Bully Shmully

A powerfully effective approach to the subject of bullying and taking personal responsibility for how you conduct yourself.

Age Range

Award-winning children's music performer Eric Herman puts his immense talent for entertaining young audiences to great use in this anti bullying assembly program, which presents a powerfully effective approach to the subject of bullying and taking personal responsibility for how you conduct yourself. Bully Shmully brings an important message to students while keeping them engaged and excited!

Inspired by noted psychologist Izzy Kalman's acclaimed "Bullies 2 Buddies" method, Eric's Bully Shmully bullying presentation focuses on helping the victims of bullying by giving them the tools they need to approach and respond to situations of criticism and mockery with tact and humor. This not only empowers them to be more self-confident and diplomatic, but also deflates the would-be effect of the critic or bully.

Bursting with comedy, audience participation and outrageously fun songs, Bully Shmully brings an important life message to students that they can use right away and also take with them into adulthood.

The Izzy Kalman "Bullies 2 Buddies" method has been shown to be highly effective over many anti-bullying programs. It is important to note that this program focuses on the needs of potential bullying victims and helps to prepare them to deal with their situations head-on in a way that improves relations between everyone involved, wherever possible. Bully Shmully is not a punishment or tattling based program. It teaches kids the difference between teasing and abuse and how to handle teasing with grace and humor, while appropriately reporting abuse. If this program sounds like it may be in conflict with your school's specific anti-bullying approach, please note that it is not open for adjustment to conform to other programs. 
  • Eric was a very good presenter.  His content was excellent, addressing the other side of bullying (i.e., coaching the recipent's responses to reduce the drama and reinforcement needed by the bully.  Eric had high energy and performed well.  Great feedback from staff.
    Frank Luzaich-Principal
    Edy Ridge ES
    Sherwood, OR

  • Eric did a nice job.  He took a different approach about bullying , focused on those being bullied.  Had a nice way of explaining how to react to bullying.  Teachers and students enjoyed the assembly.
    John Partin - Principal
    RJ Neutra School
    Lemoore, CA

  • That was a really great show!  One of the best I've ever seen for learning about strategies to deal with bullying.
    Daniel DiDesiderio - Principal
    Burkett Elementary
    Pittsburgh PA