Schools across the country are being inspired and awed by Former Harlem Globetrotter - Corey The Dribbler and his inspirational story!  Corey Rich is a 4-Time Guinness World Record Holder that’s been featured on The Late Show with David Letterman, ESPN First Take, Comcast Sportsnet, Fox News and is widely considered the World’s Greatest Dribbler! Along with performing his amazing talents at NBA Halftime Shows, Corey travels the country inspiring kids to R.E.A.D., a character education message.

  • Respect
  • Education
  • Attitude/Activity
  • Don't Bully or Do Drugs

This is a character building assembly your kids will LOVE!


Latest Reviews

We have enjoyed the performances SO much.  Corey was such a hit, and such an amazingly nice guy.  The kids loved his personality every bit as much as his tricks.  Thank you!
Paige Recchia - Arts and Enrichment
The Stanwich School
Greenwich, CT


He did a great job. The kids really enjoyed his show and his message.
Connie Potter - Chief of Staff
Forest Grove SD
Forest Grove, OR

Our students had a blast!  The overall behavior has improved as students have a big event that they can earn and look forward to every quarter.  We are looking forward to the next assembly!
Christienne Warren - Principal
Dr. Gustavus Brown ES
Waldorf, MD 

Excellent program.  Kids loved Corey!
Amy Bursztyn - PTA Cultural Arts Co-Chair
Arrowhead ES
East Setauket, NY

Outstanding all ways. Great message and great entertainment! Students lived him. He was so friendly and so willing to sign autographs. Thanks so much!
Lori Owen - ASB Advisor 
Henkle MS
White Salmon, WA

High energy, kept students engaged, a high level of student participation in the program - teachers and students both felt it was a great show!
Joanne Viola - Counselor
Lakeland ES - Scott Campus
Scott Township, PA

Corey was an excellent presenter for our elementary students!!  He is a great basketballer but I really enjoyed how he shared his story of perseverance with the kids. Everyone can use a little inspiration! 
Sara Nielsen - PTA AIE Rep
Putnam Valley ES
Putnam Valley, NY

It was such a pleasure to meet you at our school yesterday. On behalf of the students and faculty of St. Catherine of Siena School, thank you for visiting us! Your amazing talents as well as your poignant  and positive message, truly impressed our students. We wish you well in your future endeavors and hope you'll visit us again in the years to come!
Jean Cummings - Parent Volunteer
St. Catherine of Siena School
Trumbull, CT

Thank you for the uplifting and fun assembly for the Pennypack children.  I know my son was amazed and told me all about it!
Kate Kollar - PTO
Pennypack ES
Hatboro, PA

Students and staff LOVED our visit from Corey!  He was absolutely fantastic!  
Megan Bozarth - Dean of Students/Athletic Director
Thomas Mefcalf Lab School
Normal, IL

The students were very engaged in the performance put on by Corey. His message was very clear and concise. The principles which he addressed with the children are aligned with the philosophies of the school.
Patrick Sanders - Coordinator
Manchester ES
Los Angeles, CA 

Thank you, I was very pleased with the assembly, I have gotten many positive comments from both the students and the staff.  You did a fantastic job and your message was very well received and fit in perfectly with our Red Ribbon Week celebration.  I will contact our high school principal and recommend that they invite you to their school.
Charles Bachart - Principal
Lehighton MS
Lehighton, PA


Corey was fantastic!  The staff and kids enjoyed the powerful message he presented!
Linda Schnaars - PTA Enrichment Chair
Harry S Fisher ES
Terryville, CT

The students, parents and staff were completely engaged throughout the assembly.
Julia Hanson - School Social Worker
Taylor, MI

It was was a highly engaging assembly with a great message! He did an excellent job of interacting with students and staff to create a fun and positive experience.
Contessa Pelfrey - Principal
Jamestown ES
Jamestown, CA

We recently hosted Corey the Dribbler at our Alexander Hamilton Academy .  I want to commend him on the excellence of the program.  Corey was cognizant of the attention span of our students in the younger grades and was able to change things up to ensure that they were getting the message.  In the middle school program he identified with the students and made them feel like he knew them.  He actively involves the audience through a game that requires volunteers yet allows everyone to participate.  He began the show with some of his tricks which caught everyone’s’ attention and was able to communicate his message from there. He made his assembly personal and talked about his life.  He shared setting goals and the value of respect.  He not only captured the audience but captured the staff as well.  Thank you for a great assembly program.
Virginia Galizia - Principal
Alexandar Hamilton Academy
Paterson, NJ

The program was engaging and interactive.  Our students were so excited and amazed by Corey.  It was entertaining with a positive message behind it.
April Walker - Principal
Monger ES
Elkhart, IN

As part of observing Catholic Schools Week 2016, we were so grateful to have Corey The Dribbler celebrate with us.  With Corey speaking about Respect-not only of others but of self, he truly reached the students.  He also spoke of hard work and doing good onto others which is extremely important for the  developing children.  He demonstrated in many facets the hard work that he endured and he thrilled the audience with such skill.  The students, staff, and parents, thoroughly enjoyed his performance and wish the best for him too!
Arlene Molinaro - Assembly Coordinator Volunteer
St. Joseph Elementary School
Warren, PA

Thank you so much for a fantastic night!!! All ages enjoyed!!!
Devorah Gancz - Co-Director
Chabad Jewish Center of Suffern
Montebello, NY


Good energy, positive message, and fun!  Students and teachers were involved, and it was a nice touch to have the souvenir at the end for participants.  Corey was exciting and engaging.  He connected with the audience and I loved his inspirational story of hard work and determination.  I was asked if we could have him again!
Aiko Keen - Teacher
Korematsu Discovery Academy
Oakland, CA

It was great - Everyone loved it!
Sonya Harvey - Principal's Secretary
Atkinson ES
Portland, OR

The kids LOVED Corey!  His program was fun to watch and he brings a great concept of the READ program.  The games kept the crowd interested and the teachers enjoyed as well.
Candee Homer - PTA President
Buena Vista ES
Lompoc, CA

Corey is an excellent role model for the kids. He stressed a great message while still keeping the assembly energetic, interesting and fun for the kids. Corey did a good job involving the kids in the assembly and was able to hold their interest. I would highly recommend Corey to other schools.
Karen Varney - Field Day Chairperson
Amosland ES
Morton, PA

The students were engaged throughout the whole show. Corey took time after the show to sign autographs which made the kids so excited!  Very high energy and positive motivation for our students!
Debbie Minkle - Teacher
Lynch ES
St. Petersburg, FL

Corey - We wanted to give you a Big Thank you from Pacific High School. You put on a great show. The kids loved it!
Cindy Pogwizd
Pacific HS
Port Orford, OR

The Students really enjoyed Corey. He was kind, extremely fun and an all around nice guy.
Ivy Kiefer - VP Programs
Andrews ES
Plano, TX

Corey the Dribbler was a great program here at the Camden County Juvenile Detention Center. The kids had an amazing time. Corey was so nice and very talented in his sport of basketball.  He played so many basketball games with the kids. It was good to see the kids watch and the same sport that they enjoy playing. I hope I can bring Corey back again, because he is another program the kids will like to see again. Thank You so much Corey for inspiring the kids here at Camden County Juvenile Detention Center.
Jillisa Crumety - After School Program Coordinator
Camden County Juvenile Detention Center
Blackwood, NJ

Great show, captured the attention of everybody!
Nehrin Makhlouf - PTO Assembly Coordinator
Manito Elementary
Oakland, NJ

The show was FANTASTIC!!!  The students and teachers loved it.  Corey was amazing and even our most serious high school boys had many smiles. Our principal asked PTA for more assemblies like Corey's and is hoping we can schedule him again next year.
Fatima Ozdemir - PTA President
Eman Schools
Fishers, IN


Corey was AMAZING. The kids LOVED him! We really can't say enough good about him. His message to the kids was wonderful
Becky Farrow - Senior Associate
Comal ISD - SACC Summer Camp
New Braunfels, TX

Staff and students were saying Corey was one of the best assemblies we've ever had!!  He was so patient and very understanding of their "special needs".  We would definitely invite him back!!
Cheryl Lentini - Assistant Principal
Montgomery Academy
Basking Ridge, NJ

Thank you for delivering two fantastic assemblies with our children today; they LOVED every minute of it! Please keep it up; children need your message, and it is a most important one.‎
Shani Bruno - PTA
Plaza ES
Baldwin, NY

Our students and teachers loved Corey's demonstration of his incredible basketball skills. The students loved participating in the show. Corey had great advice for the student also. He was very entertaining and motivating. We would love to have Corey return in the future.
Sandy McHugh - Instructional Assistant
Our Lady of Perpetual Help School
Ellicott City, MD

5 out of 5! Too bad we can't give this assembly a 10!  The children LOVED the assembly. Every teacher made an effort to come over to us and tell us how amazing Corey was! We got emails from parents after school as well, telling us that their children couldn't stop talking about Corey!
Sharon Somekh - PFA President
Heights School
Roslyn, NY

We had technical issues- speaker problems and microphone issues.  Corey was very professional and resolved them independently (we had no clue what we were doing).  He performed in front of approximately 330 kids, grades prek-6, and kept them all enthralled in his performance.  The kids loved his performance!  Thank you Corey! 
Kerri Monto - PTO Treasurer
Hartford Sumner ES
Hartford, ME

Corey the Dribbler was the best assembly that I have seen in 28 years of teaching!  High Energy, motivational and lots of group interaction. Don't now!  
Jan Ouimet - PE & Leadership
Pleasant Hill MS
Pleasant Hill, CA

You were SOOOOOO AWESOME.  The teachers have emailed me to tell me how pleased and excited they were and so were the students.  SO.....THANK YOU!  I want to book you again for next school year.  Let me know when you return to LA.  I am going to mention you to the other principals as well!
Dr. Veronica Brown - Principal
Manchester Avenue ES
Los Angeles, CA

Everything was wonderful.  Professional, fun but most importantly the children loved the program!
Barbara Cole - Director
Sudbury Extended Day
Sudbury, MA

5+ on a scale of 1-5! Students and staff loved the connection to learning and leadership!
Dr. Pamela L. Rader - Principal
Hillman ES
Hillman, MI

Corey was fantastic!!! He held the children's attention and kept them involved.  Corey's dribbling skills were outstanding but his message was even better!
Justin Siesta - Principal
Windsor Bergen Academy
Ridgewood, NJ

I had several teachers tell me what a wonderful experience this was for the kids and how appreciative they were of Corey's kindness toward all of the students.
Sami Van Zandt - PTA
Willow Creek ES
Kingwood, TX

We were very impressed with Corey and his ability to keep the kids engaged and on track. It was a great assembly. The kids loved it, even our Kindergarten students.
Sandi Emmert - Administrative Assistant
Archer Glen ES
Sherwood, OR

I've used Corey for several years! The kids love him, the parents love him and he always delivers a great show!!! And he is the nicest guy ever! He always goes above and beyond!
Robert Farr - AP
Heritage ES
Wilmington, DE

All of the kids, teachers, staff and parents loved the show. Bullying has been an issue lately and I think Corey gave the kids a different perspective on how and why to treat others with care and and respect.
Lana Gorman - PTA
Oquenock ES
West Islip, NY

Corey was entertaining! Our students were involved, interested and enjoyed his talents. The staff and students were so appreciative of his performance and talk. They also were pleased to be participants in his show. His performance was truly a gift for our special students during a difficult holiday season.
Paula Sargiotto - Social Worker
East Mountain School
Belle Mead, NJ

Corey was absolutely WONDERFUL!  Outstanding performance and message by Corey. We loved him and would have him to visit again next year!
Karen Patterson - Counselor/Anti-Bullying Specialist 
Public School Number 10
Paterson, NJ

This program was great. I would like to thank all you for putting on a great show for the kids here at Camden County Juvenile Detention Center. For me being an after school program coordinator at a juvenile detention center, it can be challenging at times looking for different programs that are willing to come out and service the kids here at the facility. Some programs won't because when they hear "juvenile detention center" they have a negative impression about the place. So, again I would humbly like to thank you for coming out and putting on a great show for our kids here. The staff and all the kids enjoyed the program that took place, they have been asking for you to come back already!  I do look forward to bringing you back for the next school year. Thank You!!!
Jillisa Crumety - After School Program Coordinator
Camden County Juvenile Detention Center
Blackwood, NJ

Corey was very entertaining and the children really enjoyed his show. He was extremely patient with the children when they came back several times with items to be signed. He was also good with the local teens that came to see the show.
Jennifer Hill - Director
EXTRAS Program
Salisbury, CT

We really enjoyed Corey's performance.  He was engaging, funny, interactive and presented the lessons that were perfect for our Social Development Day.  I would definitely recommend Corey.
Diana Amara - Counselor
Chester ES
Chester, CT

Corey was a tremendous success at Wolftrap Elementary School this morning!!  He was engaging, fun and incredibly energetic!! Both groups of students and faculty were enamored with his presentation and fabulous attitude...and of course his mesmerizing tricks!! He was gracious and smiling the entire morning!!
Lisa Baker - Cultural Arts
Wolftrap ES
Vienna, VA

Corey had a wonderful message that was age appropriate while he simultaneously entertained the kids!! He was flexible, easy to work with, and had a genuine love for what he does.
Sherri Boyle - Guidance Counselor
Carl T. Mitnick School
Cape May, NJ 

Wow! Corey was fabulous. Professional, proactive, organized, engaging, funny, TALENTED, and best of all, we loved the messages he offered. In fact, since his visit yesterday, we have more than once referenced his message of giving and earning respect. We had two shows - one for Grades 1-4 and the other for Grades 5-9, and he was magnificently received by both. The students and teachers had only great comments and reflections to offer.
Kathy Kravec - Director of Plus Program
New Canaan Country School
New Canaan, CT

Corey arrived to our school early and eager to get started. During the assembly, he managed the students very well, entertained the students and he was very successful with engaging with our teachers. Corey's message of R.E.A.D (Respect, Education, Attitude and Don't Bully) came across loud and clear, as well impactful. He gave great examples of himself and others and the importance education plays in being successful. The commitment and determination it took to become who he is was shared and from the looks on our student's faces...they got the message!! We would LOVE to have Corey re-visit and we certainly would recommend Corey to all schools! 
Dr. Freda Ingram - Assistant Principal
Catherine T. Reed ES
Lanham, MD

I loved that Corey interacted with the kids and got them involved! They loved helping choose a teacher to learn tricks.  Everyone wants him to come back soon.
Leslie Rye - AR Coordinator
Southland Academy
Americus, GA

Rarely in my 39 years of teaching  have I encountered a more patient, engaging role model/professional athlete/educator as incredible as you!  You had their rapt attention in the best way.  Your story is more than inspiring.  The review at the end was impeccable teaching!  Your sense of humor and physical comedy is beyond compare...please know how much I LOVE and RESPECT you!  Keep going strong, young are the best of the best! 
Pamela Wentworth - Teacher
Batavia MS
Batavia, NY 

The kids were absolutely thrilled!  They loved the show! We received many raving comments from parents and kids all week! Corey was so great with the kids and keeping them engaged even when he was doing his talk. St. Elizabeth loves Corey the Dribbler!
Amy Farrell - Catholic Schools Week Co-Chair
St. Elizabeth School
Rockville, MD

Excellent!! I'm currently working on plans to have him back again next year!!!
Alvin Pope - Assistant to the Principal
Maclary ES
Newark, DE

Corey did an excellent job conveying the Preferred Meals message about healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle as well as announcing our art contest winner.  The kids loved the assembly and were so excited with his skills.
Clare Keating - VP of Marketing
Preferred Meals at J. Hampton Moore, SDP
Philadelphia, PA

Our boys have been talking about Corey's program all afternoon! They are in awe of his skills.  To hear such positive feedback from a group of middle school boys speaks for itself.  Corey's messages about surrounding yourself with positive people, following your dreams, setting goals, and fighting through adversity was the perfect message for our boys to hear.  Fun, engaging and definitely the real deal. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us!
Tracy Nelson - Dean of Middle School
Haverford School
Haverford, PA

Absolutely the best assembly ever! Corey was personable, funny, great with the students and a fantastic dribbler.  The students were totally engaged and full of enthusiasm.  They loved how he included them in the show.  Very interactive!
Mary Lou Pennington - Principal
First Presbyterian Weekday School
Northridge, CA 

It was awesome!!  The kids loved it and so did our teachers.  Corey was very interactive, entertaining, and educational.  I love the fact that he not only tied his own story into the presentation, but also promoted "respect".  Great guy...Great program!
Ryan J. Weichman - Principal
Parkside ES
Normal, IL

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