Brent Daniels is an award-winning composer, producer, sound designer and recording artist who uses the latest in music technology to sculpt sound and create music.

Music Technology is a fantastic way to deliver various messages to your students! Using a digital sampling keyboard workstation, master-level musicianship and a blend of high energy music, audience participation, information and humor, Brent Daniels creates an exciting, one-of-a-kind performance that will capture the imaginations of your elementary, middle or high school audience (and your faculty, too)!

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Latest Reviews

It was a big success! The students, teachers, principal and parents were letting me know how much they and the children enjoyed it.  Assembly was very interactive, engaged all viewers, was energizing and in a smart and fun way introduced a new way at looking at music, the value of music in our lives and how we can all contribute to making music.
Lynda Parmely - Cultural Arts
East Street ES
Hicksville, NY

Brent Daniels was fantastic! His performance was entertaining, thoughtful, and completely focused on the students.
Dave Allen - Principal
Richmond ES
Portland, OR

Brent was amazing on so many levels.  He was able to really connect with the students and they were fully engaged with his presentation.  The group was K-8, so challenging to incorporate something for the many different age levels, but he did it seamlessly!
Taletha Washburn - Executive Director
Plumas Charter Schools 

Quincy, CA

Brent was fantastic.  The kids had a great time.  The inclusive aspect of his performance is an added plus.  The kids talked about it for quite some time afterwards.  Brent did a great job of relating to the kids; the message of staying in school and doing their best was very clear and appreciated; and he's a great guy.  The adults also spoke very highly of his performance. Thanks for a great pair of assemblies!
Marshall Miranda
Poulsbo Middle School
Poulsbo, WA

WOW! What a great presentation Brent gave to our school.  We have such a strange configuration in our school. PK-4 and 9-12 and he was able to engage all ages and keep them interested.  Thank you for recommending this program!
Sherri Hiser - Teacher
Farragut ES
Farragut, IA

Thank you again for coming out and giving a dynamic presentation in electronic music at Neal Middle School. The students were really excited and interested in going further into what you demonstrated for them. Since we are a STEM school, I will definitely consider going more in depth with the students in electronic music in the upcoming semesters; I would love to have you back here some time next year so more students have the opportunity to see what is out there for them. 
Aaron J. Campbell - Director of Bands
Neal Magnet MS - STEM Academy
Durham, NC

Our school REALLY enjoyed the assembly.  One teacher said this was the best assembly ever!  I had several kids come up and ask me if we could do this kind of thing in class.  Just wanted to let you know that the kids and staff really enjoyed this!!! Thanks!!!!
Keiko Espiau - Teacher
Brookside ES
Lake Forest Park, WA

I had to take the time to thank you for your superior presentation to the students yesterday.  The students were excited, engaged, and enthusiastic not only right after the show, but today you are the talk of the school.  Again, I want to thank you for your words of wise council to the students regarding the importance of education!  I had one of our quieter students come in and talk to me about how he can try to do more to learn...he is a student who is capable but could work harder.  It was a great conversation using your words and show to tell him how important his other work is.  It is apparent that you enjoy your work and I felt very blessed to have had you here!!
Lynnette McCarty - Owner
Serendipity Academy
Tumwater, WA

Excellent show!  We will definitely be booking again.  Thank you!
Lara Stolman - PTO
Deerfield ES
Short Hills, NJ 

We got more positive response from the teachers and students than any other program we have put on at this school.  They loved Brent Daniels, his enthusiasm.  He kept the kids engaged and used a lot of kid volunteers.  It was great.  We will definitely bring him back again.  Thanks!
Christine Hancher - PTA Chair for Assemblies
Floris ES
Herndon, VA

Brent was fabulous and the kids LOVED him!  He is a real pleasure to work with.  Highly recommend to any school!  
Lu Jones - Admin. Assistant
Richard E Byrd ES
Glen Rock, NJ

Our school loved it!  The kids were obviously the first to really get excited and at first the teachers looked a little hesitant because of how loud it was.  But just a few minutes in, Brent had everyone hooked.  Our principal stopped by MULTIPLE times to take pictures and listen!  That means A LOT! Thanks for an inspiring and interesting show!  Brent was great!
Kelly Duffy - PTA Programs Chair
Grand Oak ES
Huntersville, NC

Brent Daniels did an incredible job motivating my elementary students and staff.  So many kids came to see me after the program to thank me for inviting him to come to our school.  The faculty lounge was all a buzz about his outstanding program and the way he connected with the children.
Bruce Shafferman
Lowes Island Elementary
Sterling, VA

Brent was awesome!!! The students were engaged the whole time as well as the staff.  Very educational and entertaining.
Ginger Jackson - District Librarian
Stockdale ISD
Stockdale, TX 

Brent was funny, kept the students involved and wanting more.
Juan Rodriguez - Morris Township PD School Resource Officer
Frelinghuysen MS
Morris Township, NJ

5 out of 5!  Engaging, use of humor, enthusiastic, involvement of students, promoting creativity!
Mary Richards - PTA Program Chairperson/Kindergarten Teacher
Monroe ES
Janesville, WI 


The assembly today was fantastic!  The teachers and students all raved about it. Thank you for an amazing performance!
Megan Stout – PTO President
Goodnoe Elementary School
Newtown, PA

Brent was energetic and enthusiastic and got our students up and moving and involved. He was great at adapting in the moment to our varying levels of special education students. He was polite, easy to work with, and great with the kids.
Lauren Farrelly - Art Therapist
New Beginnings School
Fairfield, NJ

Technological Music Productions was a great end of year assembly for our K-5! Our students were both enthralled and energized by Brent's musical ability. He is fun and engaging performer, who teaches kids that all aspects of their  education make it possible for any kid  to create music using technology. Parents have told me that their kids, who have never mentioned any other assembly in the past  to them, came home and raved about this one.
MaryAnne Troy
Glenwood Elementary
Media, PA

Great, Great. Great,  Brent 's knowledge and the way he incorporates it using these young children produces an informative, motivating, and exciting program for all children.
Carol A. Deola - Owner/Director
All Kids First Preschool
Vineland, NJ

What an absolutely engaging, educational and entertaining program! Brent was wonderful, sincere and genuine. He had a smile on everyone's face. Great interaction with the students. Everyone was able to get into the act and the piece of music we made at the end was really spectacular! I've had several parents and teachers tell me that it was the best cultural arts performance they've seen at the school.
Maureen Bucell
St. Joseph School
Wakefield, MA

By far the best assembly we have ever brought to Perry Middle School. Brent Daniels entertained and educated every single person in the auditorium!
Laura Middleton
Perry Middle School
Perry, MI

The assembly was enjoyed by students, staff and administration.  Many adults in the building requested further information on the assembly.  One teacher wanted to try to have the assembly at her children's school and another thought ti would be great for a summer camp.  She thanked us for bringing music into the school in such a fun, unique and inspiring way.  Brent Daniels truly enjoys what he does and that shines through his presentation and relationship with the students during the assembly.  It was high energy and educational.  At the end of the assembly, the students did not want it to end.
Janice Black - PTA
Ocean Township IM
Ocean Township, NJ

The best show we have ever had! Brent was engaging, informative and very talented. All of our students from 1st through 8th grade were captivated.
Cathy Bozzo - Activities Director
St. Christopher's School
San Jose, CA

Brent was fantastic! The students and teachers gave such positive feedback and loved his show! So talented!!
Lisa Avigliano - Cultural Arts Chair
St. Vincent Martyr School
Madison, NJ 

I just wanted to send this email to let you know how fantastic our assembly was today with Brent.  It is evident that he enjoys what he does and he is great with the children.  The teachers loved his performance and they would like to have him back every year!  I also received feedback from some parents letting me know how much their children enjoyed themselves.  My own second grade boys told their father, in great detail, what a great time they had - this almost never happens.  I would appreciate if you could share this with Brent since it is always fulfilling to know that others enjoy what you do and appreciate you.  I will recommend him to the other district PTA presidents.
Mary Ellen Simpson-PTA
Littleton ES
Morris Plains, NJ

I have been at Worcester Prep for 42 years and I felt this was the best-received cultural program we have ever had.  I was so impressed with how you easily captured the attention of the entire audience (ages 4 through 13). The quality of the program was noteworthy and we certainly plan to have you return for another performance!  Keep spreading your positive message! 
Celeste Bunting - Head of Lower School
Worcester Preparatory School
Berlin, MD

Brent was one of the most engaging speakers/performers we have had on campus. Not only were our teachers and students very impressed with his music skills, but he also was very pro-education and encouraged students to do well in school. We would highly recommend this program!
Brandy O'Bannon
Blanchet Catholic School
Salem, OR

My staff and campers kept stopping by my office to tell me what a great performance this was! He was loved by all ranging in age from 3 1/2 yrs old to 58 yrs old. Will definitely be using Brent Daniels again. Not only was the show EXCELLENT but his communication even up to the last minute was fantastic. As we were having weather and traffic issues in our area his questions, communication and punctuality were of the highest quality. 5 stars! Thank you for a wonderful experience for all!
Debbie Duffy - Director 
Camp Magar - Baldwin School
Bryn Mawr, PA

The children all loved the program.  Brent is very engaging and the children are amazed and motivated by his show.
Melanie Garvey - Cultural Arts Coordinator
Cottage Lane ES and William O. Schaefer ES
Blauvelt, NY

All the kids loved the assembly. I took a survey in my class, they more than loved it, it was their best assembly EVER!! We have had a few good ones too!! The same day as the assembly was a staff meeting, all the adults LOVED it as well. I have been in charge of booking assemblies for the last couple years and this one by far was the favorite by students and adults. Mr. Daniels was so good with the kids, a natural for sure. He is a great teacher and musician.  I have been meaning to write him to tell him how much everyone loved the assembly.  please pass this note on to him. He is a keeper for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Kyra Whitford - Teacher
Yoncalla ES
Yoncalla, OR

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed having you at Salem Elementary school.  Honestly, this was my favorite assembly that I've seen at our school.  Such a great combination of music and technology.  The kids (and teachers) really enjoyed it! 
Debbie Radinsky 
South Salem ES
Port Washington, NY

Students and teachers absolutely loved the assembly!
Megan Stout - PTO President
Goodnoe ES
Newtown, PA

According to the feedback from the kids and the teachers it has been rated as the best assembly we have ever had!  Brent Daniels does a remarkable job of engaging the kids with humor and music.  They enjoyed themselves and they learned along the way.
Sara Clark-Cultural Arts Chair
Ashaway ES
Ashaway, RI

This assembly was one of the best assemblies we have had at our school.  Brent Daniels captivated an audience of 600+ students showing them how music technology is fun and can be easily done by anyone.  He shared apps that are accessible for students and families.  Brent sent an important message to students relating music technology to science, math, reading, etc.  At the end of the show Brent involved everyone in the audience so the entire student body felt as though they had a part in making the song.  Thanks again!  We hope to have the Music Technology show back at our school in the future.
Linda Lane - Teacher
Jack Jackter IM
Colchester, CT

Brent was fantastic!  He related so well to the kids, kept them completely interested throughout the entire program, and involved everyone.  I have had teachers, kids, and parents come up to me since the program to say how much they loved it and how much FUN they had.  The kids really participated through singing and dancing which is so rare in an educational assembly anymore.  I Would highly recommend this program to any organization.
Michelle Parrish-PTA
Ayer ES
Cincinnati, OH

It was obvious that the students and the staff were enjoying the show and raved about it afterwards.  The presenter was extremely knowledgeable regarding music and was able to share that information with the audience in a way that was interesting and exciting.  It wasn't just a was a large group lesson where students were engaged the entire time.
Angie Marley - Principal
Denver ES
Denver, PA

Hands down the best assembly we’ve ever had had, and have heard this same thing from a number of other faculty members.  I’ve never seen one person captivate and engage an entire audience the way Brent did---awesome experience for all.  
Beth Pacitti - Teacher
Holland ES
Holland, PA

One of the best programs we've ever had. EVERY SINGLE CHILD and STAFF MEMBER was engaged. Fabulous!
Caryn Leonard - Assembly Coordinator
Troy Union ES
Troy, MI

We LOVED this assembly. He was just terrific.  My students told me it was the best assembly of the school year and we have had awesome ones from your company.  I appreciate the selection you offer. Well Done!
Patricia Sotero - Principal
Center Street ES
Horseheads, NY

Brent is an amazingly talented musician, composer and educational presenter.  He had the children and adults engaged from start to finish.  So much fun!
Diane Clark - Assemblies Chair
Avon Grove Intermediate School
Jennersville, PA

Brent was awesome. It was an educational and engaging experience that received a lot of positive feedback from students and staff. Many students came up to me in the days following the assembly sharing how much they enjoyed the assembly. Thank you.
Colt Fletcher - Assistant Principal
Sterling ES
Sterling, VA

The students (preK to grade 8) all loved Brent's performance. He had a wonderful way with all of the students even though there was a wide age range. Our students have been talking all week about what they learned and how much they enjoyed his music and exceptional talent. Our faculty members were just as impressed with Brent's performance as the students.
Sandy McHugh - Instructional Assistant
Our Lady of Perpetual Help School
Ellicott City, MD

Brent Daniels put on a great assembly for our students!  He kept their interest the entire time and while teaching them technology they may otherwise not have exposure to.
Jennifer Beck -  Assembly coordinator
Wellsville Elementary
Wellsville, PA

The kids loved it. The assembly was great and the teachers and students were raving after the show. It was a part of our respect week -- talking about community building. Brent was able to tie into the assembly a few 'plugs" for respect and working together.  It unified our school in a great experience.
Tracy Fox - Cultural Arts
Normandy Park School
Morristown, NJ

Communication was excellent prior to the show. Brent Daniels brought a level of excitement and energy to all the students in our school, grades k to 6th. The students were engaged the whole time. Brent had a very nice message about education and the students seemed to learn a lot. It was unforgettable. Only problem: not sure how we will top this next year!
Stacy Petell-PTO President
Madison ES
Madison, NH

I have been getting tons of emails from happy parents.  Their kids ran off the bus super excited about the show and a lot raced into the house to download Garage Band.  Excellent show.  I hope to bring it back next year.
Sandy Jillett - PTO
Campbell ES
Dracut, MA

Program kept kids engaged the entire time and was something they were still "buzzing" about even the next day!
Kim Brisbois - Cultural Enrichment Coordinator
Riverside ES
Danvers< MA

This was our last assembly for the school year and it was the FIRST time all the kids, from kindergarten to 5th grade, all raved about the show! It appealed to all ages. The kids loved learning about this and the teachers had fun too! ... Thanks so much.
Jaime Conroy - Cultural Arts
Torey J Sabatini School
Madison, NJ

Several staff members came up to me saying this was the best Main Event they have seen at our program in 4 years. It was beyond anything we could have hoped for. All of the staff and students alike were up and dancing, participating, and engaged in the performance the entire time. Brent was great with the students on stage and had an appropriate sense of humor with them. He was kind and professional with me and the other staff members as well. I would definitely hire him again next summer. Thank you for the show!
Rachael O'Neill - Director of Programming
Explo at Wheaton
Norton, MA


Brent did a wonderful job with our special needs students. He was able to modify the show to cater to the young students in our elementary school and then again for our High School Students. Everyone in the school, students, administration and faculty commented on how much they loved the assembly. "This was the best assembly we ever had".
Judie Day - PTO
YALE Cherry Hill
Cherry Hill, NJ

Brent Daniels' "Music Technology” presentation was outstanding!  Students in grades k-4 were completely engaged throughout the entire assembly.  Brent's talents proved to be entertaining & inspiring.   This is the program to book if you are looking for a first-rate presentation in quality.  Thank you for teaching our students about uses for technology in music, and inspiring the audience!
Laurel Kalkanis - PTO Enrichment Committee Co-Chair
Way ES
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Brent Daniels was really engaging with all age levels.  By having such a high level of student involvement throughout, the students were not watching a program, but were an integral part of it.  His message of being willing to try things and experiment was well-received.
Matthew Alderfer - Student Support Counselor
Linden ES
Doylestown, PA

This was one of our best assembly's ever!  We were impressed with the content, the engagement of students, the professionalism and the overall assembly! Brent was amazing! Thanks for offering this as an offering!
Lynette McCarty - Owner/Administrator
Serendipity Academy
Tumwater, WA

Just wanted to let you know Brent Daniels assembly was AWESOME again!!!!!!!  Some parents actually contacted me to let me know how much their kids LOVED this assembly. He truly amazes me with his talent. I am so happy he was able to return to our school. Thank you for providing a fun yet educational assembly.
Laura Schappert - PTO
Lafayette Township ES
Lafayette Township, NJ 

This assembly was my favorite assembly in my 15 years of teaching.  It involved a lot of audience participation and appealed to the children because they could relate to the music of television shows, movies, and video games.  Also, many of my students were talking about it for a few days, which proves they truly enjoyed it!
Markley Kautz-Scanavy - Teacher
Rivers Edge ES
Glen Allen, VA

Brent was engaging and put in an excellent performance. The kids talked about it for days. He also focused on staying in school which was a plus.
Jennifer O'Neill - PTSA President
Glibert H Hood Middle School
Derry, NH

All of the kids were totally engaged and the teachers raved about it. Days later I heard kids trying to download garage band so they could be like Brent.
Stephanie Leigh - Cultural Arts
Harrison ES
Livingston, NJ 

The entire audience was completely captivated, from our kindergarteners to our eighth graders. Long after the presentation was over, the kids were still buzzing in the halls. They were inspired by Brent's work, and excited to try it themselves.
Callie Shafto - Assembly Coordinator
Far Hills Country Day School
Far Hills, NJ

The kids came home raving about how much fun they had and they were very excited by what they had learned. It is very hard to find an assembly that captures the attention of kids from K-6th grade, but Brent Daniels did it!!
Kerri Maxwell - Cultural Arts Chair
Camp Avenue ES
Merrick, NY

Brent Daniels was amazing!  He's a very engaging performer and appeals to both teachers and students.  Everyone had a lot of fun and learned a lot about music technology.  He won rave reviews from everyone and had them all singing tunes throughout the day.  Loved the level of engagement with the student volunteers. A great way for our school to come together and just enjoy themselves.  Brent is a real pro and lifted the spirits of our school.
Jennifer Puntus - Parent/Assembly Coordinator
Lafayette Avenue ES
Chatham, NJ

We had Brent Daniels at our school he was fantastic.  From start to finish the students were fully engaged and although the K-1 probably did not understand a lot of the details as to how he was creating the effects there was so much activity they remained fully engaged for the whole show.  The students are still talking about it today and many of us went home singing parts of our 'song'.    Brent promotes education and the power of or reason for getting a good education throughout the show which was commented on by several of our older students and the staff.   I highly recommend his show.
Vivien Farr
St. Joseph Elementary
Kelowna, BC

The program was fun, entertaining and educational.   Our students were fully engaged and happy throughout the entire convocation and the adults all thought the program was excellent. They enjoyed it also.   I was told by other principals that Brent Daniels was awesome, and they did not let us down.   Thank you!
Thomas Kline - Principal
Madison ES
Warsaw, IN


Engaging, informative and exciting for our early childhood students.  He was personable, and able to interact with the young children.
Kathy McGowan - Teacher
Eve Turner ES
Waldorf, MD

I had comments that this was the best assembly we have ever had.  Students were engaged for the entire time even with a wide age range.  Brent was interactive and very engaging of all of our students.
Leigh Schwartz - Principal
Rollingwood ES
San Bruno, CA

The theme of the show coupled with the energy of Brent Daniels made this assembly a huge success. The staff and students were engaged the entire time with smiles on their faces and music in the hearts!
Joe Pisacane
Roosevelt School
Hawthorne, NJ


Brent Daniels was outstanding.  As soon as he started talking and playing to the students they were excited and completely engaged in what he had to say.  Everyone from my Kindergarteners to my fifth graders enjoyed it which is not easy to accomplish.
Joe Vore - Principal
Riverview ES
Lebanon, OR

Brent is amazing.  He connects with the kids and keeps their attention for the entire assembly.  His engaging manner grabs the audience, and his message is relevant, simple, and true.  Kids and adults enjoy this presentation.  Everyone comes away smiling.
Marshall Miranda - ASB Advisor
Poulsbo MS
Poulsbo, WA

Brent Daniels has a fun,  youthful way of engaging students. Every person in the room thoroughly enjoyed this presentation!
Beth Sharples - PTO
Hartford Sumner ES
Sumner, ME

This was a fascinating, entertaining, engaging assembly.  We'd have Brent back anytime.  He is a gifted presenter, all of our kids loved the show.
Maggie Hennessy - Secretary
Plumas Charter School
Quincy, CA

The kids loved it.  The younger kids really enjoyed the creation of their own music and Brent tailored the program to their academic level (K-3).  The older kids (4-6th) were engrossed in a totally different way - both enjoying the music but also really interested in learning about the technology that Brent explained so well.  The staff agreed it was an excellent show.
Joan Wootton - Cultural Events Chair
Chapel Street ES
Stratford, CT

Brent kept our students engaged and entertained. The parents and the staff that were lucky enough to see the program were equally amazed. I have heard nothing but positive comments about the show. Thank you for providing quality education and entertainment.
Stephanie Godfrey
North Marion Intermediate School
Aurora, OR

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your performance. It was wonderful. The kids had a blast! Congratulations on finding a fun, purposeful career for yourself, and you're an inspiration to all kids who can dream....
Billy Ryan - Teacher
St. Francis of Assisi School
Concord, CA


Brent Daniels was AMAZING- best assembly we've had this year!  We booked him last year, this year, and will definitely try to get him next year!
Kristy Warren - Principal
Quincy ES
Quincy, CA

The assembly was phenomenal.  The students and staff learned a lot and I love how you pulled in all that you learned in school.  It really showed how it all fits together.  The students were highly engaged, motivated and loved participating.  It was one of the best, if not the best assembly, we have had.  We look forward to having you visit us again in the future!
Heather Fiory - Instructional Supervisor
South Mountain School
Millburn, NJ 

This assembly was out of this world! The students and teachers loved it. The students have been talking about how great it was that we can't wait to have Brent back again!
Bornn - PTA
Forest Ave ES
West Babylon, NY

Everyone loved Brent Daniels! I received lots of positive feedback!
Madi Grob - Cultural Arts Committee
Mendham Township ES
Brookside, NJ

Brent was terrific! His show was high energy that kept the students interested and engaged. I watched the reaction of the kids and they all seemed really interested in the topic and loved the audience participation part in particular. Thank you Brent!
Amy Slavitt - Cultural Arts Chair
Lazar MS

Montville, NJ

Thanks again for your willingness to come to Central Park. If you are still doing this in a couple of years we would love to have you come to Central Park again. The kids and staff REALLY enjoyed having you!
Barb Page - Principal
Central Park ES
Aberdeen, WA

Mr. Daniels did an excellent job engaging the students.  He geared his presentation to the age of the group, as we had one assembly for grades K-2 and one for grades 3-5.  His emphasis on education was well appreciated and he even encouraged the students to make music themselves on iOs devices.
Michele Trevino - Principal
Rossmoyne ES
Mechanicsburg, PA

Brent was fantatic.  It was very obvious that he loves what he does and that was clear to the students as well.  He was very entertaining and engaged all grade levels.  Definitely my favorite assembly that we have had in a long time.  Would highly recommend it!!
Julie Slackman - Assembly Coordinator
Shady Grove ES
Ambler, PA

Brent Daniels program was fantastic and he connected with our group of students immediately.  Everyone had a great time and in the midst of a fun experience the children were learning.  Thank you so much for helping our school coordinate a wonderful and memorable program. Looking forward to working with Mr Daniels in the future and introducing more of your programs to our school.
Deborah Gubin - Parent Association Co-President
Schechter School of Long Island
Jericho, NY

The Music Technology assembly was fantastic.  The kids are still talking about it!
Kurt Heuberger - PTA Vice President
Henry Puffer ES
Downers Grove, IL

Thank you for the amazing assembly you put on for our students!  I happen to have a son who never tells me anything about his school days, but this time I was lucky enough to be there myself for your show!!  You were really terrific and the kids had a blast!  You know you've done a good job when the 5th and 6th graders, (who are so tough to impress these days!!), came out of your show singing and dancing!!  They were so excited, they went through the hallways telling all the younger grades, who were on their way in to see you, what great time they were about to have!!!  They'd all like to see you back ASAP, so don't be surprised if you hear from us again soon!!  As a musician, I can truly appreciate your talent and I thank you for sharing it with us in such a fun and exciting way!!
Michaela Conroy - PARP Chair
Hillside Grade School
New Hyde Park, NY

Everything was wonderful. Professional, fun but most importantly the children loved the program!
Barbara Cole - Director
Sudbury Extended Day

Sudbury, MA

I just wanted to let you know how absolutely fantastic Brent's presentation of Music Technology was at Holy Name this past Friday. The students and teachers alike were mesmerized! It was a fun experience with an inspirational overtone. We loved it! Thanks for providing such quality programs.
Kathryn Ambrose
Holy Name Elementary
Birmingham, MI

Brent was like a musical savant...creating songs from student's voice samplings all while capturing their attention, making them laugh, and inspiring their creativity. By the looks in the children's eyes, they were entirely impressed and entertained.
Mary Ansell - Programs Chair
Shrewsbury Borough School
Shrewsbury, NJ

Engaging, talented, very effective with students - kept their attention! 
Alexandra Zawadiwsky - Parent Association
Mountain View School
Mendham, NJ

Geralynn Della Pesca-Assembly Coordinator
Roberge and Woodside ES
River Vale, NJ

Brent offered an educational and entertaining show. His integration of the children's sounds made the performance personally engaging for the whole student body. He readily adapted to instruct and provide encouragement to the wide range of ages in our student body. We highly recommend this show!
Katie Condon-Cultural Arts Coordinator
St. Andrew the Apostle
Clifton, VA

Kids and teachers loved this assembly!  They raved about it after!
Meegan Donnelly - Enrichment Coordinator
Naramake ES
Norwalk, CT

Your assembly was unreal...our students left the assembly loving music more than ever. Also, we now have a bunch of kids who want to be Sound Engineers, Composers, etc. We can't thank you enough for fitting us into your busy schedule. You are a talented guy with a great heart...oh yeah, and you are hilarious too!!  Thanks again!!!!
Kevin Hulbert - Principal
Keeseville ES
Keeseville NY

Brent Daniels puts on an outstanding program. He keeps all of our students -- grades K-8 -- entertained and engaged throughout.  He has an easy style with the students and is able to manage the crowd in a friendly yet effective manner.  And the music, singing, and dancing is infectious.
Jennifer Metherd
Concow Elementary School
Oroville, CA

Mr. Daniels did an excellent job engaging the kids in the program. Ages ranged from K-5. The kids were amazed and intrigued.  In fact they never stopped dancing! 
Cindy Zahner, Enrichment Chair
Hillview ES
Pompton Plains, NJ

You put on an amazing show! What an impact you had on our students...what a talent you are!  The kids have not stopped talking about the performance, and a lot of them did go home and create a piece on Garage Band.  In my 15 years of teaching here, I have never seen an assembly have so much of an effect.  Thank you very much for inspiring a new crop of music lovers...and for sparking that music flame inside of them.  It was an amazing performance! 
John Lovett - Teacher
McMurray ES
McMurray, PA

Thank you for recommending Brent. He was great. The teachers and kids loved the show! 
Tara Henigan - Assemblies
Srevewood ES
Falls Church, VA

Brent Daniels was very engaging, fun and entertaining. The students had a fabulous time. They were clapping, dancing and laughing. Brent closed the assembly with the message of getting a good education.... They loved the show, and I loved looking out at them experiencing pure joy with huge smiles and raucous laughter! Thank you Academic Entertainment! Every one of your assemblies we have had at Mosher have been entertaining and educational.
Patti Cuenin - Principal
Mosher ES
Stockton, CA


Brent Daniels was fantastic!  The kids and teachers all responded so well to his program and it was a highlight assembly for our 2015/2016 school year. Many teachers gave us immediate positive feedback with one commenting that in his 24 years at our school this was his favorite program.
Lisa Shumadine - PTA SEATS Committee Member
Tuckahoe ES
Richmond, VA

This was easily one of the best assemblies we have ever had.  I am a Kindergarten teacher and my students LOVED it.  One little girl walked into the classroom afterwards and said, "Man I wish we could have had more of that!!!!!!!"  I could see that all the students from Kindergarten to grade 6 were completely entertained and interested.  Brent Daniels was very appealing with his relaxed personality and sense of humor, ability to capture his audience and variety of interesting activities and information.  A truly EXCELLENT performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Claire Gramlich
Our Lady of Lourdes ES
West Kelowna, BC

It was a great presentation. The students and teachers enjoyed it thoroughly!
Wendy Scott - Teacher
Trona ES
Ridgecrest, CA

Brent was amazing. This is about the fourth or fifth time I have had the opportunity to book Brent for children. He keeps them engaged, interacts well with them, has a good read on their attention, and of course, he is highly talented. I also liked the way he tied his performance to the education he has received.
Patrick Traynor - Superintendent of Schools, Alpine County
Diamond Valley ES
Markleeville, CA

Brent Daniels really understood his audiences and adjusted his presentation according to the age group he was addressing. Students had a wonderful time and so did the teachers!
Julianne Morin - Assistant Principal
St. Bernadette School
Northborough, MA

Brent Daniels was fantastic!  The kids were completely engaged, learned a lot and we even had half the teachers dancing!
Saskia Adams - PTA
Saratoga ES
Saratoga, CA

7th grade students were so engaged in Brent's presentation!  We were able to include sounds from power tools, students, voices and other items so that Brent could show the how it all can be modified to make music.  His sense of humor was spot on with the kids and they truly enjoyed the presentation.  They talked about it for days, which for 13 year olds is a very big impression!
Kris Weiss - Assistant Principal
Kaneland Harter MS
Sugar Grove, IL

I know that you know this already, but he was fantastic!! I will be bragging him up in my district, on my twitter feed, on my Facebook teacher pages.  We are so glad he came to visit us! 
Christine Barnett - Music Specialist
Hebron Valley ES
Carrollton, TX 

Brent was amazing!  We live in a high poverty area and our students are not exposed to this type of technology.  Brent was funny, patient and engaged our students in so many different ways!  I had several teachers tell me this was the best assembly I had ever found!
Cheri Rasmussen - Principal
Crooked River ES
Prineville, OR

Brent Daniels put on a wonderful show. It was upbeat, energetic and engaged students.
Rhonda Loeffelhotz - Principal
Cuba City ES/MS
Cuba City, WI

Brent was a pleasure to meet and he did a fabulous performance for the kids.  He was able to engage the children, hands-on and they had a blast.  He is extremely talented and the children and staff really enjoyed his show.  Thanks Brent !  Hope to see you again at our school in a few years!
Michele Praet-PTO
Joseph J Catena ES
Freehold, NJ

We were very pleased with Brent Daniels and his music technology show, it was a big hit with the students. 
Craig Bennett - Dean of Students
Candor Schools
Candor, NY

This is one of the most engaging and entertaining assemblies I've seen.  Brent related so well to the children and is truly a master of his craft. We would love to have him back in the future! 
Lu Jones - Admin. Asst.
Richard E. Byrd ES
Glen Rock, NJ


Brent was amazing! The kids were super engaged, the teachers and administrators raved about the program.Brent was amazing! The kids were super engaged, the teachers and administrators raved about the program.
Rita Patel - Arts in Education
Plainview-Old Bethpage MS
Plainview, NY

He was amazing! Engaging, entertaining, just the right amount of education, humor and wow factor.  The elementary thru high school students all talked about the assembly for days.
Alicia Doherty - Enrichment Coordinator
Creekside Charter School/Squaw Valley Prep
Tahoe City, CA

Brent did an amazing job of engaging our audience of 500+ students AND staff. All loved his energy, sense of humor and messages. Reports were: BEST ASSEMBLY!
Amy Campbell - Principal
Hebron ES
Hebron, CT

Brent was fabulous, he was very engaging and our staff and students really enjoyed his performance.
Julie Avery - Secretary/ASB Advisor
Willapa Valley HS
Menlo, WA

Our students and faculty LOVED Brent's performance!  I have never had as many positive comments afterwards. Our 5th grade even wanted to write notes to thank him for coming here!  We had some teachers taking the time to look at Brent's website.  The students were engaged throughout and  very motivated.  Brent had a lot of students participate. One shy student felt like she was a rock star!  Technology is their world and knowing how sound can be manipulated was fascinating for our students. Well presented! As one of my own students commented, "The assembly was epic!"
Kathleen Malewitz - Teacher/Assembly Coordinator
Voyager ES
Howell, MI

One of the best assemblies we have had since I started doing the Assemblies in 2011!  Brent is amazingly talented and knows how to interact with the kids.  He adjusts the assembly very nicely to be age appropriate and reach the younger and older kids. All the Teachers were raving about the assembly as well and really enjoyed it. It is nice that Brent tells them they can do some of the same things he does with their IPods and IPads- my daughter experimented with garageband all the way to the beach the next day! It was definitely inspiring for the kids  to pursue their dreams and do their best in school! ... I Highly recommend this assembly- it will not disappoint!

Penny Pearce - PTA Assemblies Co-Chair
Kingsville ES
Kingsville, MD

I just wanted to let you know what a hit Brent is at Unqua. The staff and the kids can't stop raving about him. We are so happy with him. I hoping this is a start of a long relationship with Unqua! 
Yvette Scannapieco - Arts In Ed Coordinator
Unqua ES
Massapequa, NY

Brent Daniels was great!!  Brent performed 2 shows and rocked the house. We have had only positive feedback from students, parents, teachers and administrators.  Great job, Brent!!
Pamela Agresti - VP Cultural Arts
Oak Street School
Basking Ridge, NJ 

Mr. Daniels was extremely professional, entertaining, educational and fun. He had 300 kids at a time eating out of the palm of his hand. it was terrific!
Christine Barnett - Music Specialist
Hebron Valley ES
Carrollton, TX 

Mr. Daniels was very professional, extremely talented and did a phenomenal job of engaging the students. Not only does he clearly have a natural talent with music but his enthusiasm and passion for education clearly shines through in his presentation. He seemed to be enjoying our students equally as much as they enjoyed him. We would gladly recommend him to other schools AND welcome him back to ours!
Melinda Ellis
First Christian School
Napa, CA


The kids had a wonderful time, the staff really enjoyed it, and our music teacher even found me in the school a couple days later to thank me again for finding the assembly for our school. He presented a fabulous program for the kids, he really related well with them, while giving them really interesting information on how computers can be used for something really fun.
Meredith Glenn - Secretary/Programs Chair
Providence ES
Virginia Beach, VA

FANTASTIC job with the kids.  They ALL loved it.   It was inspiring to watch the children be so captivated with his performance.  He really is a class act! Appreciate the suggestion and we will definitely be in touch for a future event!
Kathy Webster - PTO President
St. Timothy Catholic School
Chantilly, VA  

Brent Daniels showed how musical training partnered with technology can turn digital recordings into unlimited creative sounds, rhythms, and music.  He involved and engaged middle and elementary school-age students, and the teachers were grooving to the beat as well!  Lastly, Brent delivered the message that it is never too late to decide on a goal and to take all the steps needed to gain the skills required, including a well-rounded education.  He was such a joy!
Kate Sanjar - PTO
Black River MS/Bragg ES
Chester, NJ

I can't thank you enough for having Brent Daniels come to our school. The kids and faculty loved him!! We were all WOW'd by his performance. I have to say it was one of the best assemblies I ever booked. He was punctual, courteous, funny and most of all talented!  People were texting me that night thanking me for having him. Our music teacher was grateful to have Brent come and share his passion for music. We need more people like him to help inspire the minds of our children. Thank you again and please let Brent know how much we enjoyed having him.
Laura Schappert - PTO
Lafayette Township ES
Lafayette Township, NJ


This program was great. I would like to thank all you for putting on a great show for the kids here at Camden County Juvenile Detention Center. For me being an after school program coordinator at a juvenile detention center, it can be challenging at times looking for different programs that are willing to come out and service the kids here at the facility. Some programs won't because when they hear "juvenile detention center" they have a negative impression about the place. So, again I would humbly like to thank you for coming out and putting on a great show for our kids here. The staff and all the kids enjoyed the program that took place, they have been asking for you to come back already!  I do look forward to bringing you back for the next school year. Thank You!!!
Jillisa Crumety - After School Program Coordinator
Camden County Juvenile Detention Center
Blackwood, NJ

Brent Daniels was outstanding.  On time, professional, personable, age-appropriate, engaging, talented - the list goes on.  We would have him back in an instant.  He energized the audience, adults and students alike.  His presentation prompted great follow-up conversations in our music classes, and inspired many to further explore music tech.  Bravo!
Kathryn Kravec - Creative Arts Dept. Chair
New Canaan Country School
New Canaan, CT

AWESOME!! Brent was just wonderful!! He really engaged the kids and got them into the program so much. The volunteers did terrific and Brent was fabulous with them all. He also did an incredible job intertwining the music technology instruction and the a message about the importance of school in a way that I do believe got through to the kids. On top of it all, he was just a nice guy and I'm so glad that we had him bring his inspiring and energetic program to our school!
Mary Tramonte - PTO Enrichment Chair
Hurld ES
Woburn, MA

Brent Daniels was interactive, engaging with the students and very informative.  He left the children wanting more.
Susanne Vasquez - Cultural Arts Chair
Hommocks Middle School
Larchmont, NY 

I wish I could rate this higher than "Highly Satisfied." I'm a special education teacher with a class of students with multiple disabilities. Brent involved all of the students in the assembly he presented and captured their attention. He allowed for one of my students to get up and make monkey noises as part of a song and helped the rest of the class feel confident enough to take risks and raise their hands to dance or get up in front of everyone. My students left the assembly feeling proud, confident, and inspired that they would be able to be like Brent someday. Thank you to Brent for impacting such a special group of children...there need to be more people like you!
Chelsea Walford
Barclay Brook Elementary School
Monroe Twp, NJ

We had an AMAZING time with Brent Daniels for his Artist-in-Residency!  The positive feedback keeps pouring in.  I really loved how he created a teaching point with each group and then showcased all of them at the culminating school assembly.  The bonus was the school bonding he helped create when the students cheered for their grade level song and even more touching, when other grade levels danced to the songs of their peers.These will be the memories that the students take with them this year.  I'm so glad Brent Daniels was a part of their educational journey.
Leigh Ann Scheurell - Principal
Purdy ES
Ft. Atkinson, WI 

I wanted to let you know the students and teachers absolutely loved your assembly. They all rocked out and had a great time! I can't thank you enough for coming to our school and doing an amazing job. Thank you! We look forward to you coming back next year!
Justina Bornn - PTA VP
Forest Ave ES
West Babylon, NY

Engaging, informative, and fun!
Joanna Stamper - Music Teacher/Assembly Coordinator
Moorestown Friends School
Moorestown, NJ

My teachers and kids loved him.  He managed the room with humor and incredible talent.  He was fabulous!!!
Jesse Woodward - Principal 
Marshall ES
Castro Valley, CA

Brent Daniels did a great job at our school!  His assembly was fun, informative, and really got the students involved.  Great Assembly, would book again!  
Doug Janota - Teacher
Columbia Central School
Steger, IL


I have been bringing Cultural Art programs into our elementary school for 10 years.  As you can imagine I've seen it all, the good the bad and everything in-between.  That said, I have never had so many children and teachers thank me for bringing in Brent.  If that wasn't enough I have to admit that I actually sat throughout both of the presentations as I found Brent to be not only entertaining but knowledgeable.  His innate ability to reach his audience and get them involved and truly excited was exhilarating to watch.
Jeryl Williams - Volunteer Mom
Andover, MA

Brent presented an outstanding program.  He was fun, funny, engaging and very well received by the audience that ranged from K - 4.  He spoke to their level and included many students to participate.  It was like a party!!  He also stressed the importance of a good education to reach your goals and dreams.  The feedback from teachers was all very positive and we would certainly invite him back to Gill St. Bernard's in the future.
Nancy Stober - Assistant to the Lower School Director
Gill St. Bernard's School
Gladstone, NJ

I have been involved with bringing assemblies to our school for the last 8-9 years.  Brent Daniels and his Music Technology assembly was by far the best assembly we have ever had!  Brent is an amazingly accomplished musician and performer.  His passion for music and using  technology to create it radiates out through his show.  His excitement over his craft immediately captured the hearts and minds of all of the students. It is extremely apparent that he loves what he does and he thoroughly enjoys kids.  He totally engaged them for every minute.  He inspired them about music.  He involved them with the technology.  He educated them about his passion and encouraged them to find their own. They loved him!  Our teachers were gushing over the performance, the parents were thrilled and our kids could not stop talking about it.  I will be sharing our excitement over this assembly with the rest of our district.  Stupendous!
Leslie Edlund - PCO
Quincy ES
Quincy, CA

This was a wonderful assembly! It was very engaging and all of the students and teachers had rave reviews. Brent was captivating and did a fabulous job of catering the assembly to all ages from Kindergartners through 8th graders. We would love to book another of your assemblies for next year! 
Sarah Kirch - PTO President
Northvale Public School
Northvale, NJ

Brent Daniels was extremely entertaining.  He was able to engage children from K-6.  The show was very interactive and blended learning with fun in a very creative and original way.  I would definitely recommend this program to others.
Julie Whitehouse - PTA President
Hunt Valley ES
Springfield, VA

It was a blast to have Brent in assembly today – the students LOVED him!
Paul Hagen - Director of Student Life
Eastside Prepatory Academy - MS
Kirkland, WA

OMG Brent Daniels was amazing we had so many compliments from dads and kids, I had a call this morning for his number, you are all truly amazing, thank you!
Toni Daptula - Programs Chair
George Wolf ES
Bath, PA

Brent Daniels really rocked at both of our schools.  The kids are still talking about how amazing he was!!  This is the first time, that I can remember, that so many parents came up to me saying that their child(ren) absolutely loved an assembly.  Those who have have children in both schools, were saying similiar things, like "Not just my one child, but both raved about the Music Technology assembly."  Brent was wonderful and would look forward to having him back at our schools in a few years.  Thank you for this wonderful program!!
Karen Timpanaro - Cultural Arts Chair
Samuel R Donald and Walter T Bergen Schools
Bloomingdale, NJ

Wanted to let you know - I often find it difficult to find age appropriate assemblies for the middle school that holds the kids' interests and speaks to them. Brent's show was both informative and entertaining without dumbing it down or pushing an agenda. I hope his demonstration sparks new creativity in our kids!
Alison Sandler Giammo - PTA
Hackensack MS
Hackensack, NJ


Thanks so much for your great work! It was very engaging, and everyone both learned and enjoyed. 
Keisha Browne - Community School Director
X286 Fannie Lou Hamer MS
Bronx, NY 

I have received excellent reviews from children, teachers and even parents. Parents have sent me texts about how their child just loved the show. Thank you for a wonderful day.
Jeannine Tucci - VP Cultural Arts
Saw Mill Road School
North Bellmore, NY

Brent did a fabulous job relating to the students.  The teachers and staff also enjoyed his presentation.  He is obviously a talented musician, artist and performer. His ability to draw the crowd in to his performance and be so comfortable with the participation of an audience that can be so unpredictable was amazing to watch. We would gladly recommend him and enjoy having him back again!
NanCee Labbe - PTSA
Clinton ES
Clinton, MT

Kids really loved Brent.  They had a great time dancing and designing musical routines.
Annette Peterson - Assembly Co-Chair
St. Agnes School
Arlington, VA

Outstanding show with Brent Daniels. He had all the students engaged and smiles throughout the show. The students even cheered and clapped again during lunch when he was exiting the gym. They loved him. Teachers loved the information and educational messages.
Ann Kahl - PTA Cultural Arts Chair
Long Beach Island Grade School & Ethel Jacobsen ES
Ship Bottom, NJ 

Thank you so much for participating in our showcase for NSAC today! We greatly appreciate your enthusiasm, and for taking the time to come and perform - we hope it was a positive experience for you.  It was such a pleasure to meeting you in person and I loved seeing your program. The kids were so engaged with it and I can see it being such a hit at schools. I already got a few emails about it and people loved your program. I am always re-invigorated about Cultural Enrichment in our schools after I see the amazing programs like yours that are out there! It is so wonderful that you can share your talent with our children!
Carey Shugrue - President
Northshore Arts Council (NSAC)
Beverly, MA

Absolutely outstanding!  Would highly recommend.
Justin Flory - Principal
School One
Scotch Plains, NJ

We wanted to let you know how much our students and staff enjoyed Brent Daniels. His program kept them engaged from start to finish. We would love to have him come back again! Education and fun! You can't go wrong with that.  I cannot express the amount of excitement my students have. He was FABULOUS!  
Lori Burns - Program Facilitator
Natrona County School District #1
Casper, WY 

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