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Math Focused Camp Show

A camp show that is designed to get your campers excited about math!

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Math Magical Camp Show

Do you want your kids excited about math? Do you want them thinking math is awesome…even cool? Magician Brian Richards has designed a program to get your campers pumped up about mathematics. In this high energy show, Math Magical will touch upon addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, probability, and more, plus it’s customized according to grade levels and development!

Using magic, comedy, and other tools of the trade, Brian will help your kids discover that not only is math fun, but they need to Study Math To Be On A Better Path. Brian Richards will also teach your campers a cool magic trick that will sharpen their math skills. They will be able to take this trick home and wow their friends and families. Bring Math Magical to your camp and get your kids excited about Math!

Using the perfect blend of entertainment and educational content, Brian Richards’ shows are loved by campers and staff alike.  His ability to communicate a positive message and motivate children has made him one of the most popular presenters in the country.

  • My students absolutely loved the assembly.  They were engaged, had fun, and were extremely pumped up about math when they left.  We had our math night a few days later and ended up having the largest turn out ever!
    Melissa Esquivel 
    Ronald Regan ES
    Chowchilla, CA 

  • This guy was a great presenter.  His presence in the room commanded all student attention.  Great pacing, delivery, and student interactions.
    Chuck Ament - AP
    Sparks ES
    Sparks, MD

  • The kids were highly engaged. The show was lively, fast-paced and fun!  Thank you!
    Debbie Minkle - Teacher
    Lynch ES
    St. Petersburg, FL