World of Robotics

Give your students an edge on the future and show them why math and science matters beyond the textbook! 

Age Range

As educators seek out effective strategies for improving math and science achievement at all levels, the wide world of robots and the field of robotics provides an excellent vehicle for sparking the imaginations of students with a variety of interests at virtually every age. Robots, more than any other technology, represent a kinship between the science we learn today and the technology we will create in the future. The World of Robotics with Jack Burrus shows students how a number of educational disciplines come together to create the world of robots and to produce modern robots, including: science, math, language, art, and more. This technology based robotics assembly will have students mesmerized!

The World of Robotics will give your students an insight into the world of robots and an edge on the future with an educational and entertaining assembly program that shows them why math and science matters beyond the textbook! Jack Burrus brings the world of robots and the field of robotics to life with captivating images and interactive demonstrations that engage elementary and middle school students. Your students will be amazed as they learn how robots are used today, and the much larger role they will play in our future.

Student volunteers will help demonstrate a computer-programmable, mobile robot using its electronic voice, multi-sensors, arm, wrist, and hand. Robot pets with video vision, vocal recognition, artificial intelligence and balancing sensors will "wow" the audience with their playful antics. In addition, a robo-one class humanoid robot will show its all-too-human moves. During this robotics school assembly, upper grade level students will also gain insights into the technologies that have shaped the digital revolution and the unlimited opportunities that lie ahead for their generation in the world of robots and beyond.

  • Educational: Throughout, Mr. Burrus emphasizes the importance of science, math, and reading to give students a better appreciation for their current learning as the gateway to a rewarding future.
  • Entertaining: As a professional educator and speaker, Mr. Burrus uses his vast experience working with students of all ages to captivate his audiences from beginning to end.
  • Age-Appropriate: Each program is specifically tailored to the ages of your students for maximum learning.
  • Comprehensive: Following the assembly, your teachers will have access to downloadable materials for future learning including classroom activities, projects, and educational websites.

Jack Burrus is a professional educator and speaker with a proven ability to translate technical concepts into understandable ideas. For more than twenty years, he has been actively involved in changing attitudes about science and technology at all levels of education by giving people a glimpse of the power of technology and its potential to shape the future.

His extensive experience working with a global research and consulting firm has given Mr. Burrus valuable insights into what will be needed to prepare the youth of today for their roles as the leaders of tomorrow. His expertise in robotics and technology, combined with years of experience working with students, make his programs not only educational and informative, but entertaining as well.

  • I am always skeptical of any presentation that claims they can address grades K through 8. Your presentation, I have to say, did that and more. All of our students were glued to your fascinating video of robots in action. They loved seeing the different robots and hearing about what they could do. As I observed the room I could see students of all ages taking in your descriptions of the robots and how they, our students, will be the generation that will make these devices useful.  Your advice to the students regarding getting a multi-disciplined college education did not fall on deaf ears.  Your words were encouraging about the enjoyment of a career involving science, math, and technology as well as the importance of reading in such a career. Of course seeing the robots you brought with you was the highlight. All of our students were excited to see your robots in action. It is difficult to reach everyone in a group with this age range, but your presentation had something in it for all of them.  Thank you for coming to our school and sharing your obvious love of robotics and enthusiasm for STEM careers and education. We hope to see you again sometime in the future.
    Sandy McHugh - Instructional Assistant
    Our Lady of Perpetual Help School
    Ellicott City, MD

  • Jack Burrus was great with the students. He tailored the presentations to their age levels and academic abilities. The students were very intrigued by all of the robots he brought and demonstrated. He was very patient about answering questions and did a good job getting the students engaged in the presentation. He was on-time, did not rush the presentations, and was very pleasant to work with. The students are already asking if he can come back next year!
    Helen Leinhauser
    Assumption BVM School
    West Grove, PA

  • Jack Burrus was EXCELLENT! His ability to present math and science concepts through the World of Robotics not only held the attention of our K-4th graders, but also had them "ooing" & "ahhing" and laughing throughout the presentation. Then, his presentation for our 5-8th graders truly brought an awareness of how robots are used today. The knowledge and direction Jack presented to our older students really gave them insight into what is happening in the world around us and the possibilities that are yet to come. What a great tie into math and science!
    Brenda Ringers
    Saint Mary School
    Buffalo Grove, IL

  • The world of robots and World of Robotics School Assembly program was very well received by our Administration and students.
    Niti Bahl - Arts in Ed VP
    Vanderbilt ES
    Dix Hills, NY