Diversity Circus

Circus-themed character education school assembly teaching we’re all different and all the same!

Age Range

It’s not just a highly engaging circus themed school show!  And, it’s not a normal character education school assembly.  While most character ed assemblies focus only on defining character traits and explaining how to use those traits, Diversity Circus goes much deeper.  It’s a powerful character show that teaches students everyone belongs.

“Be Fair, Be Aware, Include others, and use Respect” are the four lessons students will learn during the Diversity Circus character education school assembly. This proven-effective elementary character education program also covers: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s character message, Cultural Diversity, Diversity in the Classroom, Being Fair, and more. It’s a perfect program to honor the MLK Holiday, Black History Month, and to support your school’s PBIS program and anti-bullying efforts.  

The Diversity Circus character school show uses TONS of audience participation, hilarious comedy, kooky characters, costumes, incredible one-of-a-kind magical illusions, and non-stop hysterical action to engage students and to keep kids talking long after the show is over.  A lion, a mouse, and a giant chicken help teach the diversity lessons led by Smudgy the Clown and her ringmaster sidekick. Your students will identify with Smudgy as the comic relief during this wacky four-act circus show.  One student will become the World’s Strongest Kid, another will become partially invisible. And two more students will magically transform into one another while dressed up and acting on stage.  Your entire school will be laughing so much, your students won’t even realize they’re learning!   

Diversity Circus Origin Story

Doug Scheer is the presenter and creator of the Diversity Circus School Assembly, as well as two other phenomenally popular Character Education Assemblies titled Mystery of the Character Surprise and Les Trouble PI.

At the age of three years old, Doug’s son was diagnosed with Autism. As their family life took a dramatic left turn, Doug focused his creative energy into making acceptance a key lesson into one of his circus school assembly shows. Thus, the Diversity Circus character education program was born.

Though he doesn’t share this story as a part of his programs, Doug created the Diversity Circus character education assembly program as part of his personal passion for spreading to the world the message of acceptance and understanding of everyone.  Not just for his son, but for all students who are considered “different.”



  • If I sat down with a team of top teachers and principals, we could never come up with a diversity show as good as this. It’s flawless!
    Don Tobe – Retired Principal
    Greenfield ES
    Birmingham, MI

  • We LOVE the Diversity Circus assembly at our school. We have an early childhood population (ages 4-6) and the program is always adjusted very nicely to meet the needs of our audience! I highly recommend Doug Scheer’s Diversity Circus for elementary school assemblies up through 6th grade.
    Susan Ford – Principal
    Lathers ES
    Garden City, MI

  • I got so caught up in what you were doing, I completely lost track of time. You had me, every student, and every teacher completely enthralled. This is one of the best character shows we have ever had here at Hickory Woods. Scratch that. It was one of the best assembly shows we’ve ever had!
    Patricia Werner – former Principal
    Hickory Woods ES
    Walled Lake, MI

  • A Doug Scheer show is a guaranteed success in your school! As an elementary principal, I am always looking for good-quality shows for my students. Unfortunately, you never know what you're going to get until it’s too late, after the show! Doug and his shows are a sure bet! The kids will love him for the exciting, hilarious entertainment! The teachers will love him for his funny and positive interactions with students! You will love him for his great character messages to students and for his professionalism! We invite Doug each year for a different show (they are all good!) and each year the students are more and more amazed!
    Sam Argiri – Principal
    Mark Twain ES
    Fraser, MI