Get Patriotic with Democratic Values. Uncle Sam's Comedy Jam is a crazy shindig celebrating American Freedom! The Bill of Rights and Constitution will be there, and so will many of our core democratic values. But be warned, this 40-minute show isn't just a party. It's a bash! Teachers and students won't be able to stop laughing as Uncle Sam, with help from the Statue of Liberty and 16 volunteers, teaches the fundamental beliefs that unite all Americans. Kindergarteners through sixth graders learn how America became a free nation during the funniest history lesson ever. 

Democratic values have never been this funny! Topics Include: Constitutional Government | The Importance of Rules | Separation of Powers | Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness | Symbols of Freedom | Checks and Balances | The Bill of Rights | Individual Freedoms | Shay's Rebellion | The 13 Colonies | Common Good | Federalism | Patriotism | Equality | Justice


Latest Reviews

The students really enjoyed the Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam.  The presenter, was very engaging and had the attention of the audience the entire show. Well Done!  Now we are really looking forward to our next “show!”
Christa Basel - PTA
Jackson Ave ES
Mineola, NY 

The entire third grade saw the show. It was educational and entertaining at the same time.  Lots of kids got to participate.  We would recommend it.
Christa Basel - PTA
Jackson Ave School
Mineola, NY

Absolutely fantastic!  Both the kids and the teachers loved him!
Laina Conti - PTA
JT Hood ES
North Reading, MA


He was a terrific presenter! Both the students and staff enjoyed him.
Patti Sotero - Principal
Center Street ES
Horseheads, NY

THANK YOU for your wonderful presentation yesterday.  My daughter and her friends (probably the toughest critics) said that it was "awesome" and really fun.  Best of all, they told me that they learned a lot.
Laina Conti - PTA
JT Hood ES
North Reading, MA

Uncle Sam's Comedy Jam was an excellent program presented by a talented and humorous artist.  He was able to help educate the students on fundamental values of our American History, yet in an engaging and entertaining way that kept the attention of our students and staff for the entire duration.  We Thank You for your travels and sharing your gifts!
Arlene Molinaro - Assembly Coordinator
St. Joseph Catholic School
Warren, PA

Absolutely Outstanding! As a former social studies teacher, Doug's info was spot on and he held the kids' attention the entire time. Excellent!
Bronson Stone - Superintendent
Susquehanna Community Elementary
Susquehanna, PA

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