so much a part of LifeSeeds!

Typical Day-Camp Director

The Camp Director’s ‘Typical Day’ LifeSeeds (9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.)

The Camp Director usually arrives around 7:30, to prepare materials and set up for the day.

The ‘action’ at LifeSeeds begins when the campers start arriving (8:30-8:45)
Counselors greet them with smiles and hugs, intent on making EVERY kid feel special upon arriving. One of our staff goals, every single day, is to go out of our way to connect with kids as soon as they enter the gymnasium.

When we are 2 minutes from the start, the Camp Director instructs campers to line up in their ‘Pride Groups,’ which is a HUGE part of LifeSeeds. While the campers are lining up, the staff meets for a motivational huddle, where the Camp Director gives them a motivational ‘moment’ and word of the day and reminds them of the following:
     • You are all doing work that matters
     • You will have an opportunity to change someone’s life for the better today
     • Connect with every child in your pride group immediately and often
     • Keep each other safe- physically and emotionally

(9:00) Opening Ceremonies
At this point, the staff goes to their respective Pride Groups, where they take roll. After they have an accurate attendance for the day, they send their kids to the opening ceremony, which usually takes place around the 3-point line on the basketball court.

All of the counselors stand in a line, side by side, behind the Camp Director, facing the campers.
The Camp Director greets the campers and takes them through an opening ceremony that includes the following:
     • An enthusiastic ‘good morning’ and motivational message
     • A facilitated enthusiastic good morning between the staff and the campers
     • The Pledge of Allegiance
     • Recognition of Birthdays
     • The word of the day
     • Special Announcements for the day regarding scheduling and guests
     • Depending on weather and the day’s events, director may also lead the entire camp in some type of energizing group game.

If the weather is relatively normal, campers then move back to their Pride Group lines, where counselors again take attendance. Camp then proceeds with trivia competitions and some type of Pride Group activity (usually led by Camp Director).
If the weather is expected to be really hot, we send the campers right out to their respective sports at the completion of opening ceremonies.
The weather sometimes dictates the flow and sequence of activities. For example, on really hot days, we try to get the campers outside and into their sports as early as possible- before the temperatures get too hot. On these days, we schedule more pride group activities AFTER lunch, so as to avoid too much exposure to the heat in the afternoon.
Rain can also be a factor in terms of scheduling the day’s events.

9:45-10:00 Morning Sports
At this point, campers leave their Pride Groups and go to their assigned meeting places in the gymnasium, where they await further instructions from their Sports’ Director. Once counselors have taken attendance in their sports, they go to their sport locations. During sports sessions, the Camp Director usually checks in on each sport, prepares for Pride Group activities, and takes care of any administrative responsibilities.

11:15-11:30   Pride Group Activity (led by Camp Director)

11:30-11:45   Lunch
Campers bring their own lunch and are allowed to eat with whomever they choose. Counselors bring their lunches and usually sit together and eat. We have a camp store, where we sell water, Gatorade, and a lot of junk. We usually play music during lunch.

12:00-12:15   Guest Speaker/Entertainer or Pride Group Activity
After lunch is the time that we usually have speakers and/or entertainers, or a problem-solving event as a pride group activity.

1:00    Afternoon Sports
Afternoon sports are usually a little shorter than the morning (45-60 minutes). Often times, the sports use the afternoon for competitions in their respective sports or to apply the skills learned earlier in the day.

1:45-2:00       Pride Group Activity
This is often a larger group sports competition, led by the Camp Director, with the campers divided in half. It has become quite popular among the campers and is often referred to as East vs West. Each team consists of half of the pride groups. They play soccer, basketball, team handball, hockey, or other sports in age groups. It is usually a very spirited event with a lot of cheering and celebrations.

2:40    Closing Ceremonies
This is a very special part of the day at LifeSeeds. Each sport recognizes 2-3 campers (who they feel embodied the principles and philosophy of LifeSeeds) as ‘Campers of the Day.’ They give short ‘speeches’ and then present the camper with a medal.

The Camp Director then gives campers an opportunity to reflect or share positive experiences from the day. If possible, we share examples of the word of the day and how it may have been modeled.  Finally, the Camp Director shares a take-home message (that connects the day’s events and messages to life) with the campers AND staff. Parents are usually present for this moment and love hearing the message(s) we provide.

Campers are then asked to thank their counselors with a handshake, high five, or a hug and then line up in their pride groups to be signed out for the day.

Once all campers have been signed out, the Camp Director meets with staff to thank them for another great day, check in for any needs, concerns, or requests, and validate the incredible work that was done during the day.

The Camp Director, along with several staff members, packs materials and resources away and is usually done for the day within 30-60 minutes after everyone leaves.



Lifeseeds Summer Camp

Lifeseeds Summer Camp

Lifeseeds Summer Camp

Lifeseeds Summer Camp

Lifeseeds Summer Camp

Lifeseeds Summer Camp

Lifeseeds Summer Camp

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