Bike Stunt Show is a high energy action sports show featuring professional mountain bike stunt rider Craig Wright.  As both a professional rider and experienced public speaker he travels the country inspiring children to achieve their goals and stop bullying in their communities. 

Bike Stunt Show features a type of mountain bike called "trials" and is perfect for schools, fairs, festivals, cycling events, youth events, and more!  “Trials" is best be described as bicycle gymnastics or parkour, and shows unbelievable skill and balance on a bicycle. Craig navigates a set of platforms and obstacles on his bicycle with balance and power most kids didn’t even know was possible!  It’s an experience your students will never forget!

Craig believes his business is not an excuse to ride a bike for a living, but rather to be a platform for positively impacting future generations.  He is excited to bring his Bullying Education Program and his motivational goal-setting program, How to Achieve Big Scary Goals, to your elementary and middle school students.


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