Unique Game Show

Combines team spirit, character education, and curriculum enforcement into one program!

Age Range

Presenting a program that will educate and motivate students! The Unique Game Show ensures lots of participation with exciting activities and friendly competition.  

The Unique Game Show uses multi-media trivia and team-building activities to combine team spirit, character education, and curriculum enforcement into one program.

This multi-purpose assembly is perfect for any subject because you are able to customize the program if you wish! 

Based on a foundation of sportsmanship and teamwork, The Unique Game Show is perfect for:

  • K-12 School Assemblies
  • Math Olympics
  • Black History Month
  • Reading Awareness
  • Social Studies Reinforcement
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Field Days
  • Family Nights
  • Teacher-In-Service
  • Team Building for Sports and Clubs

The Unique Game Show can be customized based on your school's curriculum. Math, Science, English, Reading, Social Studies and History, Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Character Education are only a few subjects to which we can tailor the show. The most popular curriculum show, however, is built around the core subjects of history, science, English , and math.

Safe for kids
There is no running around a gymnasium or play yard. No messy activities, either. What we offer is lots of energy and excitement- we know how to create interest, focusing your students on the games at hand while holding their attention.

The Unique Game Show (K-12)
The entire assembly is divided into teams (red, yellow, blue and green.) The game begins with a curriculum based reading question; followed by a video question about pop culture trivia with large screen video projection and music enhancement.

Each round finishes with an audio bonus question. Teams can generate points not only by answering correctly, but also by demonstrating good sportsmanship and team spirit.

The team-building part of the game includes activities such as physical challenges and team karaoke. This program is a great way for your students to work together while reinforcing their studies.

  • This was the first show we have had from you. It was fabulous. Painless to set up, painless to coordinate! The children LOVED it, the staff LOVED it. Parents are coming up to me to ask about the show as their children came home talking about it. All the grades (PK-5) were involved and the children loved the action, the noise, the competition. I am the co-chair of the book fair and reading contest. This assembly was the finale to our reading contest. I have had other, big name shows in the past, for double the amount of money, and this was the show with the most positive reviews. THANK YOU!!!
    Laurie Smith
    Ayers Ryal Side ES
    Beverly, MA

  • The format of the show was very motivating for our 2nd-6th graders. They loved the competition and the excitement. The host was fun and kept the show moving at a perfect pace. This would be a great format for any teacher to use during the school year to review for the CST or school benchmarks. The kids are listening and learning without even realizing they are working at it. Thanks.
    Garden Elementary School
    Tulare, CA

  • Ben Wachstein was our presenter and he was outstanding.  He was very professional and, come show time,  tailored the game perfectly to each group (K- gr.2 and gr. 3 & 4).  The kids had a fantastic time.  I received a lot of positive feedback from the teachers.  They thought it was a perfect way to learn teamwork and good sportsmanship and that they only wished we could do have this assembly on a regular basis.  Thank you for finishing off our school year on a high note!
    Tanya Soboloff
    Cheltenham ES
    Cheltenham, PA

  • Our school administration asked me to send a note along to Academic Entertainment to thank you for providing Unique Game Show yesterday. The assembly was fantastic and the students were really engaged. Great program!
    Jessica Drews - Data Coordinator
    St. Rose HS
    Belmar, NJ 

  • Performer was prompt, organized and good with the children. We really liked the array of questions, and the different presentations of questions given for the "Unique Game show."
    Jennifer Youmans - Teacher
    Latham Ridge ES
    Latham, NY

  • Thought it was very age appropriate. The kids had a great time.
    Anna Whelan - PTA
    Kahlil Gibran School
    Yonkers, NY