5 Ideas on How to Inspire Children's Learning

Inspire Children's Learning
5 Ideas on How to Inspire Children's Learning

Figuring out how to inspire children to learn can be an ordeal. They may be interested in a particular subject and ignore the others, easily distracted by more entertaining activities, or just completely disinterested in the lesson. It is half the battle, getting your students to want to learn and developing that internal motivation. They may sit at their desks every day, take the tests, and do the homework but, are they actually learning or just getting through the day?

Whether you're a parent or a teacher, you're familiar with how frustrating it can be figuring out how to inspire children to learn. It makes education a lot easier when kids want to study or are curious about the subject. With that in mind, here are a few tips on how to inspire children's learning and develop internal motivation.

Use Their Interests

It's easier to inspire children to learn when they are interested in the subject matter. Let's take the subject of science, how often are kids actually interested in how sound works? It's easier to relate the science of sound to how they listen in their earbuds or how music online gets to their ears. There you can combine a few lessons on technology as well as sound. 

Bringing what students are learning into the everyday and tying it in with common experience can inspire children to learn more about that particular subject. Many kids think what they learn in school stays in school, that it is about passing a test. Bringing the subject to bear on their interests and in the outside world is one way to inspire children.

Learning Through Gaming

Kids play games. Whether they be outside, on a board, a video game, or a computer game they are playing. That's an opportunity for how to inspire children to learn, make the lesson a game. You can even make it a game to create a game to learn, further inspiring children to be creative. Of course, you'd have to oversee the gaming so that it isn't too much purely entertainment. 

How to inspire children's learning through a game is an easy choice as it gets the kids out from their desks and lets them have some fun. They find that learning doesn't have to be a chore or memorizing facts for a test. They are simply doing what they always do, just with a different subject.

Working as a Team

Working in groups is another great way as to how to inspire children's learning. Some teachers and parents think that it is an opportunity for kids to not work but, that couldn't be any less true. When students get together to learn or finish a task that is part of the lesson they discuss the project. They'll figure it out together and grow ideas. They aren't just learning what the subject is but how to coordinate to finish a task. 

When a group of students gets together it can inspire them to learn as it becomes part of their socializing. They almost push each other to understand the material, perhaps even jockeying for position in some cases. Don't think that having students work in a group isn't how to inspire children's learning, it may be just the thing to drive internal motivation.


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