Music Technology

Brent Daniels is an award-winning composer, producer, sound designer and recording art

The Art of Inspiration

There are events you attend...but this is one you Experience!

The Signature Project

THE SIGNATURE PROJECT is a multifaceted assembly that explores t

Unique Game Show

Presenting a program that will educate and motivate students! The Unique Game

Magic of 5-A-Day

Magic of 5-A-Day is a 45 minute interactive assembly, designed t

Youth Mover

Youth Mover, Brandon Lee White, delivers a high-energy, entertaining,

Corey The Dribbler

Schools across the country are being inspired and awed by Former Harlem Globetrotter -

Violin Rocks!

Violinist Geoffrey Castle puts the violin back on center stage with virtuoso showmansh

Mr. Tay - Teaching Americas Youth

Animated storyteller Tay Williams delivers a positive, energetic, moti

Ultimate Human Board Game

Presenting a program that will engage and motivate students! The Ultimate Huma

Uncle Sam's Comedy Jam

Get Patriotic with Democratic Values. Uncle Sam's Comedy Jam is

Adventures in Reading

Explore Books on a Reading Safari. Finally - a reading show that's really about r

Mystery of the Character Surprise

Bully-Proof with Character Skills - Sometimes, we just want to have friends or to be h

Dumpster Doug

Make Pollution Disappear. Everything you ever wanted to know about our endangered envi

Superhero Math

Be a Math Superhero! Imagine learning math from a Superhero... What do you get when al

The Freestyle Connection

The best way to catch the attention of your students is through a mind-blowing

The Wacky Science Show

More than just whiz, bang, poof and pop, The Wacky Science Show puts s

Magic of Reading

The Magic of Reading with Brian Richards is designed to tickle the im

The Sonnet Man

Finally, a way to make language arts and classic literature entertaining, exciting and

Bully Shmully

Award-winning children's music performer Eric Herman

World of Robotics

As educators seek out effective strategies for improving math and science achievement

Dare To Draw

Emmy Award winning illustrator, author and television show creator/host, Mark K

Crystal Clear Science

No gimmicks, just science!  Crystal Clear Science makes Real Scie

Up and Away with Hot Air Balloons

Liberty Balloon Company offers a unique educational program for elementary and seconda

Got Character?

Eric Herman's musical assemblies are bursting with comedy, creativity

3 Screens

Highly Motivational Multi-Media Assemblies on Three Large Screens

Band For Today