Hip Hop Fundamentals brings the best B-Boys and B-Girls in the country to your institution, teaching Respect, Youth Empowerment, Anti-Bullying, and Diversity. Since 2004, we have performed hundreds of shows across the United States for all school levels, community sites, and youth camps. With backgrounds in Education, English Literature, Psychology, and Arts Integration, our team has designed a powerful show to use our dance skills as teaching tools. This character building assembly will have kids empowered and wanting to acheive more than their dreams!

Choose one of three different formats:

  • The Principles of Hip Hop: Peace, Love, Unity, & Having Fun
  • Civil Rights Movements: The Power of Youth Engagement Through the Eyes of Dr. King
  • Breaking: The Laws of Physics: Teaching Physics through Hip Hop “break”dancing!


Latest Reviews

We love the Hip Hop Fundamentals! Cannot stress enough how wonderful this show is. The performers are so professional, not to mention talented, kind and gracious. They are able to bring the culture Hip Hop to life in an educational and extremely energetic way! Not only were the children  totally engaged in the show, but they involved the staff, as well! The message of respect, cooperation, and participation was fully received! Thanks to these wonderful talented teaching performers!!!! Woo hoo!!!!
Pamela Kinter
Summerfield Elementary School
Summerfield, NC

I just got back to the office after attending the Hip Hop Fundamentals assemblies as my sons' school.  What a fantastic show!  Both assemblies ("The Principles of Hip Hop" for the younger students and "Having Fun Civil Rights Movements" for the older ones) were informative as well as entertaining, and the performers did a great job tailoring their approach to the age of the students in thew two audiences.  And each of the performers/dancers were warm, funny, patient and professional.  It was a pleasure to work with all of them. I've no doubt that when we look back on the 2013/14 school year Hip Hop Fundamentals will be considered the best assembly of the year by both students and faculty alike!
Marla Evans-Bello - PTL President
St. Mark's Lutheran School
Yonkers, New York

I will type something more complete that you could use to help in advertising on Monday, but I wanted to let you know Hip Hop Fundamentals was amazing!!! Our kids LOVED it!  The guys were entertaining, fun, professional and so nice!!!  THANK YOU!!  I believe I will be contacting you again soon to set up a date to have them back for our event again next year!!
Shannon Pruitt
Ocean City HS
Ocean City, NJ

We all loved it!  The three guys that came were amazing dancers and the kids and the adults both loved the information they shared about the history of Hip Hop!  It was really high-energy, exciting and informative.
Jeanine Savage - PTA
Manor Oaks ES
New Hyde Park, NY

This was an outstanding performance. The performers were skillful, professional, exciting to watch and understood their audience completely.  The students say it was the the best performance of the year.  They are enjoying writing about the show and were very interested in reading the study guide that was provided prior to the show by Hip Hop Fundamentals.
Michelle Echezabal-Assembly Coordinator
P.S. 89
Bronx, NY

The three gentleman were amazing! Their story of how Hip Hop started, it's History, was very informative ... we loved, loved, loved them!
Melinda Nilsson - Assembly Coordinator
John Barclay ES
Warrington, PA

Performers were not only very talented, but very kid-friendly. Our students loved being able to have the opportunity to volunteer to learn the moves. Show had a great message for kids. Would have again in a heartbeat! -Thanks!
Jenna Muccitelli-Teacher
McAuliffe Heights @ Irving
Altoona, PA

The performers were so polite and professional.  They were very knowledgeable about Hip-Hop and relayed the information to the students in a way that was informative, at their level, and made it sound really cool.  There was so much student interaction and they were engaged throughout the entire assembly.  They taught the students some great dance moves and taught them about respect.  I would love to have them back again and would recommend this show to anyone!
Laura Dennis-Music Teacher
Ridge Ruxton School
Baltimore, MD

Just wanted to say Hip Hop Fundamentals were a HUGE hit at our school for all of the grades. The teachers enjoyed the program, too. Thank you so much... They were awesome... fun and educational, too... everything you want in a school assembly program.
Michelle Centamore - PTA
Pulaski Road ES
East Northport, NY

Hip Hop Fundamentals was absolutely awesome!!  The kids loved it and had a wonderful time! Even the Principal got up and danced!  Steve, Breeze & Ookie were wonderful, they made it so much fun!  I would definitely recommend them to my friends in other schools!
Kim Sorenson
Conerly Road Elementary School
Somerset, NJ

The three guys that performed were awesome.  They were respectful and engaged and entertained the kids.  They are also excellent athletes and artists. The entire 5th grad class enjoyed them immensely. It was a great send-off for them as they move on to a new school in the Fall.
Stacy Henrikson - PTO
Jack Jackter IM
Colchester, CT

The energy and skill of the performers was top notch!  We enjoyed the program - all grade levels K-4 were able to participate and were enthusiastic about the performance.  The message of respect is one we cannot drive home enough with our young students -- thank you, Hip Hop Fundamentals!
Lynn Brown-AP
Woodbridge ES
Greenwood, DE

I heard very positive feedback from both the students and the staff.  I received emails thanking the PTA for arranging the assembly and that it was the best assembly EVER!  Thanks!
Jody Contreras
Bannon Creek ES
Sacramento, CA

We got a lot of good feedback from the 7th graders after our show.  They said they liked the music, they liked the learning about the history of Hip Hop. I received alot of thumbs up as they were heading back to their classes.  The two gentlemen did a great job of keeping the students attention, also the some of the teachers really got into the music.  Great show and hopefully we'll be able to bring them back next year for our 7th graders.  Thank you!
Carol Foley
DuBois Area MS
DuBois, PA

The men who put on the assemblies for our After Care program were well received by both students and staff. We will definitely be contacting you again about Hip Hop Fundamentals in the future.
Adam Ellis - Supervisor
Sharon Public Schools
Sharon, MA

Amazing energy and a positive message. The dancers were so engaging. Not only did the student have a blast but the teachers loved it as well! Thanks!
Sue Nash-Ditzel -Principal
Ledyard Center School
Ledyard, CT

The guys presented a professional performance that involved the students and staff. They were motivating, relevant and entertaining. I would have them again; they were well received.
Rank Russo - Resource Coordinator
Silver Springs-Martin Luther School
Plymouth Meeting, PA


Steve and "Metal" were a great team! The students and the teachers had a fantastic time with their program. Both performers interacted extremely well with the students and staff. The students were so engaged that even staff from our cafeteria came in to see what was happening. The content was informative and appropriate for all. Steve and Metal even took the time for questions at the end of their second show. Thank you for an awesome end of the year program!
Maureen Kermode
Center Road School
Vernon, CT

This is the third year that we used Hip Hop Fundamentals and they were awesome!  Steve, Metal and Panda performed in two assemblies for our freshmen and they had them engaged for the entire presentation.  They even had a question and answer session for the students at the end of each assembly.  The students were still talking about their performance on Monday and how much fun it was.  They will be coming back again next year!
Nicole McMaster
Ocean City High School
Ocean City, NJ

Enjoyable, students loved it, thought talking about history of the dance with respect, blending cultures, etc. were important messages for students.
Susan Klein
The Lowell School
Flushing, NY

We got a lot of good feedback from the 7th graders after our show.  They said they liked the music, they liked the learning about the history of Hip Hop. I received alot of thumbs up as they were heading back to their classes.  The two gentlemen did a great job of keeping the students attention, also the some of the teachers really got into the music.  Great show and hopefully we'll be able to bring them back next year for our 7th graders.  Thank you!
Carol Foley
DuBois Area MS
DuBois, PA

On behalf of everyone here at Flood Brook School in Londonderry, VT, I'd like to give a huge shout out of appreciation and respect!  You guys in the "Hip Hop Fundamentals" did a sensational job working with our kids and staff and left a lasting positive impression of what hip hop really is on our school!  Thanks so much!
Mike Turk
Flood Brook School
Londonderry, VT

Our students have expressed that they very much enjoyed the show!
The performers were wonderful, talented and very professional. Some of our students, who normally do not volunteer, were eager to raise their hand and show off some of their own moves! Our school thanks you for offerring such a fantastic opportunity!

Denise Crowe
Kendall Schools
Kendall, NY

Great skills!   Great message on Respect for our students as relating to not abusing your body with tobacco, drugs or alcohol.  Performers were excellent and had a great rapport with their audience.  Thanks for suggesting them to me last spring. 
Barbara Xavier
Garden School
Tulare, CA

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