No gimmicks, just science!  Crystal Clear Science makes Real Science, REALLY Fun!  Crystal Clear Science programs will enhance your students’ knowledge of and interest in science topics and will inspire them to learn!  Correlated to national science standards, all topics can be tailored for grades K-8.  A variety and number of demonstrations and opportunities for audience interaction keep kids involved throughout the assembly.  Choose from these FIVE topics to focus the theme of your Crystal Clear Science show:  Wonderful WaterMay The Force Be With YouSounds Like FunClimate Change GameSteam Powered Science


Latest Reviews

Presentations are educational, hands-on, fun and interesting. Kids love learning and experimenting with Michelle White. she is a true professional and knows how to manage her audience effectively and imparts her cool science knowledge in an easy way for kids to understand. She is a pleasure to work with, very professional and never disappoints! 
Teresa Lubic - Events Planner
Outdoor Adventure Expo
Cincinnati, OH

She has a very innovative, "Hands-On" approach to teaching children how to get excited about science. She kept students engaged and having fun while teaching them the science behind how everyday things work. Her ability to engage and manage students is exceptional. I was impressed by her knowledge of the science standards and her ability to customize her presentation to cover many of the indicators at our grade level.  She used age-appropriate vocabulary and built on very basic concepts never assuming the students had any background knowledge in the subject area was presenting.  She kept the students engaged and having fun while teaching them the science behind how every day things work.  Her ability to manage the students during appropriately louder times in our assembly and then during quieter times when she was getting them ready to go back to the classroom was done in a very professional manner.
Karen Vome - Science Department Chair
Western Row Elementary
Mason, OH

You never failed to impress me. You never failed to spark my interest in science and I wanted to thank you. You're a big reason why I enjoy academics. Your presentations were the highlight of my childhood and I will always cherish them.
Roberto, Student
Walnut Hills, OH

Presentations enrich and extend science learning. Expertise in science is readily apparent. Well aware and informed about standards in science curriculum. An effective presenter with an easy communication style and manages children well through high expectations, intriguing content and activities. Children respond with rapt attention, and an eagerness to watch, participate and learn. Engaging, stimulating and enriching science experiences that foster interest and deeper learning. 
Sandra W. Harte - Principal
Indian Hill Primary School
Cincinnati, OH 

Students learned many of the "big picture" science concepts while having fun. In addition, they were encouraged to continue their study of nature and science outside of the formal classroom. She helped students learn to ask questions and develop ways to find information, and then to evaluate what they learned. I strongly recommend Crystal Clear Science! 
Robin Throckmorton, MA, SPHR - PTA Coordinator
Loveland Public Schools
Loveland, OH

Michelle White has a passion for science and teaching. She makes understanding Science Content Standards come alive for students. Wonderful programs!
Peggy Phillips - Principal
Kings Mills Elementary
Kings Mills, OH

Michelle has the rare ability to capture the imagination of children and engage them in activities that help them learn how to be better stewards of their environment. 
Brewster Rhoads
Outdoor Adventure Expo
Cincinnati, OH


Thank you for a FANTASTIC program! I experienced firsthand your enthusiasm and ability to manage a large group of highly energetic young students. You're a truly gifted presenter whose love of science is contagious! 
Loveland City School District
Loveland, OH

Our students loved Michelle's programs. They were interested and engaged throughout her presentation and learned all about energy in a fun, interactive way. The pace of the programs kept their attention and interest. Teachers raved about the program and were very pleased with the connections made to the curriculum. I would highly recommend her and her programs! You will not be disappointed!
Adam Lohbeck - Assistant to the Principal
Monfort Heights ES
Cincinnati, OH

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