Brent Daniels is an award-winning composer, producer, sound designer and recording artist who uses the latest in music technology to sculpt sound and create music.

Music Technology is a fantastic way to deliver various messages to your campers! Using a digital sampling keyboard workstation, master-level musicianship and a blend of high energy music, audience participation, information and humor, Brent Daniels creates an exciting, one-of-a-kind performance that will capture the imaginations of your K-12 camp audience (and your staff and counselors, too)!

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Latest Reviews

Brent was a talented, dynamic performer who put on a great show for LifeSeeds! It was really amazing!
Dave Burton - Owner/Director
LifeSeeds Summer Camp
Wyncote, PA

The campers loved it and Brent was easy to work with. Hope to have him back next summer!
Dan O'Neil - Camp Director
Congressional Camp
Falls Church, VA

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