Highly Motivational Multi-Media Summer Camp Shows on Three Large Screens

Three large screens are assembled together to create a 43-foot wide video wall that utilizes state-of-the-art sound and video projection to captivate the attention and imagination of campers. Music and movie action draws them in as they absorb moving stories that show how people can make a positive difference now to avoid dangerous and destructive choices as they grow older. 3 Screens character building camp shows connect with youth in a way that is interesting to them!

Elementary Age Camp Programs

Be More Awesome K-6
Action Hero K-6
I Can Do That! K-6
Me @ My Best K-6

Middle School Age Camp Programs

Epic Ability 6-12
Piercing the Darkness 6-9
Now and Later 6-9
Images & Mirages  7-12

High School Age Camp Programs

Epic Ability 6-12
Live Long and Prosper 6-12
Piercing the Darkness 7-12
Now & Later 9-12
Images & Mirages  7-12


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