Les Trouble PI

Conflict resolution and leadership school assembly teaches students to solve problems on their own in four simple steps.

Age Range

Looking for a little less trouble at your elementary school?  Then it’s time to call Les Trouble Problem Investigator!  Maybe your school doesn’t have a big problem with bullying, but you’d like a little more help getting kids to get along.  Les Trouble PI and his sidekick Spike will show your students the skills they need to handle little problems on the playground or in the classroom completely on their own.

This Conflict Resolution School Assembly and Leadership Assembly Show is all about Safety, Responsibility and Respect, and how leaders utilize these positive behavior traits to solve problems even when they are upset or angry.   Les Trouble PI guides students into discovering that getting along with each other takes Cooperation, Communication, and Treating others with Mutual respect during this conflict resolution school show.

Support your PBIS program or celebrate Red Ribbon Week with Les Trouble PI. Throughout the conflict resolution school assembly show, students will learn more about the simple four-step process to solving their own problems in peer to peer conflict resolution. These steps include:

  1. Getting the Facts – Listening. Choosing a time to Talk. Understanding and empathizing with other. Listening and communication skills.
  2. Expressing How You Feel – Don’t Blame. Walking or calmly moving away, slowing down, understanding it’s alright to feel mad, and expressing of feelings through communication of “I” messages.
  3. Brainstorming – Thinking of all the possible solutions.
  4. Negotiation – Everybody Wins.  Practicing true compromise and understanding the benefits of win/win goals.

Students learn skills for problem solving best when they are engaged, participating in the learning process, and having a great time! Les Trouble PI also includes role-playing and play-acting, volunteer participation, tons of comedic humor, and some unique illusions to engage students in the lessons. Students will be on the edge of their seats, eager to engage and to get involved in this 45-minute elementary school assembly program.  Your teachers will laugh and learn as much as they do!  

Is your school practicing The Leader in Me curriculum?  Les Trouble PI is able to integrate the The Seven Habits of Happy Kids principles in this conflict resolution and leadership character education school show!  Or, if you’re looking for a bully-proofing school assembly as a follow-up to Les Trouble PI, check out Mystery of the Character Surprise!


  • Les Trouble PI is on the top of a very short listing of school assembly shows that stand out from all the rest!  The presenter has a great skill in the writing of this assembly program that reflects his deep understanding of the content, and also shows his outstanding practice of life-skills as a teacher with true talent.  His program's messages are brilliant, and the added hysterics make his lessons truly unforgettable. We have brought Les Trouble PI three separate times over the last several years, and I am confident we will bring it back again!
    Lee Harrison – Principal
    Isbister ES
    Plymouth, MI


  • Les Trouble PI will give your students skills needed to manage and handle interactions and relationships with their fellow peers. Skills such as these can help support a students success in school, as well as in the workforce and all through their life. 
    Sandra Feldman – Former President
    American Federation of Teachers