The bFit Show - Camps

The bFit Show uses magic, comedy, juggling, and audience participation to get your kids excited about eating healthy and exercise!

Campers, counselors, parents, and staff will love and talk about The bFit Show for days, weeks, and months to come. And, this program may help your camp fight child obesity, diabetes, and heart disease!

The bFit Show with Brian Richards is a health and fitness show that will get your campers up and moving!

Using the perfect blend of entertainment and educational content, Brian Richards’ assemblies are loved by campers and staff alike.  His ability to communicate a positive message and motivate children has made him one of the most popular presenters in the country.

In The bFit Show, Brian incorporates features like juggling and magic to present a show that is....

  •     Educational and Entertaining
  •     Professional and Reliable
  •     Fun and Energetic
  •     Loved by kids and staff alike
  •     Guaranteed to be a Success

Your school will be amazed at his magic.  They will laugh at his hysterical comedy.  But most importantly, they will get excited about being Fit! The bFit Show is a 45 minute program designed to get your kids interested in getting Fit.  The show uses magic, comedy, juggling, music, and tons of audience participation to deliver a powerful and motivational message that kids in America need to hear!

Throughout the program, campers and counselors will learn that our bodies need to...

Our bodies need the right kind of fuel to stay healthy and move.  We need to fill our bodies with healthy foods like fruits & vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, milk, and plenty of water.

Our bodies need 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise every day.  It doesn’t have to happen all at once!  Break it up and make it fun activities like biking, swimming, and jump rope!

Be creative when it comes to trying new healthy foods and activities.  Come up with creative ways to move our bodies while doing things like watching TV, playing video games, and other screen time!

The show concludes with a fun and exciting Juggling Competition guessed it...your staffers!!!   Imagine the fun as the kids watch their favorite staff member battle it out for “Best Scarf Juggler!”

"The bFit Show is a brilliant concept designed to help fight child obesity, diabetes and heart disease." - Syosset, NY - Jericho Tribune

  • Our in house event, The bFit Show, was excellent. The program was entertaining and the campers loved it. Great choice. I would definitely recommend to get him back next summer!
    Elizabeth Zorro - Director
    Apple Montessori School - Towaco Campus
    Towaco, NJ

  • Our camp absolutely LOVED this show. He was so interactive and entertaining! We can't wait to book a show again Next Summer!
    Ali Gural - Camp Director
    Diamond Gymnastics Academy
    Cranford, NJ

  • Awesome assembly for grades pre-K to 3rd!  Brian really engaged the students, had them laughing and dancing. Wonderful morning!
    Kelley McCarthy Kane - PTA Assembly Chair
    Holy Cross School
    Rumson, NJ

  • Brian was great and the assembly was greatly enjoyed by all!! He was super enthusiastic, entertaining, funny, creative and professional!  Thanks for coordinating such a wonderful program! 
    Ruthelyn Elkin - Assembly Coordinator
    Mount Pleasant ES
    Livingston, NJ 

  • EVERYONE loved it! The teachers, the kids and the principal!!! Great way to teach the kids about health!!!
    Limor Kovar - PTA Assembly Coordinator
    EH Bryan ES
    Cresskill, NJ