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Brandon Lee White delivers a high-energy, entertaining, and effective program for youth!

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Youth Mover, Brandon Lee White, delivers a high-energy, entertaining, and effective program for youth across the country. As a professional ballroom dance instructor and motivational youth speaker, Brandon incorporates "teamwork, courage, character, self-discipline, exercise, and anti-bullying." This full-package motivational presentation will make your campers laugh, think, and grow!

Choose from two versions for Assembly Speeches: Super Students for elementary grades or Own It! for middle/high school. Or ask about Brandon's School Activity: Step In Step Out!, and Leadership Training: the Own It Curriculum.

Get your students up and participating!

For nearly a decade, Brandon has received top reviews from K-12 schools for his character-based presentations, which include dancing, acting, storytelling, and behavior-changing results. Brandon's motivational programs will inspires your students to take ownership of who they are and equip them to respond to difficult situations.

Assemblies for ES and MS/HS

"Super Students" for Elementary Grades

Brandon pulls students from the audience to interact in dance examples, stories, and demonstrations. Other times, he has everyone standup in place to participate. Over the course of 45-60 minutes, students laugh, shout, dance, and are deeply moved while learning about becoming “Super Students.” Teachers comment on how students that are usually reluctant to interact open up during this program. In addition, Brandon uses examples from sports, dance, and pop culture to relate to the students and make a connection. Students enjoy the high-energy and humor that Brandon brings all while mixing in powerful messages that leave a lasting impact.

This presentation helps move students on the inside so that they move towards success on the outside. 

"Own It!" for Middle Schools/High Schools

This presentation has a tendency to create standing ovations! Mr. Brandon Lee White engages the entire audience with funny demonstrations that also pack a powerful message. Students laugh as volunteers act out funny and courageous acts on stage. Brandon's personal stories leave students with their jaws dropped. We all want to be more courageous and Brandon delivers a clear message that helps empower youth to be more courageous so that they can make the right decisions in difficult times.  

Workshops and Leadership Training

Step In Step Out - Team Building Swing Dance Workshop (60-90 minutes) K-12 As a professional dancer, Brandon has worked with dance stars from “Dancing with the Stars.” In this workshop, participants learn leadership through ballroom dance. Positive communication, risk-taking, teamwork, goal-setting, and discipline are all covered in a way that will stick in your memory. It’s a fun and educational way to “break the ice” and get youth moving. This workshop can include total crowd participation or select volunteers depending upon request and space availability. (Maximum occupancy contingent upon space and sound equipment)

THE “OWN IT” PERSONALITY TEST (60 minutes) MS/HS Have you ever wondered why you mesh with certain people and clash with others? In this presentation, Brandon Lee White, guides participants through his “Own It” personality test and helps students see themselves more clearly. Exercises and acting out real-life situations will make students laugh and help them make the most of their unique personality while effectively relating and leading others.

STUDENT LEADER TRAINING (1-3 hours) MS/HS In this training, student leaders are introduced to Brandon’s “Own It Curriculum” and receive a copy of “Don’t Be A Lamesauce”. Participants work on assessing their strengths, opportunities, and challenges. Students also define goals and roles and participate in energizing activities to strengthen leadership skills. Students leave with a plan of action to “Own It!” in their club!

OWN IT DAY! (4-6 hours) MS/HS This day focuses on students taking ownership and schools being changed starting with an assembly speech that gets the school going and STUCO leadership training to steer to momentum. If you want a longer more lasting impact, this is it. This program addresses involvement, bullying, leadership, and morale.

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  • Every age group---from Early Childhood, to Lower School through our Middle School LOVED their time with Brandon Lee White.  He is not only entertaining, kind-hearted, witty, and clever, but inspirational, as well.  His message was heard and understood.
    Barbara Haney - Head of Lower School
    Grace Church School
    New York, NY

  • We have a wide range of student ages and engagement-this assembly was appropriate for all and imparted both human and meaningful moments of reflection. Bravo! We will certainly have this program back again.
    Allison Pech - Teacher
    Saint Thomas More School
    Portland, OR

  • Brandon White was absolutely fabulous!  Everyone, the students, the teachers and even the principal LOVED him!  He really made an impression on the children.  They went home telling their families about positive energy and a new perspective on fear.  The school would love to have him back next year! 
    Dorothy Chan - PTA Treasurer
    I.S. 187 Christa McAulifee Intermediate School
    Brooklyn, NY